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automatic climate control 68

Air conditioner system 64 Air distribution

air conditioner system 65 automatic climate control 68, 69 Air pressure 80 Air recirculation 65, 68 Air supply

air conditioner system 65 automatic climate control 69

Air vents 66, 69 Air, dry 65, 68 Airbags 16, 31, 37 All-season tires 85 Antenna 94

Antifreeze 91 Antilock Brake System

(ABS) 16, 17, 78

Aquaplaning 76 ASC+T (Automatic Stability

Control plus Traction) 16, 17, 60

Ashtray 70 Automatic air distribution 68 Automatic air supply 68 Automatic car wash 94 Automatic cruise control 53 Automatic dimming of interior

rearview mirror 37

Automatic program, see

Automatic air distribution 68

Automatic Stability Control

plus Traction (ASC+T) 16, 17, 60

Average fuel consumption 59 Average speed 59 Axle loads 122

Backrest, adjusting 33 Backup lamps 45

bulb replacement 103

Bar, towing 115 Battery 111, 113, 114, 124

capacity 124 charge current 15 charging 111 maintenance 111

Battery changing

remote control 22

Battery, remote control 22 Beverage holder 70 Blower 65, 69 BMW 6 Bore 120 Brake 16 Brake fluid change 57 Brake fluid level 15, 79, 92 Brake hydraulic system 15 Brake lamp

bulb replacement 103

Brake pads 76, 79 Brake rotors 76 Brake system 76, 79

brake fluid 92

Brakes 79

Break-in procedure 76 Breaking in the vehicle 76 Bridging 113, 114 Bulb replacement 101

backup lamps 103 brake lamp, third 104 footwell lamps 105 front fog lamps 102 front turn signal indicators 102 glove compartment lamp 105 high beams 101 interior lamps 104 license plate lamp 104 low beams 101 luggage compartment lamps 105 parking lamps 102 rear lamps 103 side turn signal indicators 102 standing lamps 102 tail lamps 103 vanity mirror 105



California Proposition 65

Warning 97

Can holder, see Beverage

holder 70 Car wash 94 Car-care products 94 Care

chrome parts 94 floor mats 95 imitation leather 95 leather 95 light-alloy wheels 94 of upholstery 94 plastic parts 95 rubber parts 95 safety belts 95 special parts 94 windshield wipers 95

Cargo 72

securing 72 stowing 72

Caring for your vehicle 94 Cassette player, see separate

Owner’s Manual

CD changer, see separate

Owner’s Manual

CD player, see separate

Owner’s Manual

Center (high-mount) brake

lamp bulb replacement 104

Central locking system 23, 26 Changing tires

space-saver spare tire 106

Child seat 38 Child-restraint systems 38 Chrome parts 94 Cigarette lighter 70

socket 70

Cleaning rear window 52 Cleaning windshield 52 Clock 58 Closing

from inside 26 from outside 23 Clothes hooks 77 Clutch 76 Cockpit 12 Combination of wheels/

tires 84

Compact Disc player, see

separate Owner’s Manual

Compression ratio 120

Computer 58 average fuel consumption 59 average speed 59 cruising range 59 exterior temperature 59

Condensation 65, 68 Consumption 59 Consumption display 55 Contents 2 Continuously Variable

automatic Transmission (CVT) electronic transmission control module (EP) 48 gear display 48 ignition 42 interlock 42 manual mode 47 parking 47 reverse gear 47 selector lever shiftlock 42, 46 shiftlock 46 Sport program 47 Steptronic 46 towing 116 tow-starting 116 transmission fault 48

Control elements 12 Convenience feature

sliding/tilt sunroof 25 windows 25

Convenience operation

via central locking system 26

Coolant 91 Coolant level 91 Coolant temperature

gauge 56

Cooling 65, 68 Copyright notice 6 Correct sitting posture with

airbags 31 safety belt 31

Cruise control 17, 18, 53 Cruising range 59 Cup holder, see Beverage

holder 70

Curb weight 122 Currency of the Owner’s

Manual 7

Cylinders 120



Dashboard 12 Data

dimensions 121 engine 120 weights 122

Data, technical 120 Daytime driving lamps 49 Decommissioning the

vehicle 96

Deep water, see Water on

roadways 77

Defrosting position 66 Defrosting windows 69

air conditioner system 66 automatic climate control 69

Dimensions 121 Dirt on the paintwork 94 Disc brakes 79 Displacement 120 Display elements 13, 14

coolant temperature gauge 56 fuel gauge 55 indicator and warning lamps 15 odometer 55 Service Interval Display 57 with navigation system 14

