Ba Xr6 05' - Gearbox issues  

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Post #1 post 12th December 2020 - 02:13 PM
So recently I got into my car and first gear (driving in auto) was making a weird sound, didn't think much of it and thought it'd go away cause the car was cold.

Over the next few weeks it got progressively worse, I did try and baby the poor thing though. First and 2nd gear was now making a grinding noise and the diff would whine in reverse and also in first. Soon as it shifted to 3rd , everything goes back to normal

I got in the car last thursday, went down to my 7/11, when I was reversing the car sort of jolted, like the back brakes had been applying themselves for a second or something. I drove it home and left it there. Reverse still does that and now first gear is starting to do it. I have not driven the car since.

I have asked Elite Performance for a quote to get it rebuilt (apparently this happens alot to the BAs) and they quoted a tasty $3500+ to rebuild and strengthen the box.

However just last week I did top up my gearbox oil level.. ( 1/2 a ltr )

My question to you: Are there any ways I can determine what's wrong with it, without having to drive the bloody thing down to Elite or another Auto shop? I'm scared i'll stop at the traffic lights and it won't move anywhere.

Thanks in advance
Post #2

Just spend the $600 and grab yourself another BTR to throw into it... save the dollars and do the zf box conversion.

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