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Hey I'm new to this form and woundering if anybody knows what this dash light means and why it is coming on on the left kind looks like this (!) more
Started by Courtney bennet
Hey I'm new to this form and woundering if anybody knows what this dash light means and why it is coming on cheers more
Started by Courtney bennet
I have a twin turbo 1jz in a 1980 hilux as a comp truck, manual gearbox and it's runs and drives and electrics work. Doesn't over heat or anything.. Now the plan is to take this set up and put it in a 1992 spacecab 2wd more
Started by Jono98
Been toying with the ideas for a new car and one of them was a 94/95 excel with a 4G93T engine swap, its possible to do this as ive been told by a workshop in WA that they have done it and it is legal(in WA). I have been quoted $3,250 for a Lancer Manual 1/2 cut with the 4G93T. 1. Ive looked in my booklet and checked the trans website but i... more
Started by boosted brick
Does anyone know what is involved in installing a sr20det in a 1992 n14 pulsar gli, ive read that it can be done and would love some help with what i need to do and how much time and effort it will take. more
Started by Reece_911  * 123
So I have an sr20de+t n14 pulsar and don't currently have a DET ecu. Can anyone help me with what ecus I would be able to use or not! I have dizzy not coil but looking to swap! Let me know what you know! more
Started by iSpool
Hi all - please don't bother telling me the Barina is sh*t and to get rid of it, it's super-cheap to own and operate, it's quite practical and it's never given me ANY grief until now (potentially) ... Similar cars seem to need timing belt change around 100,000 km but THIS (Korean-made) model is supposed to be done at 60,000 km... more
Started by felixbrisbane
  • a month ago
    Last by Raul
Hello does anybody know how much the cost is to put a zetec engine in mark2 escort more
Started by Xd fal86
Started by TCMAD
  • 19th March 2017 - 02:10 PM
    Last by TCMAD
Alrighty, So I have just finished completing auto to manual conversion in my BA xr6t and having a rather frustrating issue. My speedo wont work nor will the odometer reading. I have already had the ecu flashed to manual with a base manual tune, however still no speedo (have rechecked codes that were flashed and are correct for a manual BA xr6t). Ha... more
Started by courtney.cameron102
Is it possible to hook and amplifier and subwoofer up to a genuine radio ? more
Started by Mbenny
  • 15th March 2017 - 11:16 PM
You may of seen on mighty car mods they occasionally get custom parts made such as intercoolers or adapter plates If anyone needs custom parts 3D modelled for a CNC machine or maybe just 3D printed as a prototype hit me up and I'd be happy to give it a go. I am noobish... so also cheap. more
Started by SecondChoice
Hey everyone i have a 1999 VS Commodore ute...We broke down yesterday as the fuel pump went on it, we installed a brand new one today. After installing it ran abit rough and after awhile she seemed to be ok. But now its still doing the coughing and spurting like it was before when it completely stopped but not as bad. Sounds like a tractor when ace... more
Started by ttothenev
hey guys, im an aussie fan of sleepers and i currently have a 2007 tgn16 hilux 2wd work mate and im looking at doing an engine conversion to an LS1 naturally aspirated. what do you think the best gear box is to put in it and would i have to change the diff and all? more
Started by jimh789141
hey everyone just joined the boost cruising website. I've just installed a new rb30 into my Calais and having a lot of trouble with the starter, so when I turn the key the starter throws in and turns the motor a tiny bit but then stops suddenly. turn the key and it does exactly the same thing again. now I've replaced the battery with a bran... more
Started by jack seton
After Seeing so many threads each week from a P Plater asking what mods he/she could do to their 6 Cylinder Commodore, i've decided to compile..... The Ultimate P Plater VL-VE 6 Cylinder Commodore Guide! Will be doing each variation with the appropriate sub sections, under each section will be a list of mods for the best power/bang for your... more
Started by W1NT3R
Hey Guys, Any body know of somewhere in Brisbane that will give me a RWC with a HICAS lockout bar installed in a Nissan 300ZX HICAS has had major issues and as they stopped making these literally like 20 years ago it makes sense to get rid of it financially and for future. I'd have to get a whole new HICAS system from Japan which would cost �... more
Started by switch_142101
Recently purchased a 2003 ba xr turbo sedan. just wondering whats mods other guys have started with? just basic ones not looking at done major work or anything. more
Started by dnl82
Brisbane/Logan Based Please.. Firstly, need to get a (manual) gearbox fitted already picked up one so that's half the issue taken care of and clutch is fine so I just need it fitted.. Also wanting to find someone to do a respray/wrap who is decent Cheers guys more
