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왔 Rims and Tires ! Only use tires which have been tested and approved for your vehicle by Mercedes-Benz. Tires approved by Mercedes-Benz are developed to provide best possible performance in conjunc- tion with the driving safety systems on your vehi- cle such as ABS or ESP®. Tires specially developed for your vehicle and tested and ap- proved by Mercedes-Benz can be identified by finding the following on the tire’s sidewall: 앫 MO = Mercedes-Benz Original equipment


앫 MOE = Mercedes-Benz Original Extended (tires with limited run-flat characteristics) original equipment tires. Using tires other than those approved by Mercedes-Benz may result in damage that is not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.

i For information on driving with MOExtended tires, see “MOExtended system*” (컄 page 382).

! Using tires other than those approved by Mercedes-Benz can have detrimental effects, such as 앫 poor handling characteristics 앫 increased noise 앫 increased fuel consumption Moreover, tires and rims not approved by Mercedes-Benz may, under load, exhibit dimen- sional variations and different tire deformation characteristics that could cause them to come into contact with the vehicle body or axle parts. Damage to the tires or the vehicle may be the result.

i Further information on tires and rims is available at any authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. A placard with the recommended tire in- flation pressures is located on the driver’s door B-pillar. Some vehicles may have supplemental tire inflation pressure information for driving at high speeds (컄 page 290) or for vehicle loads less than the maximum loaded vehicle condition (컄 page 290).

Technical data Rims and Tires

If such information is provided, it can be found on the placard located on the inside of the fuel filler flap. The tire inflation pressure should be checked regularly and should only be adjusted on cold tires. Follow tire manufacturer’s mainte- nance recommendation included with vehicle. i The following pages also list the approved wheel rim and tire sizes for equipping your vehi- cles with winter tires. Winter tires are not avail- able as standard or optional factory equipment, but can be purchased from an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. Depending on vehicle model and the standard or optional factory-equipped wheel rim/tire config- uration on your vehicle (Appearance Package, Sport Package etc.), equipping your vehicle with winter tires approved for your vehicle model may also require the purchase of two or four wheel rims of the recommended size for use with these winter tires. See an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for more information.


Technical data Rims and Tires

Same size tires


Rims (light alloy) Wheel offset All-season tires1
Winter tires1,2

C 230
C 280
C 280 4MATIC C 350
C 350 4MATIC 7 J x 16 H2
1.22 in (31 mm) 205/55 R16 91H M+S 205/55 R16 91H M+S .

C 230 Sport C 350 Sport

7.5 J x 17 H2
1.42 in (36 mm) 225/45 R17 91H M+S . or 225/45 R17 91H M+S .MOExtended 3

1 Radial-ply tires 2 Not available as factory equipment. 3 Must be used in conjunction with Run Flat Indicator* only.


Mixed size tires


Front axle: Rims (light alloy) Wheel offset Summer tires1

Rear axle: Rims Wheel offset Summer tires1,3

C 230 Sport C 350 Sport

7.5 J x 17 H2
1.42 in (36 mm) 225/45 R17 91W or 225/45 R17 91W MOExtended 2

8.5 J x 17 H2
1.18 in (30 mm) 245/40 R17 91W or 245/40 R17 91W MOExtended 2

1 Radial-ply tires 2 Must be used in conjunction with Run Flat Indicator* only. 3 Must not be used with snow chains.

Technical data Rims and Tires


Technical data Rims and Tires

Minispare wheel


Rim (steel) Wheel offset Tire1
1 Must not be used with snow chains.

! Please compare the recommended tire in- flation pressure for your vehicle with the tire in- flation pressure on the yellow label located on the spare wheel rim. If the tire inflation pressure on the yellow label on the spare wheel rim differs from the values given in this Operator’s Manual, inflate the Minis- pare wheel to the recommended tire inflation pressure given on the yellow label on the spare wheel rim.


C 230
C 280
C 280 4MATIC C 350
C 350 4MATIC 3.5 B x 16 H2
0.67 in (17 mm) T 125/90 R16 98M

C 230 Sport C 350 Sport

3.5 B x 17 H2
0.67 in (17 mm) T 125/80 R17 99M

i Please note that the tire inflation pressure of the Minispare differs from the tire inflation pres- sure of the road tires. Inflate the Minispare wheel to approximately 61 psi (4.2 bar).

왔 Electrical system Model Generator (alternator) Starter motor Battery Spark plugs

Electrode gap Tightening torque

all models 14 V/150 A 12 V/1.4 kW 12 V/100 Ah Bosch Platin Y 7 MPP 33 NGK PLKR 6A 0.031 in (0.8 mm) 18 – 22 lb-ft (25 – 30 Nm)

Technical data Electrical system


Technical data Main dimensions and weights

C 230
C 230 Sport 178.4 in (4532 mm) 77.8 in (1977 mm)

C 280
C 350
178.4 in (4532 mm) 77.8 in (1977 mm)

C 280 4MATIC C 350 4MATIC 178.4 in (4532 mm) 77.8 in (1977 mm)

C 350 Sport

178.4 in (4532 mm) 77.8 in (1977 mm)

55.6 in (1413 mm) 106.9 in (2715 mm) 59.3 in (1505 mm) 58.1 in (1476 mm)

56.1 in (1426 mm) 106.9 in (2715 mm) 59.3 in (1505 mm) 58.1 in (1476 mm)

56.3 in (1429 mm) 106.9 in (2715 mm) 59.3 in (1505 mm) 58.1 in (1476 mm)

55.5 in (1410 mm) 106.9 in (2715 mm) 59.3 in (1505 mm) 58.1 in (1476 mm)

220 lb (100 kg) 220 lb (100 kg)

Main dimensions


Overall vehicle length Overall vehicle width (exte- rior rear view mirrors fold- ed out) Overall vehicle height Wheelbase Track, front Track, rear


Roof load max. Trunk load max.


