Ijz Twin Turbo 1992 Hilux Spacecab - Looking for any advice to help me with the swap  

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Post #1 post 16th May 2017 - 08:19 PM
I have a twin turbo 1jz in a 1980 hilux as a comp truck, manual gearbox and it's runs and drives and electrics work. Doesn't over heat or anything..
Now the plan is to take this set up and put it in a 1992 spacecab 2wd
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That's sick man 👍🏻

Post #3

It's fun but would just be more fun in a road legal car

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Yea true that man 👍🏻

Mewah jz
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How much did it cost u for conversion and would a smaller intercooler fit behind original bumpers

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