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Post #1 post 13th August 2020 - 08:55 PM
Looking for some advice for doing up my old mans 1986 2.4 diesel Hilux. The old boy hasnt been around for 12 years now and I want to do a bit of a tribute build with his old Lux. He was a pretty handy old bugger and used to do all the work on the old girl himself (spending as little as possible 😂) so Id really like to keep the original 2.4 in, any suggestions on basic mods maybe work needed for turbo at most. I have a complete 3y 88 model for spares which Im pretty sure would give me better diffs to run some bigger tires (33s hopefully). Any ideas on suspension be good too, again like to keep pretty original period build. Any ideas would be great, always spent my time playing with V8 Holdens so its all new to me.
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