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General chat about anything and everything, nothing in particular, just a place to kick back Just go to the last page and take part of the conversation. more
Started by McLeod  * 123» 411
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General Discussions / Ok We're Next I Want More Power Lol
Ok so I bought a sil80 with the following mods and want to go we're do I go next with mods cheers Sil80 with strawberry face lift Hd clutch, SportsRyder Front Coilovers, unsure of rears -Garrett T28 Ball Bearing Turbo running 14psi -Greddy Profec B Spec 2 boost controller -Big front mount intercooler -Turbo smart blow of valve -Apexi power FC... more
Started by Buknzil80
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Help & Advice / Help With Alarm :)
Sup! Long time. Anyway, got a Jackaroo. Running perfectly, had it a few weeks now. About a week after I got it, it developed a quirk and I am f'king shit with wiring and electrics. Just wanna try some simple shit before I send it to the auto elec. Basically now when I use the remote to lock it (have 2 remotes, both do the same thing) it loc... more
Started by TwatInTheHat
So, its been a while... Lives have changed and we all seem to have disappeared... I urge you (if you're an old school boostuser who is lurking) step forward and say hello... Would be nice to see familiar names pop back up again. more
Started by BRENO86  * 12
Hey there Wanting to lease/sublet a workshop/space for a period of 6 months or so to work on my s15 and store parts if anyone has any spare space at the moment. Cheers more
Started by s15goldcoast
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Help & Advice / Ba Xr6t First Mods
Help!!! After having owned V8 commodores for the last 15 years, Ive just come out the sunny side of a divorce and spoilt myself with a very clean 2004 XR6T, but apart from a typhoon intercooler its stock. Car has 150xxx kms and is a 1 owner and very tight. What mods first? Have around 3-4k to spend and thinking decent cold air, 4 ... more
Started by Scottyfromgippsland
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General Discussions / New Golf R For Track Days?
What are peoples thoughts? Im really struggling with this one. You can flash these from home and pick up an extra 100hp keeping everything stock. They run 11.95 sec 1/4 miles with only the flash tune. I can do a novated lease so I pay for half of it with pre tax dollars through my work. So saves me like 7k. But you are still looking at a total 55k ... more
Started by timguyperson
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Help & Advice / 15-17 Psi Turbo Diesel
Anyone running 15-17psi stock turbo diesel (2.5L) more
Started by Zane Ferris
I am on my P's in qld and want to buy a Silvia i have found a manual and it has an rb30 i want to know if that car has better power/ worse handling or consumes more fuel? Or is it a good powerful engine more
Started by Carl98
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General Discussions / Vinyl Wrapping Gold Coast
Can anyone recommend a vinyl wrap specialist in Gold Coast/ brissy or near?? Thanks, Stacey more
Started by PR3LUD3
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Help & Advice / Qld Modplate Questions
Hey guys, Got a few questions regarding modplates. When you get an LA2 plate do you need a brake upgrade? Ive seen quite a few silvias with rb's and still running 4 stud setup. If you fitted all the skyline brakes and master etc would that just be an LG2 or would it need both LG1 and LG2? Cheers more
Started by Brad91
I have a 1997 Lancer ce manual, a few weeks ago the key broke but I was still able to start. The other day I drove it like normal then parked it up went to go for a drive and the car would crank but not turn over. We checked all fuses relays wires etc but still nothing. We ran a power wire direct to the fuel pump and it kicked in but still wouldn&#... more
Started by Ellena
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General Discussions / Mobile Auto Electrican
Can anyone recommend a mobile auto electrician on the gold coast who good at tracking down no spark faults in imports as most regular auto electrician dont seem to want to touch imports or anything thats had an engine swap. Cheers. more
Started by Jay-Dee
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Help & Advice / Rebuilding 5l From My Vn Ss
Hi, I am a new member and was just after some help/ ideas on what to do with the engine in my VN SS. It was pretty stock when i got it so i want to keep it original as possible whilst doing a few mods to get a bit more out of it. I have stripped the engine and was going to get it rebuilt stock just with a different cam to get a bit more out of it. ... more
Started by wraggey
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General Discussions / Hzj79r
Anyone want to swap for a landcruiser ute more
Started by Will9988
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Help & Advice / Gtrs Number Plate Ideas
Hi all, I am hoping that someone could give me some ideas for customised number plates that I am thinking of adding to my newly ordered GTSR sedan. The build number will be 504 and my initials are RJ. So far all I can get on the vic roads website is RJGTSR which might be ok. Can anyone come up with some ideas please. Regards Rossco more
Started by johnstra
So I've got the wonderful G6 2.6L petrol Mitsubishi 4 banger. Sure she's got a bit of power for her size. Lightweight and a monster of a 4WD when she's got a bitta wright in the back of her and some muddies, but I want more. I need more, so turbo. What's the go, anyone done it before, can anyone educate me? From my research I'm... more
Started by FordCourierG6_2.6L
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Help & Advice / Ba Falcon Dash Light
Hey I'm new to this form and woundering if anybody knows what this dash light means and why it is coming on on the left kind looks like this (!) more
