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2013 Civic Hybrid Online Reference Owner's Manual

2 Safe Driving P. 27
For Safe Driving P. 28

Seat Belts P. 32

Airbags P. 39

This owner’s manual should be considered a permanent part of the vehicle and should remain with the vehicle when it is sold.

2 Instrument Panel P. 67
Indicators P. 68

Gauges and intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) P. 82

This owner’s manual covers all models of your vehicle. You may find descriptions of equipment and features that are not on your particular model.

2 Controls P. 103
Setting the Clock P. 104
Operating the Switches Around the Steering Wheel P. 119
Interior Lights/Interior Convenience Items P. 134

Locking and Unlocking the Doors P. 105

Images throughout this owner’s manual (including the front cover) represent features and equipment that are available on some, but not all, models. Your particular model may not have some of these features.

2 Features P. 143
Audio System P. 144
Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® P. 175

Audio System Basic Operation P. 147

This owner’s manual is for vehicles sold in the United States and Canada.

2 Driving P. 207
Before Driving P. 208
Rearview Camera P. 245

Towing a Trailer P. 213
Refueling P. 246

Fuel Economy P. 249

The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time of approval for printing. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right, however, to discontinue or change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation.

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2 Maintenance P. 251
Before Performing Maintenance P. 252 Maintenance MinderTM P. 255
Checking and Maintaining Wiper Blades P. 277
Climate Control System Maintenance P. 290

2 Handling the Unexpected P. 295
Tools P. 296
Overheating P. 315

If a Tire Goes Flat P. 297
Indicator, Coming On/Blinking P. 317

2 Information P. 325
Specifications P. 326
Emissions Testing P. 331

Identification Numbers P. 328
Warranty Coverages P. 333

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Child Safety P. 52

Exhaust Gas Hazard P. 64

Safety Labels P. 65

Opening and Closing the Trunk P. 112
Adjusting the Mirrors P. 128
Climate Control System P. 140

Security System P. 115

Opening and Closing the Windows P. 117
Adjusting the Seats P. 129

Audio Error Messages P. 168

General Information on the Audio System P. 171

When Driving P. 214
Accessories and Modifications P. 250

Braking P. 240

Parking Your Vehicle P. 244


2013 Civic Hybrid

Quick Reference Guide P. 2

Safe Driving P. 27

Instrument Panel P. 67

Controls P. 103

Features P. 143

Driving P. 207

Maintenance P. 251

Maintenance Under the Hood P. 259
Checking and Maintaining Tires P. 279
Cleaning P. 291

Replacing Light Bulbs P. 271
12 Volt Battery P. 288

Remote Transmitter Care P. 289

Handling the Unexpected P. 295

Engine Does Not Start P. 311
Fuses P. 321

Jump Starting P. 312
Emergency Towing P. 324

Shift Lever Does Not Move P. 314

Information P. 325

Index P. 337

Devices that Emit Radio Waves P. 329
Authorized Manuals P. 335

Reporting Safety Defects P. 330
Customer Service Information P. 336

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Chapter Table of Contents

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Quick Reference Guide Visual Index




❙ ECON Button (P 221)

❙ System Indicators (P 68) ❙ Gauges (P 82) ❙ intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) (P 83) ❙ Hazard Warning Button

❙ Audio System (P 144) ❙ Navigation System * () See Navigation System Manual ❙ Climate Control System (P 140) ❙ Rear Window Defogger (P 126) ❙ Heated Mirror Button * (P 126)

❙ Seat Heater Switches * (P139) ❙ Ignition Switch (P 119) ❙ Steering Wheel Adjustments (P 127)

(Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®) System OFF) Button (P 236)

❙ ❙ Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Button * (P233)

* Not available on all models

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❙ Headlights/Turn Signals (P 120)

❙ Km/Mile Change Knob (P 82) ❙ CLOCK Knob (P 104) ❙ ❙ Brightness Control (P 125)

(Select/Reset) Knob (P 83)

(Display/Information) Button (P 83)

❙ ❙ Wipers/Washers (P 124)

