Tesla Model 3 - Turn Off Regenerative Braking - How to modify or change regen settings  

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Post #1 post 5th October 2021 - 10:15 AM
If you recently took delivery of a Tesla Model 3 - CONGRATULATIONS!

TLDR; if you have a 2021 build Model 3, you can't lower regen braking. If you have a build before late 2020, you probably still can.

Welcome to the world of owning an EV, it's a transformative experience and you'll likely never go back to a petrol car again!

A popular question amongst new owners is how to turn off regenerative braking - often because it feels so foreign and weird to take your foot off the accelerator and the car promptly slows down and comes to a stop without taking the brake pedal.

The good news and the bad news....

If you have a car build date before late 2020, than you'll most likely still have the option to disable regenerative braking on the Driving controls screens similar to the image below.


If you have a car build late 2020 onwards, it's a mixture of good and bad news.

The bad news is that you CANNOT disable regenerative braking in the newer Tesla Model 3, however the good news is that this forces the driver to adapt.

How is that good news? Well, the temptation to disable something that feels unusual is very strong in new Tesla vehicle owners and this leads to poor range and increased servicing costs.

Who wants less range and increased servicing costs? Not me!

Due to the massive trade off with allowing Tesla owners to disable regen braking, Tesla decided not to provide the option at all which forces drivers to adapt. But trust me and every other Tesla owner, getting used to it will become the best thing you've ever done.

It really only takes a few days of "one pedal driving" to get used to driving the Tesla with regenerative braking, most users will set the Stopping Mode to "Hold".

Once you get used to the idea of "one pedal driving", the driving experience becomes amazing and is a truly transformative driving experience.

The first pic below is from a 2021 build Tesla Model 3, whereas the one below is from a 2019 build car which preserves the option to lower regen braking.

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