Toyota's New Ch-r Modellista Arrives In 2017 - Love it or hate it?  

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Post #1 post 12th February 2017 - 11:37 AM
The new Toyota CH-R is dividing opinions worldwide, particularly for the factory body kit options!

Overzealous style unfortunately does not match it's grunt, in Australia you can expect a 1.2-litre four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that produces just 85kW of power and 185Nm of torque.

You could argue that it's a small car and that some fun can be had with the six-speed manual option, but that argument is flawed with the 1,460kg kerb weight.

Fill it with four adults of 75kg's and you're lugging around 1,800kg's of weight with just 85kW.

To put that into perspective, a 2017 Honda Civic VTi will give you 104kW with just 1,261kg kerb weight.

Heck, even a Hyundai i30 will give you 124kW.

However, to be fair to the low power to weight ratio of the Toyota CH-R, it packs a lot of technology in a car that can be had for under thirty grand; pre collision autonomous emergency braking (from 10km/h), smart active cruise control, lane departure warning and automatic high beam assist will be available. Other features include blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert while parking sensors and a reversing camera are also standard.

Nonetheless, if you're a rev-head looking for a hot-hatch, this isn't really for you..

But, if you like to turn heads and just want to get from A-B whilst doing that (as slowly as possible), than the "Impulse Boost" body kit on a Toyota CH-R might just be for you!


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