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General chat about anything and everything, nothing in particular, just a place to kick back Just go to the last page and take part of the conversation. more
Started by McLeod  * 123» 432
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Help & Advice / Car Meet
Any one interested in being in a show and shine competition with a twist?? I am interested in any cars any makes who like to show there cars.. I have prize packs to give away... Any one interested message me with details.. To make a thing off it I need about 20 cars.. This will be a sponsored event.. Thank you Prize packs range from $20 to &#... more
Started by the big finger
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Local Chat / Car Group In Grafton
looking to put together a local car group in grafton NSW who's down? more
Started by braydonjross778
So, its been a while... Lives have changed and we all seem to have disappeared... I urge you (if you're an old school boostuser who is lurking) step forward and say hello... Would be nice to see familiar names pop back up again. more
Started by BRENO86  * 123
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General Discussions / Hks Bov Install On 01 Wrx?
Would anyone know if it is possible to install this bov onto my 2001 wrx impreza? I recently bought it and would like to install it myself. Is it a straight forward process? Is there anything extra I would need? Any help would be greatly appreciated! more
Started by tomotorpy101
Okay so this is my second project since haveing my license suspended, i thought that id post up my 31 on boost to see what i would get offered but saw this and i couldnt pass it up with the new p plate laws allowing us to drive turbo cars up to 125kw/tone with an allowance. In the end i swaped two 31s for it and some various rims/tyres and this is ... more
Started by liamr396
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General Discussions / Any Rb30 Owners Help,
Any idea what could be causing my injectors to pulse turning over the ignition one click before cranking, link ecu id1000s, replaced loom with no success, ecu also not reading tps, what should I be looking for and any tests I can do? more
Started by Ryan31
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Help & Advice / Wiring Harness Help
Hi, I've got a 98 Holden Rodeo TF LX Spacecab that I've just bought a new headunit for. The headunit came with a universal wiring harness (one of the ones that just has the socket on the headunit end, and cutoff wires on the other). I need some help with wiring the new harness up. I have no idea what colours to connect to what colours, as i... more
Started by cookiemonster.24
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Site Feedback / 25/30 Build,
cause i dont no what the hell im doing need all the info i can get ,,,,,what sort of horse power can i achieve on stock 30 block n 25 heads,,,,,is it worth doing ,, oviously bigger turbo 3076 or something 600cc injects fuel pumps bigger throtle body ,ffp ect,,,,,,,just to let yas no im happy with 4-500 hps,,,just looking to be different ,,an need t... more
Started by sirtric
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Help & Advice / Gemini Engine Conversion
I am looking at getting a gemini as a bit of a fun car I would like to get rid of the 1600 motor and replace it with something different, just wondering what i could replace it with. Leisa more
Started by Ms~LJ~GSR  * 12
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Help & Advice / Vy Ss Ute
Looking 4 someone who has experience in changing the whole front radiator support.. more
Started by V8sand4Gz
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General Discussions / Who Is Still Here From Back In The Days
Hello who is still on here from back in the days of cruising Gold Coast more
Started by OVL666
  • a month ago
    Last by MJG
Hey ho trendsetters, Im lookin for a REPUTABLE/SPECIALIST rotary workshop in the Brisbane area. Can people please post up their experiences which they have had 1ST HAND and not heard through a mates sisters boyfriends gardiner. Thanks in advance more
Started by Disco Lou
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Wanted to Buy / D21 Nissan Navara Extra Cab
Chasing a hardbody tray for my d21 navara and also a set of rims and tyres to suit. Noticed the front hub protrudes through the centre of the rims since I tried a set of triton stockies with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated more
Started by Sanchez1990
hey all just looking at rim choices and am not sure on what will fit have been told 9.5 will fit on rear will 10.5 fit with no gaurd rolling,car is very low more
Started by hoolden
Does any one know who can be contacted to update this website to include more useful regions that would be closer to some users none of the mid west is represented within the regions selection criteria when creating or editing advertisements very annoying could be missing out on search results more
Started by fatman350
Engine: 2.7l VVT-I 4 cylinder Colour : hilux silver Exhaust: Stock want to do extractors and sports exhaust Suspension: stock Wheels: black advanti force Modifications: SR5 front with foglights, chrome grille, projector headlights, wheels, carpeted tray with toolbox, polished checkerplate guards, stereo, Stereo Audio / Visual: pioneer GPS ... more
Started by Kelvin james
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Ride / 2005 Toyota Hilux
Sr v6 4.0 pacemaker extractors on a 2.5 straight pipe cold air intake 5 speed manual pioneer DVD with pioneer amp fli 375w rear fli 275w front boss 10 sub Led lights all round Billet grill custom paint Rolling on bms Miami 20s Mika black pearl 5% tint rear 18% doors more
Started by Miko77
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Ride / Nissan Stagea Rs4
