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Door Locks

Power Door Locks


Each door has a lock tab next to the inside door handle. When you push in the lock tab on the driver’s door, both doors lock. Pulling out the lock tab on the driver’s door only unlocks that door. The lock tab on the passenger’s door only locks and unlocks that door.


Instruments and Controls

To lock the passenger’s door when getting out of the vehicle, push the lock tab in and close the door. To lock the driver’s door, remove the key from the ignition switch, pull out either the inside or outside door handle and push the lock tab in, then close the door.

Both doors lock when you use the key in the driver’s door. Using the key in the passenger’s door only locks and unlocks that door. To unlock only the driver’s door from the outside, insert the key in the driver’s door lock, turn the key and release it. If you turn the key and hold it, both doors will unlock.




To open the trunk, press the trunk release button in the lower console compartment. To protect items in the trunk when you need to give the key to someone else, lock the lower console compartment with the master key, and give the other person the valet key.

To close the trunk, press down on the trunk lid.

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Door Locks

Emergency Trunk Opener

Keep the trunk lid closed at all times while driving to avoid damaging it and to prevent exhaust gas from getting into the interior. See Carbon Monoxide Hazard, page . 34


You can also use the master key to open the trunk lock.

To open the trunk with the remote transmitter, press and hold the TRUNK RELEASE button for about 1second(seepage



As a safety feature, your vehicle has a release lever on the trunk latch so the trunk can be opened from inside. To open the trunk, push the release lever to the left.

Parents should decide if their children should be shown how to use this feature.

Instruments and Controls


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Remote Transmitter






Press this button to lock

LOCK both doors. Some exterior lights will flash. When you push LOCK twice within 5 seconds, you will hear a beep to verify that the doors are locked.

Press this button once

UNLOCK to unlock the driver’s door. Push it twice to also unlock the passenger’s door.

The interior light (if the interior light


Instruments and Controls

switch to ON (II).

Remote Transmitter Care

Avoid dropping or throwing the transmitter. Protect the transmitter from extreme temperature. Do not immerse the transmitter in any liquid. If you lose a transmitter, the replacement needs to be reprogrammed by a Honda dealer.

switch is in the center position) will come on when you press the UNLOCK button. If you do not open either door, the light will go out in about 30 seconds and the doors will relock. If you relock the doors with the remote transmitter before 30 seconds have elapsed, the light will go off immediately.

You cannot lock or unlock the doors with the remote transmitter if either door is not fully closed or the key is in the ignition switch.

To open the trunk, push and hold the TRUNK RELEASE button for about 1 second.

Press this button for

PANIC about 1 second to attract attention; the horn will sound and the exterior lights will flash for about 30 seconds. To cancel panic mode, press any other button on the remote transmitter or turn the ignition

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To replace the battery, remove the round cover on the back of the transmitter by turning it counterclockwise with a coin. Insert a new battery with the side facing mark on the cover up. Align the with the ◎ transmitter. Set the cover in place, and turn it clockwise.

▽ mark on the

Replacing the Transmitter Battery



If it takes several pushes on the button to lock or unlock the doors, replace the battery as soon as possible. Battery type: CR2025

Remote Transmitter

AsrequiredbytheFCC: ThisdevicecomplieswithPart15ofthe FCCrules.Operationissubjecttothe followingtwoconditions:(1)Thisdevice maynotcauseharmfulinterference,and (2)thisdevicemustacceptany interferencereceived,including interferencethatmaycauseundesired operation.

Changesormodificationsnotexpressly approvedbythepartyresponsiblefor compliancecouldvoidtheuser’s authoritytooperatetheequipment.

ThisdevicecomplieswithIndustry CanadaStandardRSS-210. Operationissubjecttothefollowingtwo conditions:(1)thisdevicemaynotcause interference,and(2)thisdevicemust acceptanyinterferencethatmaycause undesiredoperationofthedevice.

Instruments and Controls


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10 11

for important safety See pages informationandwarningsabouthowto properlypositionseatsandseat-backs.

Make all seat adjustments before you start driving.


Instruments and Controls

To adjust the seat forward and backward, pull up on the lever under the seat cushion’s front edge. Then try to move the seat to make sure it is locked in position.

To change the seat-back angle, pull up on the lever on the outside of the seat bottom.

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You vehicle’s windows are electrically-powered. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II) to raise or lower either window.


Power Windows

The driver’s armrest has a master power window control panel. To open the passenger’s window, push down on the switch and hold it until the window reaches the desired position. To close the window, pull back on the window switch. Release the switch when the window gets to the position you want.


PASSENGER’S WINDOW SWITCH Each door has a switch that controls its window. To open the window, push the switch down and hold it. Release the switch when you want the window to stop. Close the window by pulling back on the switch and holding it.

Instruments and Controls


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Power Windows

Closing a power window on someone’s hands or fingers can cause serious injury.

Make sure your passenger is away from the window before closing it.


Instruments and Controls

The MAIN switch controls power to the passenger’s window. With this switch off, the passenger’s window cannot be raised or lowered. The MAIN switch does not affect the driver’s window. Keep the MAIN switch off when you have a child in the vehicle so the child does not get injured by operating the window unintentionally.

The master control panel also con- tains these extra features:

AUTO To open the driver’s window fully, push the window switch firmly down and release it. The window automatically goes all the way down. To stop the window from going all the way down, pull back on the window switch briefly.

To open the driver’s window only partially, push the window switch down lightly and hold it. The window will stop as soon as you release the switch.

The AUTO function only works to lower the driver’s window. To raise the window, you must pull back on the window switch and hold it until the window reaches the desired position.

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Lowering the Convertible Top Before operating the convertible top, make sure the vehicle is parked on level ground, the rear defogger is off, and there is enough clearance above the top.


Apply the parking brake. The convertible top will not operate unless the parking brake is fully engaged.


Turn the ignition switch to ON (II).

The convertible top on your Honda lowers and raises electrically.

It is advisable to raise the top whenever you park the vehicle. This helps to protect the vehicle from unexpected weather changes, and from theft of your valuables.


Do not operate the convertible top in f reezing weather. You can damage the material and the mechanism. Do not operate the top if it is wet, dirty, or covered with ice or snow. Never drive the vehicle with the convertible top half open. Do not operate the convertible top if the vehicle is on a jack, a hoist, or on jack stands. Park your vehicle in the shade whenever possible. Extended exposure to sunlight can cause the convertible top to deteriorate.

Convertible Top





There is a latch on each side. Push in the tabs, and pull the locking levers down.


Instruments and Controls


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Convertible Top



With the latches released, push the locking levers up until they latch.


ROOF SWITCH Pull back and hold the ROOF switch. The windows lower and the roof folds back. Release the ROOF switch when the roof is retracted completely into the rear shelf.

Do not sit on the f olded

NOTICE: convertible top, or any items on top of it. You could damage the top or the rear window.


Instruments and Controls

Operating the convertible top while any part of a passenger is in the way of the convertible top can cause serious injury.

Make sure that you, your passenger, or any other people around the vehicle are clear of the moving convertible top.

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Convertible Top

Convertible Top Cover Use the convertible top cover when the top is folded to help prevent foreign objects, dirt, etc., from getting into the material and the mechanism.


Remove the convertible top cover from the trunk.