❙ Cruise Control Buttons (P 225) ❙ Horn (Press an area around


❙ Navigation System Voice Control Buttons * () See Navigation System Manual ❙ Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® System Voice Control Buttons (P 175) ❙ MENU Button (P 91) ❙ SOURCE Button (P 91) ❙ (+ / (- /

Buttons (P 91)

* Not available on all models



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Visual Index




❙ Power Window Switches (P 117) ❙ Power Door Lock Master Switch (P 110) ❙ Door Mirror Controls (P 128)

❙ Trunk Release (P 112) ❙ Fuel Fill Door Release Handle (P 247) ❙ Driver’s Pocket

❙ Rearview Mirror (P 128) ❙ Interior Fuse Box (P 322) ❙ Driver’s Front Airbag (P 42) ❙ Passenger’s Front Airbag (P 42) ❙ Parking Brake (P 240) ❙ Auxiliary Input Jack (P 146)

❙ Glove Box (P 135)

❙ Accessory Power Socket (P 137) ❙ Shift Lever Automatic Transmission (CVT) (P 219) ❙ Hood Release Handle (P 260)

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❙ Seat Belt (Installing a Child Seat) (P 59) ❙ Seat Belt to Secure a Child Seat (P 61) ❙ Side Curtain Airbags (P 48) ❙ Coat Hook (P 138) ❙ Grab Handle ❙ Ceiling Light (P 134) ❙ Seat Belts (P 32)

❙ Map Lights (P 134)

❙ Sun Visors ❙ Vanity Mirrors

❙ USB Adapter Cable (P 145) ❙ Accessory Power Socket (P 137)

❙ Front Seat (P 129) ❙ Side Airbags (P 46)

❙ Rear Seat ❙ LATCH to Secure a Child Seat (P 57)




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Visual Index




❙ Maintenance Under the Hood (P 259) ❙ Windshield Wipers (P 124) ❙ Power Door Mirrors (P 128) ❙ Side Turn Signal Lights (P 120)

(P 277)

(P 273)

❙ Door Lock/Unlock Control (P 107)

(P 271)

❙ Headlights (P 120) ❙ Front Turn Signal/Parking/ Side Marker Lights (P 120) ❙ Daytime Running Lights (P123)

(P 273)


❙ Tires (P 279)

(P 297)

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❙ How to Refuel (P 247)

❙ High-Mount Brake Light (P 276)

❙ Opening/Closing the Trunk (P 112) ❙ Emergency Trunk Release Lever (P 114)

❙ Rear License Plate Lights (P 276) ❙ Rearview Camera (P245) ❙ Taillights (P275) ❙ Back-Up Lights (P 274)

❙ Brake/Taillights (P 275) ❙ Rear Turn Signal Lights (P 274) ❙ Rear Side Marker Lights (P 275)



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Eco Assist System


Ambient Meter ● Changes color to reflect your driving

style. Green: Fuel efficient driving Blue green: Moderate acceleration/ deceleration Blue: Aggressive acceleration/ deceleration

● The ambient meter color changes in

accordance with your brake or accelerator pedal operation.

ECON Button (P221) Helps maximize fuel economy. ECON Mode Indicator (P76) Comes on when the ECON mode is on.

The message is displayed for a few seconds when the ECON mode is on.



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Drive Cycle Score/Lifetime Points ● Comes on when the ignition switch is in LOCK (0.

Drive Cycle Score

Advancing to Second Stage

Advancing to Third Stage

Receding to First Stage

Receding to Second Stage

Real Time Score (represents your current trip) (P88) ● Each time you turn the ignition switch to ON (w, the Ecological Drive display starts without any leaves on the plants. Leaves

Lifetime Points

accumulate or diminish based on your driving style during the current trip.

First Stage

Feedback with Eco Drive Bar (P89) ● Keep the bar from extending too much to the left or right side. The shorter the bar is while driving, the higher the fuel economy becomes.

The bar extends to the right when you press the accelerator pedal.

Second Stage

Third Stage

Slow, steady acceleration/ Maximizes fuel economy

Moderate acceleration

Aggressive/Inconsistent acceleration

The bar extends to the left when you press the brake pedal.