왔 Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc. Capacities

Vehicle components and their respective lubricants must match. Therefore only use products tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz. Please refer to the Factory Approved Service Products pamphlet, or inquire at your Mercedes-Benz Center.


Comply with all valid regulations with respect to handling, storing, and disposing of service fluids. Otherwise you could endanger persons or the environment.

Keep service fluids out of the reach of children.

Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

For health reasons, you should prevent service fluids from coming into direct contact with your eyes or any open wounds.

If a service fluid is swallowed, contact a physician immediately.

Engine with oil filter Automatic transmission

Manual transmission


C 230 (all models) C 280
C 350 (all models) C 280 4MATIC C 350 4MATIC C 230 Sport C 350 Sport

Capacity 8.5 US qt (8.0 l) 9.0 US qt (8.5 l) 9.0 US qt (8.5 l) 9.0 US qt (8.5 l) 8.3 US qt (7.8 l) 8.3 US qt (7.8 l) 1.3 US qt (1.2 l) 1.6 US qt (1.5 l)

Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc. Approved engine oils MB Automatic Transmission Fluid

MB Manual Transmission Oil


Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

Model C 230 (all models) C 280 (all models) C 350
C 350 Sport C 350 4MATIC C 280 4MATIC C 350 4MATIC C 280 4MATIC C 350 4MATIC

Capacity 1.0 US qt (1.0 l) 1.2 US qt (1.1 l) 1.2 US qt (1.1 l) 1.2 US qt (1.1 l) 1.0 US qt (1.0 l) 0.5 US qt (0.46 l)

Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc. Hypoid gear oil SAE 85 W 90

Hypoid gear oil SAE 85 W 90

approx. 0.62 US qt (0.59 l) approx. 1.1 US qt (1.0 l) MB Power Steering Fluid (Pentosin

MB Transfer case fluid

CHF 11S) High temperature roller bearing grease

approx. 2.1 oz (60 g) each 0.5 US qt (0.5 l) approx. 7.8 US qt (7.4 l) MB 325.0 Anticorrosion/antifreeze

MB Brake Fluid (DOT 4+)


Rear axle

Front axle

Transfer case

Power steering

Front wheel hubs

Brake system Cooling system


Fuel tank including a reserve of


Capacity 16.4 US gal (62.0 l) 2.1 US gal (8.0 l)

Air conditioning system

Windshield washer Windshield washer and headlamp cleaning system* 1 Use MB Windshield Washer Concentrate “MB SummerFit” and water for temperatures above freezing point or MB Windshield Washer Concentrate “MB SummerFit”

3.2 US qt (3.0 l) 6.4 US qt (6.0 l)

and commercially available premixed windshield washer solvent/antifreeze for temperatures below freezing point. Follow suggested mixing ratios (컄 page 418).

Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc. Premium unleaded gasoline: Minimum Posted Octane 91
(Avg. of 96 RON/86 MON) C 230/C 230 Sport: Flexible Fuel Vehicle (identified by a label reading Premium gasoline or E85 only! on fuel filler flap): Alternative fuel: Ethanol fuel (E85) R-134a refrigerant and special PAG lubri- cant oil (never R-12) MB Windshield Washer Concentrate1


Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

Engine oils

Engine oils are specifically tested for their suitability in our engines and durability for our service intervals. Therefore, only use approved engine oils and oil filters required for vehicles with Maintenance System (U.S. vehicles) or FSS (Canada vehicles). For a listing of approved engine oils and oil filters, refer to the Factory Ap- proved Service Products pamphlet, or con- tact an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

! Using engine oils and oil filters of specifica- tion other than those expressly required for the Maintenance System (U.S. vehicles) or FSS (Canada vehicles), or changing of oil and oil filter at change intervals longer than those called for by the Maintenance System (U.S. vehicles) or FSS (Canada Vehicles) will result in engine or emission control system damage not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.


Please follow Maintenance System (U.S. vehicles) or FSS (Canada vehicles) recom- mendations for scheduled oil changes. Failure to do so will result in engine or emission control system damage not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.

Engine oil additives

Do not blend oil additives with engine oil. They may damage the engine. Damage or malfunctions resulting from blending oil additives are not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.

Air conditioning refrigerant

R-134a (HFC) refrigerant and special PAG lubricating oil are used in the air conditioning system. Never use R-12 (CFC) or mineral-based lubricating oil. Otherwise damage to the system will occur.

Brake fluid

During vehicle operation, the boiling point of the brake fluid is continuously reduced through the absorption of moisture from the atmosphere.


Under extremely strenuous operating condi- tions, this moisture content can lead to the formation of bubbles in the system, thus re- ducing the system’s efficiency.

Therefore, the brake fluid must be replaced regularly. Refer to your vehicle’s Mainte- nance Booklet for replacement interval.

Only brake fluid approved by Mercedes-Benz is recommended. An authorized Mercedes-Benz Center will provide you with additional information.

Premium unleaded gasoline


Gasoline is highly flammable and poisonous. It burns violently and can cause serious per- sonal injury.

Never allow sparks, flame or smoking mate- rials near gasoline!

Turn off the engine before refueling

Whenever you are around gasoline, avoid in- haling fumes and skin or clothing contact, extinguish all smoking materials.

Direct skin contact with fuels and the inha- lation of fuel vapors can be damaging to your health.