Started by Courtney bennet
I have a twin turbo 1jz in a 1980 hilux as a comp truck, manual gearbox and it's runs and drives and electrics work. Doesn't over heat or anything.. Now the plan is to take this set up and put it in a 1992 spacecab 2wd more
Started by Jono98
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Help & Advice / Vz V6 Motor Swap 10hbb - 10hba
Hey guys, recently I've swapped out my motor in my 2005 vz v6 crewman, 6 speed manual. When I ordered the motor I made it very clear to the supplier that I needed a 10HBB motor as that's what was in there already. New motor rocked up and it was a 10HBA motor. I rang and explained they had sent the wrong motor but they were pretty certain it... more
Started by Robbo124
Hi Guys, Can anyone suggest a good tuner for my project? I've got a 1985 Pontiac TransAM running a Small Block Chev 400 motor, AFR ported heads, XE270HR cam, and Holley Stealth Ram fuel injection system. That's the easy part. The tricky part.... It's running a LS1 PCM with coil per cylinder ignition on the repinned VX commodore harness ... more
Started by evilstuie
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General Discussions / S13 With 5 Stud Conversion
I have nice rims that aren't legal in QLD. What steel 16 inch rims will fit over the brake caliper on a s13 with skyline front brakes. I just want to buy four rims to register vehicle. What vehicle rims will fit??? Any help appreciated. John more
Started by ls1s13
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Help & Advice / 6 Stud Rims
hiya all ive been on the lookout for 6 stud rims for my nissan hardbody but cant find any nice ones within australia id either need to import some which would cost me an arm and a leg of cruise down the street with my stock rims where can i get decent set 6 stud rims from ? cheers jay more
Started by jaydensmadd
Sydneys first ever Roll Racing Event was held on the 22nd July it was huge with some crazy cars heading out for the inaugural event more
Started by JuStDaVe
Hi, I have Mitsubishi Lancer 2002. The key for this car has central locking buttons, but they are not working. I need another key and if possible repair the other one. Anyone from Perth who could do it? Thanks heaps! more
Started by CarsPerth
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General Discussions / Playstation 4
guys I have my PlayStation 4 for sale it's a 1tb system and it has all the cords with it and it also has with it 2x hand controls and a hand control charger these are the four games that come with it as well Tom Clancy division/call of duty advanced warfare/need for speed and mafia 3 and it's only four months old I'm chasing $425 f... more
Started by Ashley13
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Help & Advice / Ba Falcon Dash Light
Hey I'm new to this form and woundering if anybody knows what this dash light means and why it is coming on cheers more
Started by Courtney bennet
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Off Topic / Old Post
A while back, there was some discussion about oil additivesand Uniglide was mentioned. I've actually used it and have checked out their Facebook page (Uniglide Lubricants) which is filled with plenty information and feedback. I'm happy with this and thought I'd share this with you people. more
Started by SAFFY
  • 15th May 2017 - 03:18 PM
    Last by SAFFY
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Help & Advice / Excel Engine Swap
Been toying with the ideas for a new car and one of them was a 94/95 excel with a 4G93T engine swap, its possible to do this as ive been told by a workshop in WA that they have done it and it is legal(in WA). I have been quoted $3,250 for a Lancer Manual 1/2 cut with the 4G93T. 1. Ive looked in my booklet and checked the trans website but i... more
Started by boosted brick
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General Discussions / 13 Inch Racing Fear Rims
Im after at least one in good condition but would buy a set for the right price 13 inch racing fear rims to suit a nissan pulsar have seen one advertised hear in brisbane but I'm in new sydney can anyone suggest or know where i can get some thanks for your help more
Started by warrenmaybury
  • 12th May 2017 - 08:00 AM
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Ride / 2005 Toyota Hilux
Sr v6 4.0 pacemaker extractors on a 2.5 straight pipe cold air intake 5 speed manual pioneer DVD with pioneer amp fli 375w rear fli 275w front boss 10 sub Led lights all round Billet grill custom paint Rolling on bms Miami 20s Mika black pearl 5% tint rear 18% doors more
Started by Miko77
  • 11th May 2017 - 11:29 AM
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General Discussions / Customise Your Car/bike From Photos
I've just started a side project to allow vehicle enthusiasts to visualise what their car or bike might look like with specific modifications to it. This is a helpful and cheap way to find out if your supreme mod ideas actually look good together before you max the CC out. I have over 20+ years experience as a proffesional 2D/3D artist and hav... more
Started by Virtex3D
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General Discussions / Need Gone Asap
99 jeep cherokee willing to swap for a ute prefer auto will consider Manuel 10000 Ono Rego till July RWC Details in photo more
Started by Kyrienb
  • 8th May 2017 - 02:26 PM
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Help & Advice / Sr20det In A Pulsar N14
Does anyone know what is involved in installing a sr20det in a 1992 n14 pulsar gli, ive read that it can be done and would love some help with what i need to do and how much time and effort it will take. more
Started by Reece_911  * 123
  • 6th May 2017 - 09:13 AM
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Ride / 2001 Toyota Hilux
Started by 01FULLNOISE
  • 3rd May 2017 - 09:27 PM
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