Slow deceleration/ Maximizes fuel economy

Moderate deceleration

Aggressive deceleration




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The Honda IMA System

The main power source for the Honda IMA system is the gasoline engine. The electric motor assists the engine to improve fuel economy, based on current operating conditions.


Low speed cruise ● Only IMA motor is

powering the vehicle and IMA battery is discharging.

Start-up/Low speed cruise/ Aggressive acceleration ● The electric motor assists the


Vehicle Speed

IMA System


Electric Motor Assist

IMA Battery




IMA System

Electric Motor Assist

IMA Battery




Tips to Improve Fuel Economy To help your vehicle’s fuel economy: ● Avoid aggressive acceleration/braking ● Monitor the ambient meter and the Eco drive bar

Slow acceleration/High speed cruise ● Only the engine powers

the vehicle.

displayed on the intelligent multi-information display. It reflects your driving style. (P8)


Deceleration ● The IMA system charges

the IMA battery.

IMA System

Electric Motor OFF

IMA Battery




IMA System




IMA Battery


Stop ● Auto Idle Stop is in


IMA System

Electric Motor OFF

IMA Battery




Eco Drive Bar Display




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To Keep the IMA Battery in Good Condition Drive your vehicle at least once a month, and drive for more than 30 minutes at a time. Parking your vehicle for an extended period can cause the IMA battery to weaken or decrease the IMA battery life. Safety Precautions Do not cover the air intake.

Do not touch the Honda IMA System A high voltage current runs through Honda IMA System. Consult your authorized dealer when maintenance or repair is needed.

Air Intake

If the air intake is obstructed during vehicle operation, the IMA battery can become too hot. To protect the battery, the system may start limiting IMA battery output power and cause the IMA system and 12 volt battery charging system indicators to come on.

IMA System Indicator (P88)

12 Volt Battery Charging System Indicator (P69)

If a crash occurs ● Be careful of electric shock hazard.

IMA Battery

IMA Power Cable

u If a crash severely damaged your vehicle, there is a possibility of electrical shock. Do

not touch the IMA system components or their wiring (orange).

● Avoid contact with IMA battery fluid.

u The battery fluid may leak as a result of a severe crash. Avoid any skin or eye

contact with the fluid. The battery fluid is corrosive. If you accidentally touch it, flush the affected area(s) with a large quantity of water for at least five minutes, and seek medical attention immediately. ● Use a fire extinguisher for an electrical fire.

u Attempting to extinguish an electrical fire with a small quantity of water can be


When the vehicle is disposed ● The IMA battery is a Lithium ion battery. Honda collects and recycles used IMA

batteries – consult with your dealer for proper battery disposal in the event your vehicle is not repairable.





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Safe Driving (P27)





Airbags (P39) ● Your vehicle is fitted with airbags to help protect you and

your passengers during a moderate-to-severe collision.

Child Safety (P52) ● All children 12 and younger should be seated in the rear seat. ● Smaller children should be properly restrained in a forward-facing child seat. ● Infants must be properly restrained in a rear-facing child seat.

Exhaust Gas Hazard (P64) ● Your vehicle emits dangerous exhaust gases that contain carbon

monoxide. Do not run the engine in confined spaces where carbon monoxide gas can accumulate.

Seat Belts (P32) ● Fasten your seat belt and sit upright well

back in the seat.

● Check that your passengers are wearing

Before Driving Checklist (P208) ● Before driving, check that the front seats, head restraints, steering wheel, and mirrors have been properly adjusted.

their seat belts correctly.

Fasten your lap belt as low as possible.

