Strongest Transmission For B6t - Fully built b6t needs a gearbox  

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Post #1 post 20th December 2019 - 10:07 AM
Hi guys so this is first time I've posted here I've been in the process of getting the motor rebuilt for my little Capri it is a b6t but now that it has all forged internals has ported and polished head an exeady race clutch with billet flywheel a Gt2860r turbo hanging of the side and a decent intercooler tucked behind the bumper I'm having trouble finding a gearbox that'll work to get the power to the ground I went for a drive in one that was good for 300hp mines going to have well more with the work that's gone into it now I need to get it safely holding traction and also safely stopping again any helps appreciated guys regards Jen 😊
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