! To maintain the engine’s durability and per- formance, premium unleaded gasoline must be used. If premium unleaded is not available and low octane fuel is used, follow these precau- tions: 앫 Have the fuel tank only partially filled with unleaded regular and fill up with premium unleaded as soon as possible.

앫 Avoid full throttle driving and abrupt acceler-


앫 Do not exceed an engine speed of 3000 rpm if the vehicle is loaded with a light load such as two persons and no luggage.

앫 Do not exceed 2/3 of maximum accelerator pedal position if the vehicle is fully loaded or operating in mountainous terrain.

Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

Gasoline additives

A major concern among engine manufacturers is carbon build-up caused by gasoline. Mercedes-Benz recommends only the use of quality gasoline containing additives that prevent the build-up of carbon deposits. After an extended period of using fuels without such additives, carbon deposits can build up especially on the intake valves and in the combustion area, leading to engine performance problems such as: 앫 Warm-up hesitation 앫 Unstable idle 앫 Knocking/pinging 앫 Misfire 앫 Power loss


Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

In areas where carbon deposits may be encountered due to lack of availability of gasolines which contain these additives, Mercedes-Benz recommends the use of additives approved by us for use on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Refer to Factory Approved Service Products pamphlet for a listing of approved product(s). Follow directions on product label. Do not blend other fuel additives with fuel. This only results in unnecessary cost and may be harmful to engine operation. Damage or malfunction resulting from poor fuel quality or from blending additional fuel additives other than those tested and approved by us for use on Mercedes-Benz vehicles listed in the Factory Approved Service Products pamphlet are not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.


Fuel requirements

Only use premium unleaded fuel: 앫 The octane number (posted at the

pump) must be 91 min. It is an average of both the Research (R) octane num- ber and the Motor (M) octane number: (R+M)/2. This is also known as the ANTI-KNOCK INDEX.

Unleaded gasoline containing oxygenates such as ethanol, IPA, IBA and TBA can be used provided the ratio of any one of these oxygenates to gasoline does not exceed 10%; MTBE must not exceed 15%. The ratio of methanol to gasoline must not exceed 3% plus additional cosolvents. Using mixtures of ethanol and methanol is not allowed. Gasohol, which contains 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded gasoline, can be used. These blends must also meet all other fuel requirements, such as resistance to spark knock, boiling range, vapor pressure, etc.

Flexible Fuel Vehicles (C 230/C 230 Sport only)

Flexible Fuel Vehicles are identified by a label reading Premium gasoline or E85 only! on fuel filler flap). These vehicles are designed to operate on premium unleaded gasoline or Ethanol fuel (E85), or on any mixture of these two. Ethanol fuel (E85) is a mixture of approxi- mately 85% Ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline.


Ethanol fuel (E85) and its fumes are highly flammable, poisonous and burn easily. Etha- nol fuel can cause serious injuries if ignited or if you come into contact with it or inhale fumes of it. Avoid inhalation of Ethanol fumes and skin contact with Ethanol. Extin- guish all open flames before fueling. Never smoke or create sparks close to Ethanol.

Switching fuels For best performance and driveability it is recommended to use either one or the oth- er fuel. A refueling pattern that alternates between the two different fuels should be avoided if possible. When switching fuels, make sure: 앫 Fuel level is below half full. 앫 Fuel level is above reserve (reserve

warning lamp is not lit).

앫 Amount of added fuel is more than

5 gallons (20 liters).

앫 Ignition is off during refill. 앫 Immediately after refueling engine is started and operated for at least five minutes.

These precautions and recommendations are supposed to prevent any difficulties when starting and operating the engine which otherwise may be experienced before the engine has fully adapted to the different fuel.

If in spite of these recommendations the engine does not perform properly, adding more gasoline (at least 3 gallons [12 liters]) to the fuel may improve the engine behavior.

Cruising range E85 fuel contains less energy per gallon than gasoline. To ensure that engine per- formance with Ethanol fuel is similar to that when using gasoline, the engine must burn more Ethanol fuel. As a result, it is to be expected that the fuel consumption will increase when using E85 compared to gasoline operation.

i Use of E85 may reduce your driving range.

Maintenance Please inform your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center if you use or have used E85 fuel when your vehicle is deliv- ered for maintenance or repairs.

Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

Cold weather performance It is possible that starting times will signif- icantly increase at temperatures below 32°F (0°C). At low temperatures the use of a block heater is recommended (see an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for fur- ther information). Rough idling may also be experienced at such temperatures before the engine is fully warmed up.

! E85 fuel is unsuitable for use when ambient temperatures fall below 14°F (-10°C).

Hot weather performance At ambient temperatures above 95°F (35°C) start times may increase and be accompanied by a rough idle following the start.


Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.


The engine coolant is a mixture of water and anticorrosion/antifreeze, which provides: 앫 Corrosion protection 앫 Freeze protection 앫 Boiling protection (by increasing the

boiling point)

The cooling system was filled at the factory with a coolant providing freeze protection to approximately -22°F (-30°C) and corrosion protection.

! Add premixed coolant solution only. Adding water and MB 325.0 Anticorrosion/Antifreeze separately from each other, could cause engine damage not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty

If the antifreeze mixture is effective to -22°F (-30°C), the boiling point of the coolant in the pressurized cooling system is reached at approx. 266°F (130°C).


The coolant solution must be used year-round to provide the necessary corro- sion protection and increase boil-over protection. Refer to Maintenance Booklet for replacement interval. Coolant system design and coolant used determine the replacement interval. The replacement interval published in the Maintenance Booklet is only applicable if MB 325.0 anticorrosion/antifreeze solution or other Mercedes-Benz approved products of equal specification (see Factory Approved Service Products pamphlet) are used to renew the coolant concentration or bring it back up to the proper level. To provide important corrosion protection, the solution must be at least 45% anticorrosion/antifreeze [equivalent to freeze protection to approx. -22°F (-30°C)].