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Instrument Panel (P67) Gauges (P82)/intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) (P83)/ System Indicators (P68) System Indicators

Security System Alarm Indicator

Ambient Meter

Fuel Gauge


Instant Fuel Economy Gauge


Lights Reminders

Lights On Indicator

High Beam Indicator

System Indicators

Low Fuel Indicator

Electric Power Steering (EPS) System Indicator

Immobilizer System Indicator

U.S. models only Low Tire Pressure/ TPMS Indicator

VSA® OFF Indicator

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®) System Indicator

Door Open Indicator

Trunk Open Indicator

High Temperature Indicator

Low Temperature Indicator

ECON Mode Indicator

Low Oil Pressure Indicator


Shift Lever Position Indicator

System Indicators

System Indicators

Parking Brake and Brake System Indicator

Brake System Indicator





Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Indicator

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

IMA System Indicator

Turn Signal and Hazard Warning Indicators System Message Indicator CRUISE MAIN Indicator CRUISE CONTROL Indicator Seat Belt Reminder Indicator Supplemental Restraint System Indicator 12 Volt Battery Charging System Indicator Auto Idle Stop Indicator Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Indicator * Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Indicator *

* Not available on all models




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Controls (P103) Clock (P104)

Turn Signals (P120)

Models without navigation system

Turn Signal Control Lever


clock adjustment mode screen.

a Press the CLOCK knob to access the b Turn the CLOCK knob to adjust the hours.c Press the CLOCK knob. The display d Turn the CLOCK knob to adjust the e Press the CLOCK knob to complete

switches to minute adjustment.


clock adjustment.

Models with navigation system The navigation system receives signals from GPS satellites, updating the clock automatically.






Lights (P120)

Light Control Switches

High Beam

Low Beam


Wipers and Washers (P124)

Wiper/Washer Control Lever

Adjustment Ring

: Long Delay : Short Delay

Pull toward you to spray washer fluid.

MIST OFF INT: Low speed with intermittent LO: Low speed wipe HI: High speed wipe

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Steering Wheel (P127) ● To adjust, pull the adjustment lever

towards you, adjust to the desired position, then lock the lever back in place.

Trunk (P112)

Trunk Release

● To unlock and open the trunk: • Pull the trunk release. • Press the trunk release button.

Power Windows (P117) ● With the ignition switch in ON (w, open

and close the power windows.

● If the power window lock button is in the

off position, each passenger’s window can be opened and closed with its own switch.

● If the power window lock button is in the

on position (indicator is on), each passenger’s window switch is disabled.

Power Window Lock Button


Unlocking the Front Doors from the Inside (P109) ● Pull either front door inner handle to unlock and open it at the same time.

Power Door Mirrors (P128) ● With the ignition switch in ON (w, move

the selector switch to L or R.

● Push the appropriate edge of the

adjustment switch to adjust the mirror.

Window Switch

Selector Switch

Adjustment Switch





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Climate Control System (P140) ● Press the AUTO button to activate the climate control system. ● Press the ● Press the

button to turn the system on or off.

button to defrost the windshield.

AUTO Button

(On/Off) Button

Temperature Control Dial

(Recirculation) Button

(Windshield Defroster) Button

(Rear Window Defogger/

Heated Mirror *) Button

A/C (Air Conditioning) Button

Fan Control Dial

(Mode Control) Button

Air flows from floor and windshield defroster vents.

Air flows from floor vents.

Air flows from floor and dashboard vents.

Air flows from dashboard vents.

Models with navigation system The climate control system is voice operable. See the navigation system manual for complete details.





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Features (P143) Audio System (P144)

intelligent Multi- Information Display (i-MID)


CD Slot FM/AM Button SCAN Button FM Button

AM Button

XM Button PHONE Button

(Skip/Seek) Button

Audio Remote Controls (P148)


For navigation system operation () See Navigation System Manual

(+ / (- Button Button


● (+ / (- Button

Press and release to adjust the volume up/ down.

● SOURCE Button

Press and release to change the audio mode: FM1/FM2/AM/XM® Bluetooth





Radio:Press and release to change the

preset station. Press and hold to select the next or previous strong station.

CD/USB device:

Press and release to skip to the beginning of the next song or return to the beginning of the current song. Press and hold to change a folder.

* Not available on all models





Button Preset Buttons (1-6)

(CD Eject)


AUX Button

CD Button


Button SETUP Button

Selector Knob


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Driving (P207) Automatic Transmission (CVT) (P219) ● Shift to (P and depress the brake pedal when starting the engine.

