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3/8/12 2:07 PM


Light Controls Push up for right turn signal.

Turns on headlights, instrument panel illumination, parking lights, tail lights and license plate lights.

Push down for left turn signal.

Illumination Brightness Control While the light switch is on, rotate the dial downward to dim the instrument panel illumination. Rotate the dial upward to make the illumination brighter. When the dial is fully rotated upward, the instrument panel illumination becomes full bright.


Turns on instrument panel lights, tail lights, parking lights and license plate lights.

Turns on fog lights (if equipped).

AUTO: The vehicle’s lights are automatically on or off depending on the level of the outside light.

Headlight Beam Leveler High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights generate more light than conventional halogen headlights. Therefore, a driver of an oncoming vehicle may experience too much glare when your headlight beam height adjustment is high because the vehicle is carrying a heavy load. The headlight beam leveler can be used to adjust beam height to avoid such a condition. To lower the beam, turn the knob to the higher numbers.

1145810_13a_Subaru_BRZ_QRG_030812.indd 10

3/8/12 2:07 PM

S S S t t t a a a r r r t t t e e e d d d

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P P P e e e r r r s s s o o o n n n a a a

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Windshield Wipers To turn on the wipers, press the wiper control lever down one level for intermittent, two levels for low, or three levels for high speed. Return the lever to the “OFF” position to stop the wipers. For a single wipe, move the lever up. To spray washer fluid, pull and hold the lever toward you.

C C C C o o o o n n n n t t t t r r r r o o o o l l l s s s l s

Daytime Running Lights Daytime running lights are standard on your vehicle. Only a reduced brightness high beam will be automatically turned on when the engine has started and the parking brake is fully released or the light switch is in the “OFF” or “ ” position. The brightness of the illumination of the high beam headlights is reduced by the daytime running light system. You must always switch on your headlights when it’s dark outside by turning the light switch to the


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