If you use a solution that is more than 55% anticorrosion/antifreeze [freeze protection to approx. -49°F (-45°C)], the engine temperature will increase due to the lower heat transfer capability of the solution. Therefore, do not use more than this amount of anticorrosion/antifreeze. If the coolant level is low, water and MB 325.0 anticorrosion/antifreeze should be used to bring it up to the proper level (have cooling system checked for signs of leakage). Please make sure the mixture is in accordance with label instructions. The water in the cooling system must meet minimum requirements, which are usually satisfied by normal drinking water. If you are not sure about the water quality, consult an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

Before the start of the winter season (or once a year in hot southern regions), you should have the anticorrosion/antifreeze concentration checked. The coolant is also regularly checked each time you bring your vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for service.

Anticorrosion/antifreeze quantity


all models

Approx. freeze protection –35°F (–37°C) 3.8 US qt (3.6 l)

–49°F (–45°C) 4.1 US qt (3.9 l)

Anticorrosion/antifreeze Your vehicle contains a number of aluminum parts. The use of aluminum components in motor vehicle engines necessitates that anticorrosion/antifreeze coolant used in such engines be specifi- cally formulated to protect the aluminum parts. Failure to use such anticorrosion/anti- freeze coolant will result in a significantly shortened service life. Therefore, the following product is strongly recommended for use in your vehicle: Mercedes-Benz 325.0 Anticorrosion/Antifreeze Agent.


Technical data Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc.

Windshield washer and headlamp cleaning system*

Both the windshield washer and headlamp cleaning system* are supplied from the windshield washer fluid reservoir. The washer fluid reservoir has a capacity of approx.: 앫 3.2 US qt (3.0 l) in vehicles without

headlamp cleaning system*

앫 6.4 US qt (6.0 l) in vehicles with

headlamp cleaning system*

왘 Refill the reservoir with MB Windshield Washer Concentrate “MB SummerFit” and water (or concentrate and com- mercially available premixed wind- shield washer solvent/antifreeze, depending on ambient temperatures).


Washer solvent/antifreeze is highly flamma- ble. Do not spill washer solvent/antifreeze on hot engine parts, because it may ignite and burn. You could be seriously burned.

Windshield and headlamp washer fluid mixing ratio For temperatures above freezing point, use MB Windshield Washer Concentrate “MB SummerFit” and water: 앫 1 part “MB SummerFit” to 100 parts


(1.34 fl oz [40 ml] “MB SummerFit” to 1 gallon [4.0 l] water) For temperatures below freezing point, use MB Windshield Washer Concentrate “MB SummerFit” and commercially avail- able premixed windshield washer sol- vent/antifreeze: 앫 1 part “MB SummerFit” to 100 parts


(1.34 fl oz [40 ml] “MB SummerFit” to 1 gallon [4.0 l] solvent)


A ABS 25, 82

Malfunction indicator lamp 322, 323
Messages in display 335

Accelerator position,

automatic transmission 155

Accessory weight 304

In case of 53

Active head restraints see Head restraints

Additional turn signals 368
Air bags 59

Children 75
Front passenger front air bag off

indicator lamp 27, 68, 331

Front, Driver 63
Front, Passenger 63
Passenger 63
Safety guidelines 62
Side impact (front and rear*) 64
Window curtain 64

Air conditioning refrigerant 412
Air conditioning system

Automatic climate control* 174
Climate control 164
Air conditioning, Cooling

Automatic climate control* 184
Climate control 172

Air distribution

Automatic climate control* 178
Climate control 168

Air pressure see Tire inflation pressure Air recirculation mode

Automatic climate control* 181
Climate control 170

Air vents, Front

Automatic climate control* 175
Climate control 165


Air vents, Rear

Automatic climate control* 186
Climate control 173

Air volume

Automatic climate control* 179
Climate control 168

Alignment bolt (vehicle tool kit) 379
Anticorrosion/antifreeze 417
Antiglare, Rear view mirror 160
Anti-theft systems 89

Anti-theft alarm system* 89
Immobilizer 89

Aquaplaning see Hydroplaning Armrest 238
Ashtrays 241
Aspect ratio 304
ATF (Automatic transmission fluid) 277
AUDIO menu

Search function 142

AUDIO menu (Control system) 127



Audio system 187

Audio and telephone, operation 187
Button and soft key operation 190
CD changer* with MP3 202
CD operation 201
Operating and display elements 188
Operating audio system 190
Operating safety 187
Radio operation 194
Telephone* operation 208

Auto-dimming mirror* 161
Automatic central locking

Activating/deactivating (Control system) 143

Automatic climate control* 174

Control panel 175
Defrosting, front 179
Rear window defroster 163
Automatic headlamp mode 110
Automatic locking when driving 99
Automatic shift program 157
Automatic time change (Standard time,

Daylight Saving time) 137


Automatic transmission 151
Accelerator position 155
Automatic shift program 157
Emergency operation

(limp-home mode) 159

Gear ranges 156
Gear selector lever 151
Gear selector lever positions 153
Gear shifting malfunctions 159
Kickdown 155
One-touch gearshifting 158
Program mode selector switch 157
Shifting procedure 152

