2015 Ford Escape Fuse Box Location - Location of the Escape fuse blocks  

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The Ford Escape is a popular SUV, so, naturally, you want to find the fuse box location for this vehicle.

There are three fuse boxes in the Ford:

  • One is in the engine compartment
  • The other is under the glove compartment
  • The third is in the luggage compartment

It is relatively easy to open either one of them. They are covered by a lid that you can pull open using your hands. The one under the hood has tabs that you push to open, whereas the one in the cabin has a cover that you pull open.

The luggage compartment fuse box is an extra one that can be found near the passenger side wheel well.

Look at the diagrams below to learn more about the exact location or use the Ford Escape Owners manual for a detailed overview of all the fuses.

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