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General chat about anything and everything, nothing in particular, just a place to kick back Just go to the last page and take part of the conversation. more
Started by McLeod  * 123» 454
I have a 2017 Nissan xtrail and my dipstick has broken from the handle how can l get it out? more
Started by [email protected]
I have a 2017 Nissan xtrail and my dipstick has broken from the handle how can l get it out? more
Started by [email protected]
I have a 2017 Nissan xtrail and my dipstick has broken from the handle how can l get it out? more
Started by [email protected]
In the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas (I am happy to travel to find someone who does good work), can someone recommend who I should see about having a T 700R4 auto box rebuilt for 600hp. And someone for EFI programming and tuning. I am building a 383 Chev and I am new to efi, so I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks more
Started by camaro383
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Local Chat / Stephen Yeung Ho Man
Update for all of Australia, please find the link and photo for this pretty face. Previous forum link - He's quite popular still and have changed industry to concert tickets now. more
Started by DEA454
  • 30th April 2019 - 08:44 PM
So, its been a while... Lives have changed and we all seem to have disappeared... I urge you (if you're an old school boostuser who is lurking) step forward and say hello... Would be nice to see familiar names pop back up again. more
Started by BRENO86  * 123
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Help & Advice / Ae71 To 13b Conversion
So ive got myself a 1984 ae71 corolla. And I'm planning on doing a flat front conversion and putting a series 2 rx7 13B engine and box into it. Just after some advice and tips, from anyone who has done it, some do' s, and dont's, anything major that needs modifying? Can I get engine mounts made up so that I don't have to smack my t... more
Started by Bushchook
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Help & Advice / Bf Xr6 Turbo
Hey guys I have a 2006 bf xr6 turbo running 18psi use to run full boost but now it gos up to 18psi at half throttle and starts dropping down then after half throttle it drops all the way down to 11psi more
Started by Joshbfturbo
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Help & Advice / 05 Rodeo 4jh1t Won’t Start
While my 05 ra rodeo 4jh1tc was running the ecm relay was pulled out and the engine stoped once relay was put back in the Motor will turn over but not start not getting fuel past the fuel pump is there a solenoid on the pump that may be seized or need resetting any one else had drama With pump or know anything about them IÂ’ve checked all fuses a... more
Started by bazdog80
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Ride / 1997 Toyota Celica
Picked up my new daily for $300. Stock as a rock. Got some AE92 coilovers off my cousin for free and using the wheels off my Forester. Runs great, body is just a bit rough. I am already half way through fixing it all up. Engine: 5SFE 2.2L Exhaust: Stock for now Suspension: AE92 Ebay coilovers fronts bolt straight in, rears needed modification... more
Started by JDM_FOZZY
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Help & Advice / Nissan Pulsar 2002 Auto Sedan
Only just got a Nissan Pulsar 2002 auto sedan a month ago. In the short time itÂ’s completely cut out whilst driving about 6 times. Once I was crossing an intersection and almost had an accident. Why would the car just cut out? It starts again after, no lights come on or anything it just cuts off. When idle it also is jerky and splattery like itÂ’s... more
Started by GypsyGurl
My Gemini ‘GEMWARÂ’ keeps pulling to the left , even when IÂ’m just sitting and reving it, ot only whilst driving it. Can anyone please help me work out or give me some advice as to why this would be?? Please and Thank you 😊 more
Started by CruisingChick85
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General Discussions / High Powered Vehicle Exemptions?
Hi IÂ’m 21 got 3 part time jobs and desire to trade my fiesta ST for a focus RS only prob is my licence wonÂ’t be open till Jan 2020 and I was just told Ford dealers can no longer order the car 😭 If I buy the car before applying for an exemption would that be an instant denial? Has anyone here done similar? I can think of a lot of personal... more
Started by Girlie
  • 19th February 2019 - 11:43 PM
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General Discussions / Car Modification
I'm looking to find garages/ workshops to do visual and or performance modifications to bmws more
Started by Jh27
  • 10th February 2019 - 07:06 PM
    Last by Jh27
I bet you were thinking I was talking about car colours right? Well you would be wrong. I was talking about coolant coloursÂ….yes thatÂ’s right coolant. Up until recently I thought all coolant was green. If you are in a car park and see green coming out from underneath someoneÂ’s car, you donÂ’t think, oh crap that cars gone mouldy, no you think, o... more
Started by McLeod
  • 9th February 2019 - 07:42 PM
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General Discussions / Stolen - Gq Patrol - From Coburg Area
car recovered. more
Started by hughy85
  • 26th December 2018 - 05:45 PM
POLICE have refused to reveal the exact location of Clem7 and Brisbane Airportlink fixed speed cameras that are snapping up a storm. The tunnels might not be generating much cash for operators, but the motorists who are using the tollways are spending more than $13,000 a day on speeding tickets. Six fixed speed cameras are rotated around 10 lo... more
Started by McLeod  * 12
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Help & Advice / Manifold Makers
Hey, Can anyone recommend someone in/around Brisbane to custom make a turbo manifold for a swift gti? I'm looking for someone who does quality work at a good price. Cheers, Ian. more
Started by afroboygti
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Help & Advice / Cannon On Elantra?