Automatic transmission* Fluid level (ATF) 277
Starting engine 47


Driver’s multicontour seat*

(Canada only) 105

Rear seat, folding 234
Seat, manual 35
Seat, power* 37

Backup lamps

Messages in display 352
Replacing bulbs 368

Bar 304
BAS 84
Batteries, SmartKey Changing 366
Checking battery condition 95

Battery, Vehicle 279, 383

Charging 385
Disconnecting and connecting 384
Jump starting 386
Removing and installing 384

Bead 304
Block heater (Canada only) 309
Bolts, Spare wheel 360

Brake fluid 412

Checking 273
Message in display 344

Brake lamps

Cleaning lenses 316
Replacing bulbs 373

Brake pads

Message in display 344

Brakes 262

Warning lamp 25, 324

Break-in period 260
Bulbs, replacing see Replacing bulbs

California retail buyers and lessees,

important notice 11

Cargo area see Trunk Cargo tie-down rings* 236
Carpets, cleaning 319
Catalytic converter 269
CD changer* 201
CD player* 128, 201
Centigrade see

Temperature display mode 133

Central locking

Automatic 99, 143
From inside 100
Locking/unlocking from inside 100
Switch 100

Certification label 398
Certification label, examples 398
Charcoal filter

Automatic climate control* 183


Children in the vehicle 74

Air bags 60
Blocking rear

door window operation 80

Indicator lamp, front

passenger air bag 68, 331

Infant and child restraint systems 74
LATCH-type child seat anchors 79
Occupant Classification System

(OCS) 64

Cigarette lighter 242
Climate control system 164

Control panel,

Automatic climate control 175

Control panel,

Climate control 165
Defrosting, Front 169
Rear window defroster 163

Clock 25, 121

Setting time 136, 137

Cockpit 22
Cold tire inflation pressure 304
Cold weather performance 415
Collapsible wheel chock 358



COMAND* see separate COMAND

Coolant 278, 416

operating instructions

Combination switch 50, 113
Control system 121

Multifunction display 121
Multifunction steering wheel 122
Resetting to factory default 131

Control system menu 121


quantity 416

Capacities 409, 410
Checking coolant level 273, 278
Messages in display 345–347
Temperature 270
Temperature gauge 25, 119

Date display, setting 138
Daytime running lamp mode 111

Setting 139

Deep water see Standing water Defogging windshield

Automatic climate control* 180
Climate control 170

Corner-illuminating front fog lamps* 113

Defrosting, Front

Replacing bulbs 368

Cruise control 227
Cruising range, fuel 415
Cup holder 239, 241
Curb weight 304

Automatic climate control* 179
Climate control 169

Defrosting, Rear 163
Delayed shut-off

Exterior lamps 141
Interior lighting 142

Department of Transportation see DOT Difficulties

While driving 53
With starting 47
Digital clock see clock Digital speedometer 126
Dimensions, vehicle 408
Direction of rotation (tires) 284

Menus overview 124
NAV* 129
Settings 131
Standard display 126
TEL* 146
Trip computer 144
Vehicle status

message memory 130

Control system submenus 123, 125

Convenience 143
Instrument cluster 134
Lighting 139
Time/Date 136
Vehicle 142




Digital speedometer 126
Maintenance service indicator 310
Multifunction display 121
Outside temperature 126
Symbol messages 343
Text messages 335
Vehicle status

messages memory 130, 333

Distance to empty (range),

Trip computer 146
Door control panel 30

Entry lamps 117
Locking/unlocking, SmartKey 92
Opening from inside/outside 93, 96
Remote door unlock (Tele Aid*) 252
Unlocking, Mechanical key 361

DOT 305
Downhill driving

Cruise control 228

Drinking and driving 261

Abroad 268
Hydroplaning 265
In winter 267
Instructions 43, 261
Problems 53
Safety systems 82
Systems 227
Through standing water 268

Driving safety systems

ABS 82
BAS 84
Electronic traction system 86
ESP® 85

Driving tips 155

Accelerator position 155
Kickdown 155


Easy-entry/exit feature* 40, 144
Electrical fuses see Fuses Electrical outlet 243
Electrical system, Technical data 407
Electronic Stability Program see ESP® Emergency calls

911 calls 219
Tele Aid* calls 248, 249, 252

Emergency operation

(Limp-Home Mode) 159

Emergency operations

Gear selector lever, Unlocking 363
Locking/unlocking the vehicle 361
Power tilt/sliding sunroof*,

Manual operation 364
Remote door unlock 252
Trunk lid, Releasing from inside 98
Trunk lid, Unlocking 362

Emergency Tensioning Device see ETD



Emergency, in case of

Battery, Jump starting 386
First aid kit 322, 356
Flat tire, Changing 377
Fuses 391
Hazard warning flasher 115
Instrument cluster,

Indicator lamps 322–330

Roadside Assistance 12, 250
Towing the vehicle 388

Emission control 270

Information label 399
System warranties 10


Belt layout 400
Block heater (Canada only) 309
Brake-in recommendations 260
Cleaning 315
Compartment 274
Malfunction indicator lamp 25, 325
Maximum engine speed 401
Number 399
Starting 46, 47
Tachometer 25
Technical data 401
Turning 55


Engine coolant see coolant Engine oil 276, 412

Fahrenheit see

Adding 277
Additives 412
Changing 409
Checking level (Dipstick) 276
Consumption 276
Filler neck 277
Recommended engine

and oil filter 348

ESP® 85

Four wheel electronic traction system

with ESP® 88

Messages in display 335–336
Warning lamp 25, 327

ETD 72

Safety guidelines 62

Ethanol fuel

At the gas station 271
Switching fuels 415

Exterior lamp switch 50, 109
Exterior rear view mirrors 42

Temperature display mode 133

Filler neck, Engine oil 277
First aid kit 356
Flat tire 377

Jacking up the vehicle 378
Lowering the vehicle 381
Minispare wheel 359
Mounting the spare wheel 377
Preparing the vehicle 377

