Tapping 88 Pajero With 2.6 Astron  

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Post #1 post 5th December 2020 - 04:34 AM
I just got an 88 Pajero and it was tapping so I replaced the lifters/ lash adjusters or whatever.
It's better but not fully gone, now its kind of sounds like a diesel.
when I turned the engine over without the tappet cover on, oil kind of just drizzled out of the rockers. is this normal?
I also noticed that the bar that goes threw the rockers.... no idea what its called, it has some holes bear and oil comes out of them.. Ill attach a photo ( i know the shaft is upside down its just to show the holes they are normally facing down).
please help biggrin.gif

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Post #2

Replace timing chain and tensioner - that will kill some rattle.

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