Started by MsGreaseBarbie
I'm looking for info on the workings of the variable valve timing in the 2tr-fe. Can it harm the engine turning it off? - I know there is some kind of locking pin that is used for startup to hold the oil pressure. If neone knows more about this could you please reply. more
Started by Cobbler
  • 14th February 2017 - 04:27 PM
Went to start the VZ yesterday and the locking pin has seized in place. From a quick google it seems as if this is a common fault between VS-VZ and I am just curious as to why? On other forums it has been said that it also tends to happen when it is hot which happens to coincide with mine . I already have the barrel out, ill grab a new one today bu... more
Started by milehigheric
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Hi guys Bought a 1995 Gtr v spec r33 the ac compressor was missing when I bought the car just wondering if the GTST SERIES 1 are the same compressors. Struggling to find a wrecking gtr is Sydney ATM. Thanks more
Started by Gtrlife
  • 3rd February 2017 - 07:36 AM
Hey all, wondering on the price associated with putting a gtir sr20 into a 98 lx pulsar. Can it be done, how much work does it involve and can the car handle that power. Any help would be much appreciated. more
Started by boostincommo
Does anyone know much about Toyota hilux s stock turbos ? What psi they run stock ? And how I go about increasing it to get some more power ? Cheers more
Started by jpearce1990135
Hi guys, I have a 1972 HQ PanelVan. It's been painted a few times over it's 45 years. I'd love to know what colour it's manufactured paint was. Here's the code 568-09751 more
Started by Peejay71
  • 29th January 2017 - 11:31 PM
G'day guys so im wanting to take my turbo off my rb20det for p plate reasons and was just wondering if there were any repercussions to doing so? Ive heard the engine runs poorly without but others beg to differ so was wondering if anyone knew for sure. Cheers. more
Started by Itsyaboi
  • 29th January 2017 - 06:33 PM
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How to remove drivers seat from rail in my R33 I am lost more
Started by moorey12148
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How to remove drivers seat from rail in my R33 I am lost more
Started by moorey12148
Hey guys, Been offered a bov for rather cheap, so was just wondering if anyone actually knew the weather or not u could put a bov on a vl turbo without changing the computer. Im a mechanic myself, but no other mechanic will give me a straight up answer and ive never played with turbo's before. If anyone has done, or seen this done before let us... more
Started by r32 gtst
Hi, i recently bought a 2004 ra holden 2.4L shitbox and fcuk has it been chewing the fuel and driving like shit. You can drive it like a granny alright but after 60kph its weak. You put your foot down and the car makes a big sound and nothing, it just pulls away slowly. Even in first gear it is a little unresponsive. I thought it was the cat conver... more
Started by Liam94
  • 18th January 2017 - 04:05 PM
Hi i have a VR calais that had an unfortunate incident with a spruce pine,went through the rear windscreen end result is i need to replace the rear windscreen, i was told that a VN fitted so i got hold of one and it didn't, it was an inch too tall i then was told that a VS would fit but it didnt it was again an inch too tall, my friend measured... more
Started by retro1963
Hi, trying to decide whether to invest $600 on our old Kia Rio 2000 for a RWC then try and sell (. Plus update 6 months rego? ) or is it not worth it? If you sell ' as is' what could we expect? I've seen a few advertised for $1500- $2000. Car runs nicely, manual, duck a bit damaged in spots, low mileage. Otherwise - wreck... more
Started by judyfunder101
Hey guys i recently got a razor blade lodged in my 2002 Celica's tire. i have aftermarket Osaka rims, so i changed it to the spare rim, as far as i know its the stock Celica rim, i haven't had to change it since I've owned the car. once the wheel is on and fitted, there is no physical movement/wobbling. once i have lowered the car back ... more
Started by ben.9497732
Most people know Lexus is Toyota’s luxury arm, and that BMW owns Mini, but did you know Lamborghini is owned by Audi, which is run by Volkswagen? Or that Holden started off by making saddles? Below is the current status of every major car brand, as well as a snippet of its history and when it was founded. But, we all know that there's a massiv... more
Started by McLeod
  • 11th January 2017 - 12:52 PM
Hi everyone! My Uncle has a Jaguar kit car with a Toyota R22 engine and manual gear box. Giving the size of the footwell, having a third pedal is makes the car difficult and uncomfortable to really drive. The idea is to replace the engine with a new engine and automatic transmission without major modifications. It needs to be rear wheel drive ... more
Started by tim_tamvo172
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