Flexible fuel vehicles 414
At the gas station 271
Switching fuels 415

Flexible Service System see FSS Fluids


transmission fluid 277, 409

Brake fluid 273, 412
Capacities 409
Engine coolant 273, 416
Engine oil 276, 412
Power steering fluid 410
Windshield washer and headlamp

cleaning system* 280, 418

Fog lamps 112

Message in display 350, 352
Replacing bulbs 368

Requirements, Octane rating 414
Switching (Flexible fuel vehicle) 415
Technical data 411, 413

Four wheel electronic traction system

Fuel consumption statistics

From start 144
Since last reset 145

Fuel filler flap 271
Fuel reserve warning lamp 25
Fuel tank

Capacity 411
Filler flap 271

Fuels, coolants, lubricants etc.

Capacities 409

Fuses 391

Fuse box (main) in

passenger compartment 392

Fuse box in engine compartment 392
Fuse box in trunk 394
Fuse extractor 394
Replacing 391

(4MATIC) with ESP® 88

Front air bags 63
Front lamps see Headlamps Front passenger front air bag 63
Messages in display 337–340

Front passenger front air bag off

indicator lamp 27, 68, 331, 332

Front seat head restraints see

Head restraints

FSS (Flexible Service System)

(Canada vehicles) 310

Fuel 271, 272, 413

Additives 413
Capacities, Fuel tank 411
Cruising range 415
E85 (Ethanol fuel) 411, 415
Filling the tank 271
Fuel filler flap and cap, Multifunction

display messages 326, 349

Fuel gauge 25
Fuel reserve warning lamp 328


Garage door opener* 253
Gasoline also see Fuel Gasoline see Fuel GAWR 305
Gear range

Automatic transmission 156
Limiting 156
Shifting into optimal 159

Gear selector lever 46, 47, 150, 151

Cleaning 319
Gearshift pattern 151
Lock 47
Position 152, 153

Automatic transmission* 121

Shifting procedure 152
Unlocking in an emergency 363

Global locking/unlocking see Key Glove box 237
Good visibility 160
Gross Axle Weight Rating see GAWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating see GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight see GVW GVW 305
GVWR 305



Halogen headlamp see Headlamps Hands-free microphone 29
Hard plastic trim items, cleaning 318
Hazard warning flasher 115
Head restraints 36, 101

Active head restraint 73, 365
Front seat,

Removing and installing 101

Manual seat, Adjusting 36
Power seat*, Adjusting 37
Rear seat, Folding back 102
Rear seat,

Removing and installing 104

Resetting activated

head restraints 365

Head unit

Time synchronization* with 136


cleaning system* 160, 280, 411


Automatic headlamp mode 110
Bi-Xenon* 372
Cleaning lenses 316
Halogen 370
High beam see High beam flasher


High beam see High beam headlamps Low beam see Low beam headlamps Manual headlamp mode 110
Messages in display 349, 350, 351
Replacing bulbs 367
Switch 50, 55

Headliner and shelf below rear window

Identification labels 398
Identification number,

Vehicle (VIN) 398, 399

Ignition 33, 46, 47
Immobilizer 89
Indicator lamps see

Cleaning and care of 319

Heated seats* 106
High beam flasher 50, 113
High beam headlamps 50, 113

Indicator lamp 25
Messages in display 350
Replacing bulbs 368, 371
High mounted brake lamp 368
Hood 274
Horn 23
Hot weather performance 415
HVAC see Climate control Hydroplaning 265

Lamps, indicator and warning

Infant and child restraint systems see

Children in the vehicle

Inflation pressure see

Tires, Inflation pressures

Inside door handle 96
Instrument and controls see

Instrument cluster

Instrument cluster 24, 118

Illumination brightness 118
Lamps 330
Lamps in 322–330
Messages in display see

Malfunction display messages

Multifunction display 121

Instrument lighting see Instrument cluster,

Illumination brightness

Instruments and controls see Cockpit

Interior lighting 116

Delayed shut-off 142

Interior rear view mirror 42
Antiglare positions 160
Auto-dimming mirrors* 161

Interior storage spaces see

Storage compartment

Jack 356
Jacking up the vehicle 378
Jump starting 386


Key, mechanical 361
Key, SmartKey

Batteries 95
Battery check lamp 95
Changing batteries 366
Factory setting 93
Locking/unlocking 32, 93
Locking/unlocking, Global setting 94

Selective setting 94

Loss of 95
Messages in display 349
Opening and closing

the power windows 223

Opening and closing

the tilt/sliding sunroof* 223
Positions in starter switch 32
Remote control 92
Starting the engine 46
Steering wheel lock 33
Turning off the engine 55
Unlocking, Trunk lid 95
Valet locking 99

Kickdown 155
Kilopascal 305

Labels 398

Certification 398
Emission control information 399
Emission control

vacuum line routing 399

Lamps, exterior 368
Light sensor 349
Messages in display 349 - 353

Lamps, indicator and warning

ABS 25, 322
Battery (SmartKey) 94
Brakes 25, 324
Engine diagnostics 325, 330
Engine malfunction 25, 325–326
ESP® 25, 327
Fog lamps 109
Front passenger front air bag off 27, 63
Fuel reserve 25, 328
High beam headlamps 25
Instrument cluster 322–330
Low beam headlamps 25
Maintenance service indicator 310
Rear fog lamp 109
Seat belt telltale 25