Display lighting 50 Distance remaining 59 Door keys 22 Doors

locking 24 manual operation 25 remote control 23 unlocking 24

DOT Quality Grades 83 Drink holder, see Beverage

holder 70

Driving lamps 49 Driving notes, general 76 Dry air 65, 68 Dynamic Stability Control

(DSC) 16, 61

Easy Entry 33 EBV (Electronic Brake Force

Distribution) 16

Electric power windows 28 Electrical defect

driver’s door 25 sliding/tilt sunroof 30

Electrical system 124 Electronic Brake Force

Distribution (EBV) 16

Electronic transmission control

module (EP), Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) 48

Emergency operation

driver’s door 25 sliding/tilt sunroof 30 tailgate 27

Engine 76

electronics 17 power output 17 speed 17, 55 starting 42 switching off 43

Engine compartment MINI COOPER 87 MINI COOPER S 88

Engine oil 89

additives 90 prescribed oils 90 pressure 15

Entry to the rear 33 EP (electronic transmission

control module), Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) 48

Exterior finish, care 94 Exterior mirrors 36 Eyelets, towing 115

Failure, tires 62, 106, 110 Filler cap cover 77 Filling capacities 123 Filling, tank 123 First-aid kit 113 Flat tire 62, 106 Flat Tire Monitor 16, 17, 62 Floor carpets 95 Floor coverings 95 Floor mats 95 Fog lamps 50 Foldable rear backrest 71 "Follow me home" lamps 49 Footbrake 79 Footwell lamps

bulb replacement 105

Front fog lamps 50

bulb replacement 102 Front seat adjustment 31 Fuel consumption 59 Fuel consumption display 55 Fuel gauge 55 Fuel preparation 120 Fuel quality 78 Fuel reserve indicator 55 Fuel tank capacity 123 Fuses 112



Gasoline 78 Gasoline gauge 55 Gear display 48

Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) 48

General driving notes 76 Glove compartment 70 Glove compartment lamps

bulb replacement 105

Grilles 66, 69 Gross weight 122

Handbrake 44 Hazard warning flashers 12 Head airbags 37 Head restraints 34 Headlamp cleaning

system 52, 89 filling 89

Headlamp flasher 49 Headlamps

care 94, 101 cleaning 52


outside mirrors 36 rear window 65, 68 seats 34 windshield 65, 68 windshield washer jets 52

Heavy cargo 72 Height 121 High beams 17, 49

bulb replacement 101

Hood 16, 86 Horn 12 Hubcap remover 100, 106

Ignition lock 42 Illuminated vanity mirror 36 Imitation leather 95 Imprint 6 Indicator lamps 15 Individual air distribution 69 INSPECTION 57 Instrument cluster, see Display

elements 13

Instrument lighting 50 Instrument panel 12 Interface socket

for Onboard Diagnostics 96

Interior lamps 50

bulb replacement 104

Interior rearview mirror 36

automatic dimming 37

Interlock 42 Interval display 93

Jack 100, 106 Jump-starting 113, 114

Keys 22

multifunction steering wheel 18

Kickdown 47

Lamps 49, 101

backup lamps 103 brake lamp 103, 104 daytime driving lamps 49 fog lamps 50 footwell lamps 105 front fog lamps 102 glove compartment 105 high beams 101 instrument lighting 50

interior lamps 50, 104 license plate lamp 104 low beams 49, 101 luggage compartment lamps 105 parking lamps 49, 102 reading lamps 50 rear fog lamp 103 standing lamps 49, 102 tail lamp 103 turn signal indicators 102 xenon lamps 101

Lashing eyes 72 LATCH child-restraint

system 41

Leather care 95 LED light-emitting diodes 51 Length 121 License plate lamp

bulb replacement 104

Light-alloy wheels 94 "Lights on" warning 49 Loading 72 Load-securing devices 72 Low beams 49

bulb replacement 101

Luggage compartment 72

content 122



Luggage compartment

cover 71

Luggage compartment lamp

bulb replacement 105

Luggage rack

see Roof-mounted luggage rack 73

Lumbar support 32

M+S tires 85 Maintenance 57, 93 Maintenance System 93 Manual operation driver’s door 25 sliding/tilt sunroof 30 tailgate 27