i have an 03 hyundai elantra (2 liter, 4 cylinder) and want to make it sound better, i just bought a cannon, does anyone know how this would sound?? also id prefer it to be legal.. more
Started by hyHOONdai
I have nothing to contribute, i found an old post i put up and i'm nostalgic F#ck ya. I'm old now and have no time for modifying SHIT unless its my lounge chair or something to keep my drinks cold. I don't give a shit about crisp clear sound,Boost or offset unless it has anything to do with a home loan. My seats don't hug my ripped ... more
Started by Gagginforit00
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Ride / 2006 Chrysler 300C
Engine: Fully forged 400ci Hemi. Manely rotating assembly. Custom spec Comp Cam. Full race prep block and windage. Custom highly modified heads with large valves and custom spring rates with titanium retainers.. 1500hp fuel system.. E85 capable.. Methanol injection system and Huge custom designed and mounted PWR Radiator and Intercoolers Exhaust:... more
Started by bozo4  * 123» 5
  • 17th November 2018 - 08:12 PM
    Last by bozo4
Gents, I have a VE series 2 SV6 sportwagon that has the most shittiest hit and miss air conditioning. It is apparently dual zone climate control, but it seems to be more make up random temperatures and if the outside air temp gets over 32C just crap out and blow cool heavily humidified air about . I had in into Holden for a service and they checke... more
Started by vk134
  • 4th November 2018 - 01:32 PM
Engine: 2 liter Exhaust: custom Suspension: lowerd Wheels: 18 inch vault rock Modifications: rims sport seat tacho colour coded bumpers Stereo Audio / Visual: dvd player clarion sub fusion 6x9s amp Estimated Power:heaps hahaha has black rims now and black tear drop side mirrors with flame arms and car has been resprayed white new pics tommoz more
Started by mrclownace
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General Discussions / 2002 Hilux Headlight Conversion
Hi guys does anyone know how to do this conversion changing my 2002 sr hilux lamps to sr5 headlight more
Started by 2002 hilux
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General Discussions / The best number plates posibly?
Now no offence to anyone, but they are good plates. I saw them on an audi RS4, they were 'WRX SUX' now you gota admit they are darn good number plates to have. But to all you WRX owners, those cars are very fast STOCK, if hes done anymore work to it I dont know, so dont go racing him unless you know you will win, cause hes gona have some fun ot... more
Started by cams116  * 123» 7
Engine: l67 out of a vy calais Exhaust: pacemaker extractors to 2.5inch catback Suspension: pedders up front kingsprings in the back Wheels: some ROH 17's Modifications: l67 conversion 10psi pulley bosch 044 fuel pump flowed injectors? ... more
Started by 51DWZ
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Help & Advice / Vz V6 Motor Swap 10hbb - 10hba
Hey guys, recently I've swapped out my motor in my 2005 vz v6 crewman, 6 speed manual. When I ordered the motor I made it very clear to the supplier that I needed a 10HBB motor as that's what was in there already. New motor rocked up and it was a 10HBA motor. I rang and explained they had sent the wrong motor but they were pretty certain it... more
Started by Robbo124
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Help & Advice / Immobilizer
Some fcuk tried to yax my vy ss they got the keey ive moved my car elseware but how do i get past the immobilizer any advice more
Started by logan.local244
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Help & Advice / Ford Falcon Bf Fuse Box Diagram
So there's something in your car not working and you think the fuse is blown? A common problem for Ford Falcon BF Owners unfortunately. It could be your indicators, hazard lights, door locks, wipers, instrument cluster, or most commonly cigarette outlet. Here's the digram, but remember, if you don't have a diagram you can always pull o... more
Started by McLeod
Hey guys i have an non turbo R33 ive been wanting to turbo the skyline for awhile now but been worried about putting money into that engine.. Because my EX put chemiweld in my radiator when she borrowed the car. it blocked and blew a hole in my old radiator.. ever since then its had overheating issues if it sits n idles for to long or goes on lo... more
Started by AzzaR33
  • 19th September 2018 - 12:49 AM
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Wanted to Buy / Wtb R32 Taillights
As the topic says, I'm chasing a pair of R32 taillights. Colour is not a concern more
Started by cmurrayis
  • 15th September 2018 - 03:58 PM
Hi, First time posting so I'm hoping you can all help me out c: I have a 1989 RN85 Toyota Hilux with an after market tray. I believe the RN85 came only as a genuine steel tray however I want to convert it into a tub. Is it possible at all to change over to a tub and if it is possible what tub would I need to look for? Is there much work involve... more
Started by zaizoa
  • 11th September 2018 - 11:37 PM
Engine: 660cc Exhaust: it leaks Suspension: lowdown, lifts wheels everywhere Wheels: 13x6 +12 13x7 +12 Work Equip 01's Modifications: Stereo Audio / Visual: Estimated Power: bucketloads. more
Started by HarleyJace  * 123
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Help & Advice / Vw Convertable
Hi, I am on the Gold Coast. Have bought a 1971 beetle converted to a convertible from NSW. Was registered as a convertible. NSW approved. I need a mod plate & roadworthy for QLD .Can anybody recommend a reliable person.????????????Thanks Jeff. more
Started by jeff_54102
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