SRS 25, 59, 330
Turn signals 25

Language, Setting 134
LATCH-type child seat anchors see

Children in the vehicle

Leather upholstery,

Cleaning and care of 320

License plate lamps

Messages in display 351
Replacing bulbs 368

Light alloy wheels Cleaning 317
Technical data 404, 405

Light sensor 349

Message in display 349
Lighter see Cigarette lighter Lighting, Exterior and interior 109
Limp-home mode 159
Loading see Vehicle loading Loading terminology 304
Loading the vehicle 284
Locator lighting 112, 140
Loss of keys 95
Loss of Service and

Warranty Information Booklet 397


Low beam headlamps Indicator lamp 25
Messages in display 351
Replacing bulbs 368, 370
Switching on 50

Lubricants 409

Technical data 409
Lumbar support* 105

Main dimensions 408
Main fuse box

In passenger compartment 392

Main odometer 121
Maintenance 12, 310

Calling up

service indicator display 312


service indicator message 311

FSS (Canada vehicles) 310
Maintenance System 310
Resetting service indicator 312
Service indicator message 310
Service term exceeded 312
Vehicles with E85 fuel 415

Maintenance System 310
Manual headlamp mode see Headlamps Manual seat see Seat, Manual 35
Manual transmission 149, 150

Gearshift lever 46, 150
Shift positions 150
Starting the engine 46

Maximum load rating, Tires 305
Maximum loaded vehicle weight 305
Maximum tire inflation pressure 305
MB Tex upholstery,

Cleaning and care of 320

Mechanical key 361
Memory function* see Steering wheel Menus see Control system Microphone, Hands-free 29
Minispare wheel see Spare wheel Mirrors

Adjusting 41
Auto-dimming* 161
Exterior rear view mirror 42
Interior rear view mirror 42, 160

Mobile phone see Telephone*

MOE tires* see MOExtended system* MOE* see MOExtended system* MOExtended system* 382
MOExtended tires* 403

Multicontour seats* (Canada only) 105
Multifunction display 121
Changing settings see

Control system menus and Control system submenus Multifunction display messages

ABS 335
Brake fluid 344
Brake lamps 349
Brake pads 344
Coolant 345–347
Engine coolant 345–347
Engine oil 348
ESP® 335
Fog lamps 350, 352
Front passenger

front air bag 337, 340

Fuel cap 326, 349
Headlamps 350, 351
Key, SmartKey 349
Lamps, exterior 349–353
Parking brake 344

Parking lamp 351
SRS 342
Steering gear oil 354
Tele Aid* 355
Telephone* 355
Turn signals 353
Windshield washer fluid 355

Multifunction steering wheel 26, 122

Button operation 122

Navigation system* 129

See separate COMAND* operating instructions

Net, parcel 239
Neutral gear position,

Automatic transmission 151, 153

Neutral gear position,

Manual transmission 150

New vehicle break-in 260
Night security illumination 112

Setting 141

Normal occupant weight 305
Number, paintwork code 398

vehicle identification (VIN) 398, 399


Occupant Classification System see OCS Occupant distribution 305
Occupant safety 58

Air bags 59
Children and air bags 60
Children in the vehicle 74
Fastening the seat belt 43
Front passenger front

air bag off indicator lamp 68, 331
Infant and child restraint systems 74
LATCH-type child seat anchors 79
Seat belts 43, 62

OCS 64

Self-test 68
Odometer 121
Oil level see Engine oil level,

Checking oil level

Oil see Engine oil One-touch gearshifting

Automatic transmission 158
Gear selector lever 158

Operating safety 187
Ornamental moldings, Cleaning 316
Outside temperature see Displays Overhead control panel 29



While driving 53
With vehicle 17

Product information 9
Production options weight 305
Program mode 121
Program mode see Automatic transmis-

sion, Automatic shift program Program mode selector switch

Automatic shift program 157

PSI 306
Push starting 386
Push-start see Tow-start


Paintwork code 398
Paintwork, Cleaning 314
Panic alarm* 81
Parcel net

In front passenger footwell 239

Parking 54, 264
Parking brake 48, 54

Engaging 54
Message in display 344
Releasing 48

Parking lamps

Messages in display 351
Replacing bulbs 368

Parts service 396
Passenger compartment 268

Interior lighting 116
Interior rear view mirror 42
Main fuse box in 392
Parcel net in

front passenger footwell 239

Passenger safety see Occupant safety Pedals 261

Cold weather 415
Hot weather 415


Phone* see Telephone* Plastic parts, cleaning 318
Poly-V-belt drive, Layout 400
Positions (memory function*) see Seats Power assistance 262
Power outlet in

rear passenger compartment 243
Power seat* see Seats, Power* 37
Power tilt/sliding sunroof* 224

Opening/closing 224

in an emergency 364

Opening/closing, SmartKey 223

Stopping 226
Synchronizing 226

Power washer 314
Power windows 221

Cleaning 317
Opening/closing 221
Rear door window,

Blocking operation 80

Stopping 222
Synchronizing 222

Practical hints 322
Premium unleaded gasoline 413

R Radio

Operation 190, 194
Search function 142
Selecting stations

(Control system) 127

Radio transmitters 268
Range (distance to empty) 146
Reading lamp 116, 117
Rear bench seat, foldable* 233
Rear door window

Blocking operation 80

Rear fog lamp see Fog lamps Rear lamps see Tail lamps Rear outer seats

Adjusting head restraint height 102

Rear passenger compartment

Adjustable air vents 173, 186

Rear seat ashtray see Ashtray Rear seat head restraints see

Head restraints

Rear view mirrors see Mirrors Rear window defroster 163
Rear window sunshade* 162

tire inflation pressure 306

Recovery services,

Stolen vehicle (Tele Aid*) 253
Refrigerant, Air conditioning 412
Refueling 271
Regular checks 273
Remote control, SmartKey 92
Remote door unlock (Tele Aid*) 252
Replacing bulbs

