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Looking at fiting SR5 headlights and indicator lenses to a 2000 model 2WD hilux, just wondering if this is possible without changing any of the quarter panels, bonnet, bumper etc? Thanks more
Started by LN147
  • 19th July 2019 - 02:44 AM
    Last by LN147
I have a 2017 Nissan xtrail and my dipstick has broken from the handle how can l get it out? more
Started by [email protected]
  • 17th July 2019 - 07:48 PM
Looking for where the fuse box is in a Toyota Hilux for model years 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014? The most difficult to find is the area behind the glove box / passenger compartment, who would have thought that whole drawer comes out and there's a load of fuses behind it? The action to access it involves opening, and ... more
Started by McLeod
  • 15th July 2019 - 08:44 PM
In the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas (I am happy to travel to find someone who does good work), can someone recommend who I should see about having a T 700R4 auto box rebuilt for 600hp. And someone for EFI programming and tuning. I am building a 383 Chev and I am new to efi, so I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks more
Started by camaro383
So ive got myself a 1984 ae71 corolla. And I'm planning on doing a flat front conversion and putting a series 2 rx7 13B engine and box into it. Just after some advice and tips, from anyone who has done it, some do' s, and dont's, anything major that needs modifying? Can I get engine mounts made up so that I don't have to smack my t... more
Started by Bushchook
Hey guys I have a 2006 bf xr6 turbo running 18psi use to run full boost but now it gos up to 18psi at half throttle and starts dropping down then after half throttle it drops all the way down to 11psi more
Started by Joshbfturbo
While my 05 ra rodeo 4jh1tc was running the ecm relay was pulled out and the engine stoped once relay was put back in the Motor will turn over but not start not getting fuel past the fuel pump is there a solenoid on the pump that may be seized or need resetting any one else had drama With pump or know anything about them IÂ’ve checked all fuses a... more
Started by bazdog80
  • 4th March 2019 - 02:30 AM
Only just got a Nissan Pulsar 2002 auto sedan a month ago. In the short time itÂ’s completely cut out whilst driving about 6 times. Once I was crossing an intersection and almost had an accident. Why would the car just cut out? It starts again after, no lights come on or anything it just cuts off. When idle it also is jerky and splattery like itÂ’s... more
Started by GypsyGurl
I bet you were thinking I was talking about car colours right? Well you would be wrong. I was talking about coolant coloursÂ….yes thatÂ’s right coolant. Up until recently I thought all coolant was green. If you are in a car park and see green coming out from underneath someoneÂ’s car, you donÂ’t think, oh crap that cars gone mouldy, no you think, o... more
Started by McLeod
  • 9th February 2019 - 07:42 PM
Hey, Can anyone recommend someone in/around Brisbane to custom make a turbo manifold for a swift gti? I'm looking for someone who does quality work at a good price. Cheers, Ian. more
Started by afroboygti
i have an 03 hyundai elantra (2 liter, 4 cylinder) and want to make it sound better, i just bought a cannon, does anyone know how this would sound?? also id prefer it to be legal.. more
Started by hyHOONdai
Gents, I have a VE series 2 SV6 sportwagon that has the most shittiest hit and miss air conditioning. It is apparently dual zone climate control, but it seems to be more make up random temperatures and if the outside air temp gets over 32C just crap out and blow cool heavily humidified air about . I had in into Holden for a service and they checke... more
Started by vk134
  • 4th November 2018 - 01:32 PM
Hey guys, recently I've swapped out my motor in my 2005 vz v6 crewman, 6 speed manual. When I ordered the motor I made it very clear to the supplier that I needed a 10HBB motor as that's what was in there already. New motor rocked up and it was a 10HBA motor. I rang and explained they had sent the wrong motor but they were pretty certain it... more
Started by Robbo124
Some fcuk tried to yax my vy ss they got the keey ive moved my car elseware but how do i get past the immobilizer any advice more
Started by logan.local244
Hi, First time posting so I'm hoping you can all help me out c: I have a 1989 RN85 Toyota Hilux with an after market tray. I believe the RN85 came only as a genuine steel tray however I want to convert it into a tub. Is it possible at all to change over to a tub and if it is possible what tub would I need to look for? Is there much work involve... more
Started by zaizoa
  • 11th September 2018 - 11:37 PM
Hi, I am on the Gold Coast. Have bought a 1971 beetle converted to a convertible from NSW. Was registered as a convertible. NSW approved. I need a mod plate & roadworthy for QLD .Can anybody recommend a reliable person.????????????Thanks Jeff. more
Started by jeff_54102
Hi, I am on the Gold Coast. Have bought a 1971 beetle converted to a convertible from NSW. Was registered as a convertible. NSW approved. I need a mod plate & roadworthy for QLD .Can anybody recommend a reliable person.????????????Thanks Jeff. more