Manual transmission 45 Manufacturer 6 Master key 22

initialization 22

MD player, see separate

Owner’s Manual Mechanical key 22 MFL (Multifunction steering

wheel) 18

Microfilter 66, 69 Mini Disc player, see separate

Owner’s Manual

MINI Maintenance System 93 MINI manufacturer 6 MINI Mobility System 100 Mirrors 36 Mobility System, see MINI

Mobility System 100

Modifications, technical 96 Multifunction steering wheel

(MFL) 18

Multifunction switch 49

Navigation system, see

separate Owner’s Manual 14

Non-smoker’s equipment

package, see Cigarette lighter socket 70

Nozzles 66, 69

OBD interface socket 96 Odometer 55 Oil 89

additives 90 level 15 prescribed oils 90 pressure 15

Oil change intervals, see Service

and Warranty Booklet (US models)/Warranty and Service Guide Booklet (Canadian models)

Oil service 57 Old batteries 111 Onboard tool kit 100 Opening

from inside 26 from outside 23

Outside temperature

display 59

Package tray, see Luggage compartment cover 71

Park Distance Control (PDC) 63 Parking brake 16, 44 Parking lamps 49

bulb replacement 102

Parking lamps/Low beams 49 Parking, vehicle 76 PDC (Park Distance Control) 63 Plastic 95 Pollen 66 Pollen filter 69 Power output 17, 120

Power supply 12 V 70 Power windows 28 Pressure, tires 80, 109

Quality Grading, tire 83

Radiator 91 Radio, see separate Owner’s


Rain sensor 51 Reading lamps 50 Rear backrest foldable 71

Rear fog lamp 50

bulb replacement 103

Rear lamps 45, 103 Rear window defroster

automatic climate control 68 heating and climate control 65

Rear window wiper 52

replacing 100

Rearview mirror 36 Recirculated-air mode

air contitioner system 65 automatic climate control 68



Recirculation of air 65, 68 Reclining seat 31 Refueling 77 Remaining distance for

service 57

Remote control 23

battery 22 battery changing 22 initialization 22

Removing mist,

windows 66, 69

Removing window mist

air conditioner system 66 automatic climate control 69

Replacement key 22 Reporting safety defects 9 Restraint system 38 Reverse gear 45, 47 Rod antenna 94 Roller sun blind, rear window

blind 30

Rubber parts 95 Run-flat tire, see Safety tires 80, 84, 85, 110

Safety belts 16, 31, 35, 95

adjusting 35

Safety lock buttons 26 Safety tires 80, 84, 110

winter tires 84, 85

Screwdriver 100 Seats 31 Securing cargo 72 Selector lever shiftlock 42, 46 Service and Warranty Booklet (US models)/Warranty and Service Guide Booklet (Canadian models) 93

Service Interval Display 57, 93 Shiftlock 46 Side airbags 37 Side turn signal indicators bulb replacement 102

Sitting 31 Sliding/tilt sunroof 29

convenience feature 25 safety function 30 Smoker’s equipment

package 70

Snow chains 85 Space-saver spare tire changing tires 106

Spare key 22 Spark plugs 124 Speed 120 Speeds 85 Split rear backrest 71 Spray jets 52 Standing lamps 49

bulb replacement 102

Starting 42

problems 43, 113, 114, 115 with a discharged battery 113, 114

Steering lock 42 Storage, tires 84 Sun visors 36 Switches 12 Switching off, engine 43 Symbols 6

Tachometer 55 Tail lamps

bulb replacement 103

Tailgate 16, 27

manual unlocking 27

Tank capacity 77 Tank content, filling

capacities 123

Technical data 120 Technical modifications 96 Temperature

automatic climate control 68 heating and climate control 65 tires 83

Temperature display 59

engine coolant 56

Temperature layering 66, 69 Temperatures, high 77 The right tires 84 Third brake lamp

bulb replacement 104

Tire change

tire change set 106

Tire changes between axles 84 Tire failure 16

safety tires 110 space-saver spare tire 106 Tire inflation pressure 80, 85 Tires 80

all-season tires 85 break-in 76 changing 106 condition 82, 85 damage 82



inflation pressure 80 M+S tires 85 replacement 83 safety tires 80, 84, 85, 110 snow chains 85 storage 84 temperature 83 the right choice 84 tread 82 winter tires 85 with emergency running properties, see Safety tires 80, 84, 85, 110