Additional turn signal lamps 373
Backup lamp 374
Brake lamps 374

front fog lamps* 368

Fog lamps 374
Headlamps 368, 370, 372
High beam headlamps 368, 370
License plate lamps 374
Low beam headlamps 370
Parking lamps 371, 373, 374
Side marker lamps 373
Standing lamps 371, 373
Tail lamps 368, 374
Turn signal lamps 371, 373, 374

Reporting safety defects 18
Reset button,

in the instrument cluster 118, 132


Residual heat utilization 185
Residual ventilation 185
Restraint system

see Children in the vehicle see Infant and child restraint systems see SRS

Reverse gear position,

Automatic transmission* 47, 151, 153

Reverse gear position,

Manual transmission 46

Rims 306, 403
Roadside Assistance 12
Roof rack* 230
Rubber parts, cleaning 318
Run Flat Indicator* 291




Driving safety systems 82
Occupant 58
Reporting defects 18
Safety belts see Seat belts Satellite radio* 197
Seat belt force limiter 72
Seat belts 69

Children in the vehicle 74
Cleaning 319
Fastening 43
Height adjustment 45
Proper use of 45, 70
Safety guidelines 62
Telltale 25

Seat heating* 106
Seating capacity 285


Seats, 34, 101


Heating* 106
Lumbar support* 105
Manual 35, 101
Memory function*

(Power seats*) 107

Multicontour seat*

(Canada only) 105

Power* 37, 101
Rear bench seat* 233

Securing cargo 236
Selector lever see Gear selector lever Selector lever see gear selector lever Self-test

OCS 68
Tele Aid* 248

Service and Warranty Booklet

Loss of 397

Service and warranty information 10
Service intervals see

Maintenance service indicator 310

Service life (tires) 282
Service see Maintenance Service system

see FSS (Canada vehicles)

Service, Parts 396

Control system menus

and submenus 124, 125

Date 138
Factory, SmartKey 93
Individual, SmartKey 94
Individual, Vehicle 131
Lighting (control system) 139
Memory function* 107
Menus and submenus 123
Resetting all (control system) 131
Selective, SmartKey 94
Time 136, 137

Shelf below rear window, cleaning 319
Shift lever position indicator 121
Shift program mode,

Automatic transmission* 121


Automatic transmission* 47
Into reverse

(manual transmission) 150
Manual transmission 46, 150

Shifting, Automatic transmission* 151
Side impact air bags (front and rear*) 64

Side marker lamps

Cleaning lenses 316
Messages in display 350
Replacing bulbs 373

Side windows see Power windows Sidewall 306
Ski sack* (Canada only) 230, 232, 233
SmartKey see Key, SmartKey Snow chains 309
Sound system* 191
Spare fuses 391
Spare wheel 406

Bolts 360
Mounting 377

Speed settings

Cruise control 229
Speedometer 25, 134
Split rear bench seat* 233
SRS 70

Indicator lamp 25, 330
Message in display 342

Standing lamps

Replacing bulbs 368

Standing water, Driving through 268

Starter switch 23, 32

Positions 32

Starting difficulties, Engine 47
Steering column 39, 40

Easy entry/exit feature* 40

Steering gear oil

Message in display 354

Steering wheel 38

Buttons 26
Cleaning 319
Electrical adjustment* 40
Lock 47
Manual adjustment 39

Stolen vehicle

Recovery services 253

Storage compartments

Armrest, Front 238
Cup holder 239
Glove box 237
Parcel net in

front passenger footwell 239

Telephone* 238

Storing (memory function*)

Positions into memory 108


Storing tires 283
Submenus see Control system submenus Substitute lamps Bulbs 367

Summer opening feature 223
Sun visors 161
Sunshade* 162

Fuel (Flexible fuel vehicle) 415

Symbols used

in this operator’s manual 15



Tachometer 25, 120

Overspeed range 120

Tail lamps

Cleaning 316
Messages in display 352
Replacing bulbs 368, 373

Tar stains 314
Technical data

Air conditioning refrigerant 412
Brake fluid 412
Coolant 409, 410, 416
Electrical system 407
Engine 401
Engine oil additives 412
Engine oils 412
Flexible fuel vehicles 414
Fuel requirements 414
Fuels 409, 411
Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc. 409
Gasoline additives 413
Lubricants 409
Premium unleaded gasoline 413
Rims and tires 403
Weights 408
Windshield washer 411


Windshield washer and headlamp

cleaning* system 411, 418

Tele Aid* 247, 252

Emergency calls 248
Hands-free microphone 29
Information 251
Initiating an

emergency call manually 249

Message in display 355
Remote door unlock 252
Roadside Assistance 250
SOS button 249
Stolen Vehicle

Recovery services 253

System self-check 248

Telephone* 26, 244

Answering/ending a call 147
Changing mobile phone cradle 246
Compartment 238
Hands-free microphone 29
Inserting in cradle 245
Installing a different

mobile phone cradle 246

Message in display 355
Operation 146, 208
Phone book 147

Redialing 148
Removing from cradle 246


Display mode 126
Interior temperature 168
Tether attachment points, see

Children in the vehicle

Tie-down rings*, Trunk 236
Tightening torque, Wheel bolts 381
Tilt/sliding sunroof* see

Power tilt/sliding sunroof*

Time 136
TIN 306
Tire and loading Information

Placard 285
Terminology 304

Tires 281, 403