Engine: RB25 DET Exhaust: X-Force Hurricane 3 Turbo back Suspension: Fully Adjustable BC Coilovers Wheels: Varrstoens +30 offset (9.5 X 19) Modifications: Greddy Boost Controller, HKS Turbo Timer, K&N Pod Filter, HIDs, Boost Gauge. Stereo Audio / Visual: JVC & Option Audio Estimated Power: Little more then standard, yet... more
Started by FA77
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Ride / 2013 Toyota Hilux
What should I do next after chrome rims? and I spray painted a tool box blue ( in photo) and bolted it on the back should I have that or chrome tool box? Should I put an exhaust on it? My mate has one on he's 6 cylinder but mine would sound different wouldn't it more
Started by Jwcrofty
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Ride / 1999 Nissan
Engine: RB26 272 Tomei Cams GTSS Turbos 1000CC Injectors Power FC D'Jetro Exhaust: Tomei Dump Pipes HKS Front Pipe HKS Cat Nismo rear Exhaust Suspension: HKS coilovers Modifications: Walbro Fuel Pump Greddy Boostcontroller Under the Bonnet Stuff Stereo Audio / Visual: Sony 2 Din Dab Digital Tuner Estimated Power: Don't Care . but in exc... more
Started by CYA34
Engine: stock 2tr-fe Exhaust: standard system with a sports muffler Suspension: 2 lowering blocks in the back and standard springs in the front Wheels: Rides on 17' Tezza stokies painted black Modifications: chrome front girl and a 2010 front bumper Stereo Audio / Visual: Estimated Power: like 110kw or somethink ahaha more
Started by strev0
Engine: 2tr-fe (4 banger) Exhaust: stock until i get some cash Suspension: stock, want about a 2 1/2 inch drop Wheels: 17'' territory rims Modifications: chrome grille, custom lights, (angel eyes) marine carpeted tray and tool box looking for an SR front bumper, dont realy like my SR5 one, Stereo Audio / Visual: shitty stock speakers, (f... more
Started by pauls wrklux
Exhaust: MEEK & HKS Suspension: PEDDERS Wheels: 18x8.75 Modifications: LIST OF STUFF, IM SICK AND AM LAZY, OH AND TYPE SLOW Stereo Audio / Visual: AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE Estimated Power: 215 KW ATW 20PSI big thanks to PEDDERS SUSPENSION SOUTHPORT for the handling and other, MIAMI SMASH REPAIRS for the paint and Matt @PITS for the tuning more
Started by woodsyr58
O.P. Important info: Car – 2010 Mercedes-Benz c200 Kompressor, Petrol What happened – Drove through about a foot deep of water on a flooded road at about 5km/h (had to the way traffic was directed) (about 2-3 seconds in the water) When attempt to start – Nothing happens, it almost makes a quite thud noise not normal key its one of those sensor ... more
Started by bdegenaar223
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General Discussions / Need A Full Turbo Setup For 2jz
Hey people does anyone know of anyone that has a full turbo setup for a 2j. I just got a NA supra an want to turbo it. I am also looking for a manual conversion as well. Thanx more
Started by Needybooster
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Help & Advice / Building Rb30
hi im looking at building a high hp. rb 30 turbo and just wondering if any one can tell me if it matters if i use a NA motor or a turbo motor to start off with and what the difference is. any tips greatly appreciated thanks. more
Started by josh_eli
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Help & Advice / Vz Calais 2005
Tonight my VZ Calais had a big bang I thought I had a flat was like the brakes locked up I tried to move forward was making loud grinding noise... so I tried it in reverse ok...I put it back in Drive than my brakes totally failed...Im not familiar with this model I had a VT SS never had no trouble...the Motor Service light kept coming on ... more
Started by caporter62102
Engine: ls1 Exhaust: 3.5' into 3' Suspension: 2' lowered Wheels: 18' Modifications: rebuilt ls1 forged internals s400sx3 turbo,tci turbo 400, smooth bay custom interior/ paint Stereo Audio / Visual: s400 turbo Estimated Power: 500hp + more
Started by kurtsly95
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Help & Advice / 14 Inch Gts Rims
just wondering if anyone can tell me what tyre size I can fit on my 14 inch x8 gts rims? was thinking 235 but will they rub? any info be great more
Started by prostreetholden
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Help & Advice / My Vs 5litre Is Over Heatin
Just had my engine rebuilt its a vs 95 v8 308 new radiator new twin thermo fans new thermostat replaced like 4 times flushed the radiator bout 5times and bled it plus replaced the temp sensor gauge 3times and the ecu sender and the radiator cap..theres no could it still b over heatin after this and it hasnt even done 3000kms even plus it... more
Started by
Ok I've got an R33 S2 GTST , it overheated ( & cut out won't start again), yet to have it pressure tested but seems to be leaking from the water pump ... But still not convinced it's the head gasket YET. No other obvious leaks when it first over heated and steam come more from back near fire wall rather than around the radiator or f... more
Started by Carma8280
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Wanted to Buy / Contact Member
Need to contact member: Snarfty Anyone know how to find him? Need advice on lowering my Hiace van Any help much appreciated Michael more
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Help & Advice / Ignition Barrel
My Ignition Barrel has locked up and i just wanna know how to remove it Cheers Tom more
Started by MrVlt
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Help & Advice / Engineered Certificate
hello just wondering if anyone knows how to or if its possible to get an engineered certificate if i want to do a different engine conversion myself? more
Started by damo1001
  • 7th February 2018 - 07:59 PM
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