Tools 100 Torque 120 Tow bar 115 Tow fitting 115 Tow socket for tow

fittings 115

Towing 115

with bar 115 with Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) 116

Towing eyelets 115

Tow-starting 115, 116

with Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) 116

Tow-starting and towing 115 Traction 83 Trailer nose weight 122 Transmission 45 Transmission fault,

Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) 48

Transporting children

safely 38

Tread wear 83 Trip odometer 55 Turn signal indicators 17, 49

bulb replacement 102

Uniform Tire Quality

Grading 83

Vanity mirror 36

bulb replacement 105 illuminated 36


battery 124 decommissioning 96 dimensions 121 exterior finish 94 operating 42 settings 41 washing 94 weight 122

Vehicle Memory 41 Ventilation 66

draft-free 66, 69

Warning lamp 15 Warning triangle 113 Washer systems 89 Washer/wiper system 51 Waste container 70 Water on roadways

deep water 77

Wearing safety belt 16, 35 Weights 122

Wheel and tire

combinations 84

Wheel stud

wrench 100, 106, 107

Wheelbase 121 Width 121 Windows, convenience

feature 25

Windshield heating automatic climate control 68 heating and climate control 65

Windshield washer

system 51, 89 filling 89

Windshield wipers 51, 100

care 95 replacing 100 Winter tires 85

all-season tires 85 safety tires 84, 85

Wiper/washer system 51 Work in the engine compartment 86



Xenon lamps 101






Engine oil


The oil volume between the two marks on the dipstick corresponds to approx. 1.1 US quarts (1 liter).

Tire inflation pressure







2 persons

4 persons plus luggage

To ensure that you always have convenient access to all essential information when you stop for fuel, we recommend that you take the time to fill out the adjoining chart by entering the data that applies to your vehicle.







This Owner’s Manual should be considered a permanent part of this vehicle. It should stay with the vehicle when sold to provide the next owner with important operating, safety and maintenance information. This manual is supplemented by a Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models or a Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models. We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly. Your MINI is covered by the following warranties: — New Vehicle Limited Warranty — Limited Rust Perforation Warranty — Federal Emissions System Defect Warranty — Federal Emissions Performance Warranty — California Emission Control System Limited Warranty Detailed information about these warranties is listed in the Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models or in the Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models. We wish you an enjoyable driving experience.


Using this Owner’s Manual

At a glance

Controls and features

Notes on the Owner’s Manual 6
Symbols used 6
Symbol for vehicle parts 6
Your individual vehicle 6
Editorial notice 7
For your own safety 8
Reporting safety defects 9

Cockpit 12
Display elements 13
Display elements with navigation

system 14

Indicator and warning lamps 15
Multifunction steering wheel MFL 18

Opening and closing: Keys 22
Central locking system 23
Opening and closing — from outside 23
Opening and closing — from inside 26
Tailgate 27
Electric power windows 28
Sliding/tilt sunroof 29
Roller sun blind 30

Adjustments: Correct sitting posture 31
Seats 31
Entry to the rear 33
Seat heating 34
Head restraints 34
Safety belts 35
Steering wheel 35
Mirrors 36
Airbags 37
Transporting children safely 38
Vehicle Memory 41

© 2002 Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft Munich, Germany Reprinting, including excerpts, only with the written consent of BMW AG, Munich. Order No. 01 41 0 156 724
US English II/02
Printed in Germany Printed on environmentally friendly paper (bleached without chlorine, suitable for recycling).

Driving: Ignition lock 42
Starting the engine 42
Switching off the engine 43
Parking brake 44
Manual transmission 45
Continuously Variable automatic

Transmission (CVT) 46

Parking lamps/Low beams 49
Indicator/Headlamp flasher 49
Instrument lighting 50
Fog lamps 50
Interior lamps 50
Light-emitting diodes 51
Washer/Wiper system 51
Cruise control 53

Everything under control: Odometer 55
Tachometer 55
Fuel gauge 55
Coolant temperature gauge 56
Service Interval Display 57
Clock 57
Computer 58

Technology for safety and driving convenience: Automatic Stability Control plus Traction

(ASC+T) 60

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 61
Flat Tire Monitor 62
Park Distance Control (PDC) 63

Controlling the climate for pleasant driving: Air conditioner system 64
Automatic climate control 67

Interior conveniences: Glove compartment 70
Ashtray/Beverage holder 70
Cigarette lighter 70

Loading and transporting cargo: Luggage compartment cover 71
Foldable rear backrest 71
Loading cargo 72
Roof-mounted luggage rack 73

