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Racing Events
www.justdavephotography.com JuStDaVe Photography - Drag & Racing Events
www.dragphotos.com.au Drag Photos Australia
www.wrc.com World Rally Championship Official Home Page
www.formula1.com The Official Formula 1 Web Site
www.v8supercar.com V8 Supercars Australia
www.procar.com.au Australian Procar - GTP, V8Brutes, Formula3, etc.
www.cart.com Champcar World Series (GP Indy)
www.indy.com.au Gold Coast Indy 300 Champcar Event
www.cams.com.au Confederation of Australian Motorsport
www.willowbank-raceway.com.au Willowbank Raceway - Drag Racing
www.queenslandraceway.com.au Queensland Raceway - Ipswich
Car Audio Sites
www.pioneeraus.com.au Pioneer Electronics Australia
www.alpine.com.au Alpine Australia
www.jvc-australia.com JVC Consumer Products Australia
www.clarion.com.au Clarion Australia
www.caraudioaustraila.com Car Audio Australia
Weather Forecasts
www.bom.gov.au Bureau of Meterology Australia
www.energex.com.au/.....sp/lightningtracker.asp SE Queensland Lightning Tracker Radar
mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR503.shtml SE Queensland Rainfall Watch Radar
mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR033.shtml Sydney Weather Rainfall Watch Radar
mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR023.shtml Melbourne Weather Rainfall Watch Radar
mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR463.shtml Adelaide Weather Rainfall Watch Radar
mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR633.shtml Darwin Weather Rainfall Watch Radar
mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR123.shtml Perth Weather Rainfall Watch Radar
mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR373.shtml Hobart Weather Rainfall Watch Radar
www.bom.gov.au/weather/national National Forecast Index
Wreckers / Parts / Dealers
www.japanesemotorsport.com.au Japanese Motorsport (Adelaide)
www.performanceparts.com.au Lee's Spare Parts & Performance
www.momo.com.au Auto-Tek - MOMO, Recaro, Speedline and others.
www.japparts.com.au Rolin Automotive Imports
www.ozeparts.com.au Ozeparts - Australian Online Parts Store
www.sssautomotive.com.au SSS Automotive - Many manufacturers and imports
www.rexilla.com.au Rexilla Australia - G-TECH Suppliers
www.importbitz.com Japanese Import Parts (Brisbane)
Vehicle Sales (Imports, Prestige, etc)
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Car Sales
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Brisbane Car Sales Brisbane
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Sydney Car Sales Sydney
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Melbourne Car Sales Melbourne
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Hobart Car Sales Hobart
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Adelaide Car Sales Adelaide
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Perth Car Sales Perth
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Darwin Car Sales Darwin
Boost Classifieds | Car Sales Canberra Car Sales Canberra
Boost Classifieds | Wheels & Tyre Sales Used Wheels & Tyres for Sale
Boost Classifieds | Boat Sales Boat Sales
Boost Classifieds | Car Parts Car Parts for Sale
Boost Classifieds | Car Audio Car Audio for Sale
Boost Classifieds | Bike Sales Bike Sales
Boost Car Babes | Paddock and Grid Girls Car babes, paddock girls, grid girls.
Boost Car Babes | Paddock and Grid Girls Car babes, paddock girls, grid girls.
Brisbane Colocation Colocation
Data Centre Colocation
Colocation Colocation
www.solarstyle.net.au Window Tinting Brisbane
Motorama Zupps
McCarrolls AVC
CarCity Melbourne Car City Sydney
www.prestigemotorsport.com.au Prestige Motorsport - Available and Sold Vehicles
www.silinsspecialvehicles.com.au Silins Special Vehicles - Australia
Sydney Special Vehicles Sydney Special Vehicles
www.importvehiclesolutions.com.au Import Vehicle Solutions - Australia
www.streetmachines.com.au Brisbane Street Machines
www.svi.com.au Special Vehicle Imports - Brisbane
Automotive Enthusiast Sites
Technical (Automotive)
www.billzilla.org Bill Sherwoods Car Page (useful information)
www.autospeed.com.au Autospeed - Online Magazine
Technical (Audio)
Tyre Sales www.tyresales.com.au
www.caraudioaustralia.com Car Audio Australia - Australian Organisation
Tyres / Wheels / Suspension / Brakes
www.whiteline.com.au Whiteline Automotive - Performance Handling and Suspension Products
www.tempetyres.com.au Tempe Tyres and Wheels Centre Sydney
www.roh.com.au ROH - Alloy Wheels
www.kyb.com.au KYB - Gas Shock Absorbers
www.pirelli.com.au Pirelli Australia and New Zealand
www.dba.com.au Disc Brakes Australia
www.bendix.com.au Bendix Mintex - Bendix Brakes Australia
www.kingsprings.com.au King Springs - Automotive Coil Springs
Pet Classifieds
Horses for Sale Horseguide - Horses and Pony's for Sale
Pets for Sale - Dogs for Sale - Cats for Sale Petsguide - Free Pets Classifieds
Supercheap Auto Supercheap Auto Official Boost Store
Other Sites
www.mickdrewhomes.com.au M.D. Quality Homes - Builders Redcliffe