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Post #1 post 23rd February 2016 - 07:40 PM
I'm looking at Modifying my '99 Celica, The mods im looking at implementing include;
-Driver + Passenger Aftermarket Seats
-Lowering Springs
-Full Aftermarket 3" Catback exhaust system

Im just wondering if these are legal for P Platers in Queensland
Dont want to be fined or even have my car defected

Someone please tell me if these are Legal, Cheers.
Post #2

You will definitely have to obtain a Mod plate for the seats,not sure about the other two,they are grey areas,as this whole Mod plates,and P platers are.I couldn't find anything specific on the QLD site,re your intended modifications (but it looks like engines are out).Here are two threads,where the subject has been kicked around on here,so have a read,but personally I would be speaking directly to the controlling body




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Exhaust will most likely be a no-no, seats will require a mod plate.

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