Care and maintenance

Special operating instructions: Break-in procedures 76
General driving notes 76
Refueling 77
Fuel specifications 78
Antilock Brake System (ABS) 78
Brake system 79

Wheels and tires: Tire inflation pressure 80
Tire condition 82
Tire replacement 83
Wheel and tire combinations 84
Winter tires 85
Snow chains 85


In the engine compartment: Hood 86
Engine compartment —


Engine compartment —


Washer fluid 89
Engine oil 89
Coolant 91
Brake fluid 92

Maintenance and care: MINI Maintenance System 93
Caring for your vehicle 94
Vehicle immobilization 96

Laws and regulations: OBD interface socket 96
Technical modifications 96
California Proposition 65 Warning 97

Owner Service Procedures

Technical data

Engine data 120
Dimensions 121
Weights 122
Capacities 123
Electrical system 124

Replacement procedures: Onboard tool kit 100
Windshield wiper blades 100
Lamps and bulbs 101
Repairing a flat tire 106
Changing tires — MINI

with space-saver spare tire 106

Flat tire — safety tires 110
Battery 111
Fuses 112

Giving and receiving assistance: Warning triangle 113
First-aid kit 113
Jump-starting 113
Tow-starting and towing 115


Everything from A to Z 128

Notes on the Owner’s Manual In compiling this Owner’s Manual we have made every effort to furnish you with a convenient reference source affording quick access to all the essentials. The fastest way to find detailed information on any specific subject is to turn to the comprehensive index at the back of the manual. If you wish to gain an initial over- view of your vehicle, you will find this in the first chapter. Should you wish to sell your MINI at some time in the future, please remember to hand over this Owner’s Manual to the new owner; it is an important part of the vehicle. If you have any additional questions, your MINI center will be glad to advise you.

Symbols used

Indicates precautions that must be followed precisely in order to avoid the possibility of personal injury and serious damage to the vehicle.

Contains information that will assist you in gaining the optimum benefit from your vehicle and enable you to care more effectively for your vehicle.

Refers to measures that can be taken to help protect the environment.

Marks the end of a specific item of


Indicates special equipment, country- specific equipment and optional extras.

Your individual vehicle The manufacturer of your MINI is the Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesell- schaft (BMW AG). On purchasing your MINI, you have decided in favor of a model with individualized equipment and features. This Owner’s Manual describes the entire array of options and equipment available with a specific manufacturer model range.

We hope you will understand that equip- ment and features are included that you might not have chosen for your vehicle. To assist you in identifying possible variations between your own vehicle and the manual’s contents, the passages describing optional accessories and special equipment are marked with an asterisk

Identifies systems or components, which your MINI center can either

activate or adapt to suit an individual driver’s requirements ("Vehicle Memory"), see page 41.

If your MINI features equipment that is not described in this Owner’s Manual (a car radio, for instance), we have enclosed addi- tional Owner’s Manuals. We ask you to read these manuals as well.

Symbol for vehicle parts

Indicates that you should consult the relevant section of this Owner’s

Manual for information on a particular part or assembly.

Notes Symbols Your individual vehicle

Editorial notice The manufacturer pursues a policy of continuous, ongoing development that is conceived to ensure that the MINI continues to embody the highest quality and safety standards combined with advanced, state-of-the-art technology. For this reason, it is possible that the features described in this Owner’s Manual could differ from those on your vehicle. Nor can errors and omissions be entirely ruled out. You are therefore asked to appreciate that no legal claims can be entertained on the basis of the data, illustrations or descrip- tions in this Owner’s Manual.

For your own safety

Important safety information.

Use unleaded gasoline only. Fuels containing up to and including

10% ethanol or other oxygenates with up to 2.8% oxygen by weight (i.e. 15% MTBE or 3% methanol plus an equivalent amount of co-solvent) will not void the applicable warranties with respect to defects in mate- rials or workmanship. Field experience has indicated significant differences in fuel quality (volatility, composition, additives, others) among gasolines offered for sale in the United States and Canada. The use of poor-quality fuels may result in driveability, starting and stalling problems especially under certain environmental conditions, such as high ambient temperature and high altitude. Should you encounter driveability prob- lems which you suspect could be related to the fuel you are using, we recommend that you respond by switching to a recognized high-quality brand. Failure to comply with these recommenda- tions may result in unscheduled mainte- nance. Obey pertinent safety rules when you are handling gasoline.