● Shifting

Release Button

Shift Lever

Park Turn off or start the engine. Transmission is locked. Reverse Used when reversing. Neutral Transmission is not locked. Drive Normal driving. Drive (S) ● Better acceleration. ● Increased engine braking. ● Going up or down hills.

Low ● Further increased engine


● Used when going up or down


● Used when IMA battery is


Depress the brake pedal and press the release button to move out of (P.

Move the shift lever without pressing the release button.

Press the release button to move the shift lever.





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VSA® OFF Button (P236) ● The vehicle stability assist (VSA®) system

helps stabilize the vehicle during cornering, and helps maintain traction while accelerating on loose or slippery road surfaces.

● VSA® comes on automatically every time

you start the engine.

● To turn VSA® on or off, press and hold

the button until you hear a beep. Cruise Control (P225) ● Cruise control allows you to maintain a set speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal.

● To use cruise control, press the CRUISE

button, then press –/SET button once you have achieved the desired speed (above 25 mph or 40 km/h).

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) (P237) U.S. models only ● TPMS monitors tire pressure. ● TPMS is turned on automatically every

time you start the engine.

Refueling (P246) Fuel recommendation: Unleaded gasoline with a pump octane number 87 or

Fuel tank capacity: 13.2 US gal (50 L)

higher required

a Push the fuel fill door

release handle.

b Turn the fuel fill cap

slowly to remove the cap.

c Place the cap in the

holder on the fuel fill door.

d After refueling, screw

the cap back on until it clicks at least once.





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Maintenance (P251) Under the Hood (P259) ● Check engine oil, engine coolant, and windshield washer

fluid. Add when necessary.

● Check brake fluid. ● Check the 12 volt battery regularly.

a Pull the hood release handle under the corner of the






b Locate the hood latch lever, pull the lever up, and lift up

the hood.

c When finished, close the hood and make sure it is firmly

locked in place.

Wiper Blades (P277) ● Replace blades if they leave streaks

across the windshield.

Tires (P279) ● Inspect tires and wheels regularly. ● Check tire pressures regularly. ● Install snow tires for winter driving.

Lights (P271) ● Inspect all lights regularly.

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Handling the Unexpected (P295) Flat Tire (P297) ● Park in a safe location and repair the flat

Engine Won’t Start (P311) ● If the battery is dead, jump start using a

booster battery.

tire using the temporary tire repair kit. Models with an optional compact spare tire ● Park in a safe location and replace the

flat tire with the compact spare tire in the trunk.

Overheating (P315) ● Park in a safe location. If you do not see steam under the hood, open the hood, and let the engine cool down.


Indicators Come On (P317) ● Identify the indicator and consult the

owner’s manual.

Blown Fuse (P321) ● Check for a blown fuse if an electrical

device does not operate.

Emergency Towing (P324) ● Call a professional towing service if you

need to tow your vehicle.




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What to Do If


The ignition switch does not turn from (0 to (q. Why?

● The steering wheel may be locked. ● Try to turn the steering wheel left and right

while turning the ignition key.

The ignition switch does not turn from (q to (0 and I cannot remove the key. Why?

The shift lever should be moved to (P.

Why does the brake pedal pulsate slightly when applying the brakes?

This can occur when the ABS activates, and does not indicate a problem. Apply firm, steady pressure on the brake pedal. Never pump the brake pedal.

The rear door cannot be opened from inside the vehicle. Why?

Check if the childproof lock is in the lock position. If so, open the rear door with the outside door handle. To cancel this function, push the lever to the unlock position.




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If you do not open the doors within 30 seconds, the doors are relocked automatically for security.


Why do the doors lock after I unlocked the doors using a remote transmitter?

Why does the beeper sound when I open the driver’s door?

The beeper sounds when: ● The key is left in the ignition switch. ● The exterior lights are left on. ● The Auto Idle Stop is in operation.

Why does the beeper sound when I start driving?

The beeper sounds when: ● Driver and/or front passenger are not wearing their seat belts. ● The parking brake lever is not fully released.

Why do I hear a screeching sound when I apply the brake pedal?

The brake pads may need to be replaced. Have your vehicle inspected by a dealer.