Started by jeff_54102
Hi, I am on the Gold Coast. Have bought a 1971 beetle converted to a convertible from NSW. Was registered as a convertible. I need a mod plate & roadworthy for QLD .Can anybody recommend a reliable person.????????????Thanks Jeff. more
Started by jeff_54102
Can any one help me with a sercerity code for my 1998 holden Barina radio .. I have all books and for car . I can not find that bloody number any where in the books or cards ... vin number is WOLOSBF08W4105034. Part number is 92057424.....I really need the radio at the moment.. I live in the bush and there is so much wildlife the rd I travel to g... more
Started by Suezy
  • 22nd August 2018 - 06:31 PM
    Last by Suezy
Hi all, Just bought an Audi A4 turbo which is p plate legal in South Australia. However, it does have a new turbo, pretty much hidden, a new intercooler which is quite large, and a MAF 3” with pod filter. Wondering what I can do here to make it less visible to police and what I should to to make it look stock or even be stock. Thanks more
Started by Trippazz
  • 21st August 2018 - 07:29 PM
The restriction is basically maximum power to weight ratio of 130kW per tonne, which applies to all P Plate license holders in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. This rule supercedes the old blanket rule of all turbo and V8 car's being banned. However, in Queensland, this new rule is only applies to vehicles manufactured after 201... more
Started by McLeod
  • 17th August 2018 - 12:27 PM
    Last by Grith
Hi i have a 2003 vy executive sedan which had alternator issues, i bought a new battery and replaced the alternator now my voltage is nearly 18v what is wrong? more
Started by pruanddan127
VP V6 Manual Gearbox Conversion Hey, i have a S2 VP V6 Auto, and a VN S2 Manual. Going to be putting the manual box in the VP. Now im all good with most of the conversion, but im unsure about the wiring, will i have to change the whole looms over? can i get away with just changing the wiring going to the gearbox? (Under centre console) and plugging... more
Started by W1NT3R
  • 24th July 2018 - 07:46 PM
Hey all just wondering if anyone knows if a 31 skyline diff is same as 31 pintara. I know some are irs so they won't fit... cheers more
Started by tavomagoo
Hey guys, Just wondering i have a vt executive with non power windows,Wanting to convert to electric anyone know what i need to buy and also how to go about doing it or would a auto electrician be able to do it all for me? Thanks Matt more
Started by Boosted_Calibration
Any one interested in being in a show and shine competition with a twist?? I am interested in any cars any makes who like to show there cars.. I have prize packs to give away... Any one interested message me with details.. To make a thing off it I need about 20 cars.. This will be a sponsored event.. Thank you Prize packs range from $20 to &#... more
Started by the big finger
Hi, I've got a 98 Holden Rodeo TF LX Spacecab that I've just bought a new headunit for. The headunit came with a universal wiring harness (one of the ones that just has the socket on the headunit end, and cutoff wires on the other). I need some help with wiring the new harness up. I have no idea what colours to connect to what colours, as i... more
Started by cookiemonster.24
I am looking at getting a gemini as a bit of a fun car I would like to get rid of the 1600 motor and replace it with something different, just wondering what i could replace it with. Leisa more
Started by Ms~LJ~GSR  * 12
Looking 4 someone who has experience in changing the whole front radiator support.. more
Started by V8sand4Gz
Hey ho trendsetters, Im lookin for a REPUTABLE/SPECIALIST rotary workshop in the Brisbane area. Can people please post up their experiences which they have had 1ST HAND and not heard through a mates sisters boyfriends gardiner. Thanks in advance more
Started by Disco Lou
hey all just looking at rim choices and am not sure on what will fit have been told 9.5 will fit on rear will 10.5 fit with no gaurd rolling,car is very low more
Started by hoolden
O.P. Important info: Car – 2010 Mercedes-Benz c200 Kompressor, Petrol What happened – Drove through about a foot deep of water on a flooded road at about 5km/h (had to the way traffic was directed) (about 2-3 seconds in the water) When attempt to start – Nothing happens, it almost makes a quite thud noise not normal key its one of those sensor ... more
Started by bdegenaar223
hi im looking at building a high hp. rb 30 turbo and just wondering if any one can tell me if it matters if i use a NA motor or a turbo motor to start off with and what the difference is. any tips greatly appreciated thanks. more
Started by josh_eli
Tonight my VZ Calais had a big bang I thought I had a flat was like the brakes locked up I tried to move forward was making loud grinding noise... so I tried it in reverse ok...I put it back in Drive than my brakes totally failed...Im not familiar with this model I had a VT SS never had no trouble...the Motor Service light kept coming on ... more
Started by caporter62102
just wondering if anyone can tell me what tyre size I can fit on my 14 inch x8 gts rims? was thinking 235 but will they rub? any info be great more
Started by prostreetholden
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