For your own safety, use genuine parts and accessories approved by the manufacturer of the MINI. When you purchase accessories tested and approved by the manufacturer of the MINI and Original MINI Parts, you simulta- neously acquire the assurance that they have been thoroughly tested by the manu- facturer of the MINI to ensure optimum performance when installed on your vehicle. The manufacturer of the MINI warrants these parts to be free from defects in mate- rial and workmanship. The manufacturer of the MINI will not accept any liability for damages resulting from installation of parts and accessories not approved by the manufacturer of the MINI. The manufacturer of the MINI cannot test every product from other manufacturers to verify if it can be used on a MINI safely and without risk to either the vehicle, its opera- tion, or its occupants. Original MINI Parts, MINI Accessories and other products approved by the manufac- turer of the MINI, together with profes-

sional advice on using these items, are available from all MINI centers. Installation and operation of non-MINI approved accessories such as alarms, radios, amplifiers, radar detectors, wheels, suspension components, brake dust shields, telephones (including operation of any portable cellular phone from within the vehicle without using an externally mounted antenna) or transceiver equip- ment (e.g. CB, walkie-talkie, ham radio or similar) may cause extensive damage to the vehicle, compromise its safety, inter- fere with the vehicle(cid:213)s electrical system or affect the validity of the MINI Limited Warranty. See your MINI center for addi- tional information.

Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control devices and

systems may be performed by any automo- tive repair establishment or individual using any certified automotive part.

The following only applies to vehicles owned and operated in the US.

REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTS If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in addition to notifying BMW of North America, LLC., P.O. Box 1227, Westwood, New Jersey 07675-1227, Telephone (201) 307-4000. If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a safety defect exists in a group of vehicles, it may order a recall and remedy campaign. However, NHTSA cannot become involved in individual problems between you, your dealer or BMW of North America, LLC. To contact NHTSA, you may either call the Auto Safety Hotline toll-free at 1-800-424-9393 (or 366-0123 in Washington, D.C. area) or write to: NHTSA, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C. 20590. You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from the Hotline.











Parking lamps/Low beams 49
Turn signal indicators 49
Standing lamps 49
High beams 49
Headlamp flasher 49
Computer 58

2 Washer/Wiper system 51
3 Instrument lighting 50
4 Outside mirror adjustment 36
5 Hazard warning flashers

6 Hood release 86
7 Horn 18
8 Steering wheel adjustment 35
9 OBD interface socket 96



1 Tachometer 55

with indicator and warning lamps, see from page 15

2 Display for computer 58
3 Speedometer with indicator and warning

lamps, see from page 15

4 Indicator for

Odometer 55
Trip odometer 55
Service Interval 57
Program display for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 48


5 Trip odometer, reset to zero 55
6 Fuel gauge 55
7 Engine coolant temperature gauge 56


1 Tachometer 55

with indicator and warning lamps, see from page 15

3 Speedometer with indicator and warning

lamps, see from page 15

4 Trip odometer, reset to zero 55

2 Display for computer 58


5 Indicator for

Odometer 55
Trip odometer 55
Service Interval 57
Program display for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 48


Technology that monitors itself The system runs a check on the warning and indicator lamps marked by " " each time you switch on the ignition. They each light up once for different periods of time. If a malfunction should occur in one of these systems, the corresponding lamp does not go out after the engine is started or it lights up while the vehicle is moving. You will see how to react correctly to this below.

Brake warning lamp If the lamp comes on when the parking brake is not engaged:

Check the brake fluid level. Before driving further, be sure to comply with the infor- mation on pages 79, 57 and 92.

Brake warning lamp for Canadian models.

With navigation system option:

Coolant temperature warning lamp in the speedometer If the lamp comes on while oper-

ating the vehicle, the engine has over- heated. Switch off the engine immediately and allow to cool down, see also page 56.

Red: stop immediately

Battery charge current The battery is no longer being charged. Indicates a defective alter-

nator drive belt or a problem with the charge circuit. Please contact the nearest MINI center. If this lamp lights up, the power-assist for steering can be deactivated.

If the drive belt is defective, do not continue driving. The engine could be

damaged due to overheating. When the power-assist is deactivated, increased steering effort is required.

Engine oil pressure

Stop immediately. Switch off engine. Check the engine oil and

top up as required. Please contact the nearest MINI center.

Do not continue driving, otherwise, the engine could be damaged

because of inadequate lubrication.