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ROOF SWITCH 3. Push the ROOF switch forward and hold it.


The windows, if raised, will lower automatically.


Instruments and Controls


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Convertible Top




The convertible top will raise. Release the ROOF switch when the top reaches the windshield header.


Instruments and Controls




Push in the tab on each locking lever and pull the locking lever down.

While pushing the convertible top forward, push the locking lever forward and set the latch into the windshield header.


Pull back on the locking lever and push it up until it latches. Make sure it is securely latched.

Operating the convertible top while any part of a passenger is in the way of the convertible top can cause serious injury.

Make sure that you, your passenger or any other people around the car are clear of the way of the moving convertible top.

Do not put heavy items on the closed convertible top. You can damage the material and the mechanism.

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Convertible Top Cover Use the convertible top cover when the top is folded to help prevent foreign objects, dirt, etc. from getting into the material and mechanism.





Convertible Top



Remove the convertible top cover from the trunk.


Connect the snaps on the top cover to the two pins on the back of the interior panel.


Hook the fastener string to the pin on each side wall of the passenger compartment.


Instruments and Controls


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Convertible Top


Every three to six months, depending on how often the top is folded, rub a thin film of Shin-Etsu Silicone grease (available from your Honda dealer, P/N 08798-9013) onto the seals wherever they touch the convertible top or each other.


Fit the rear part of the top cover into the space behind the convertible top.


To remove the top cover, reverse the attaching procedure.

Dust is the main cause of creaks or other sounds coming from the convertible top. Regularly clean the body seals with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not use a scraper or de-icing chemicals to remove frost, snow, or ice from the top or rear window.


Instruments and Controls

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To reduce the possibility of leaks:

Use the door pull to open and close the door. Do not push or pull on the door glass.

Do not lean or sit on an open door.

Convertible Top

The convertible top seals are designed to promote the flow of water off the roof. Spraying high pressure water directly on the seals can distort them, causing a leak. Use only a low pressure water stream when using a hose, and avoid car washes.

Instruments and Controls


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Hazard Warning, Mirrors

Hazard Warning


Adjusting the Power Mirrors


Push the red button next to the roof switch to turn on the hazard warning lights (four-way flashers). This causes all four outside turn signals and both indicators in the instrument panel to flash. Use the hazard warning lights if you need to park in a dangerous area near heavy traffic, or if your vehicle is disabled.


Instruments and Controls


Keep the inside and outside mirrors clean and adjusted for best visibility. Be sure to adjust the mirrors before you start driving.

The inside mirror has day and night positions. The night position reduces glare from headlights behind you. Flip the tab on the bottom edge of the mirror to select the day or night position.


Adjust the outside mirrors with the adjustment switch on the driver’s door armrest:


Turn the ignition switch ON (II).


Move the selector switch to L (driver’s side) or R (passenger’s side).

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Parking Brake

Mirrors, Parking Brake

Driving the car with the parking brake applied can damage the rear brakes and axles.



Push the appropriate edge of the adjustment switch to move the mirror right, left, up, or down.

When you finish, move the selector switch to the center (off) position. This turns off the adjustment switch so you can’t move a mirror out of position by accidentally bumping the switch.

To apply the parking brake, pull the lever up fully. To release it, pull up slightly, push the button, and lower the lever. The parking brake light on the instrument panel should go out when the parking brake is fully released (see page drive the vehicle without releasing the parking brake, the ABS indicator may come on, and the ABS may not work properly.

). If you try to


Instruments and Controls


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Beverage Holder, Accessory Power Socket, Audio Panel

Beverage Holder

Accessory Power Socket

Audio Panel

To open the beverage holder, push on the front edge.

Be careful when you are using the beverage holder. A spilled liquid that is very hot can scald you or your passenger. Spilled liquids can also damage the upholstery, carpeting, and electrical components in the interior.

To use the accessory power socket, pull out on the cover. The ignition switch must be in ACCESSORY (I) or ON (II).

This socket is intended to supply power for 12 volt DC accessories that are rated 120 watts or less (10 amps).

It will not power an automotive type cigarette lighter element.


Instruments and Controls

To open the audio panel, push on the top center and let the panel swing down. To close, pivot the panel up and push on it until it latches. Refer to page audio system.

for operation of the


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Interior Lights

If the three-position switch is in the center position, the interior light will come on when you remove the key from the ignition switch.

The interior light has a three- position switch. In the OFF position, the light does not come on. In the center position, the interior light comes on when you open either door. In the ON position, the interior light stays on continuously.

In addition, when the three position switch is in the center position with both doors closed, the two bulbs in the interior light can be turned on separately by the pushbutton switches next to them. Push the switch to turn the light on or off.

Instruments and Controls


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Comfort and Convenience Features

The heating and air conditioning systems in your Honda provide a comfortable driving environment in all weather conditions.

The standard audio system has many features. This section de- scribes those features and how to use them. (If you selected an optional audio system, refer to the operating instructions that came with it.)

Heating and Cooling

What Each Control Does How to Use the System To Turn Everything Off

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. 86 . 86 . 88 . 93

Audio System

AM/FM/CD Audio System . 94 . 95 Operating the Radio . 99 Adjusting the Sound . 100 Digital Clock . 102 Audio System Lighting Radio Frequencies . 102 . 103 Radio Reception . 105 Operating the CD Player . 108 Operating the CD Changer . 109 Protecting Compact Discs CD Player Error Indications . 111 CD Changer Error

...... ................... ................... .............................. ............ .................... ........................ ......... ..... ....... ....


Remote Audio Controls Theft Protection Cruise Control

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. 112 . 113 . 114 . 115

Comfort and Convenience Features


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Heating and Cooling

Proper use of the Heating and Cooling system can make the interior dry and comfortable, and keep the windows clear for the best visibility.

What Each Control Does

Fan Control Lever Pushing this lever up and down increases and decreases the fan speed. The indicators next to the lever show you the speed selected.

Temperature Control Dials Turning this dial clockwise increases the temperature of the air flow.

Air Conditioning (A/C) Button This button turns the air condi- tioning ON and OFF. The indicator in the button lights when the A/C is on.


Comfort and Convenience Features




Recirculation Button This button controls the source of the air going into the system. When the indicator in this button is lit, air from the car’s interior is sent through the system again (Recircula- tion mode). When the indicator is off, air is brought in from outside the car (Fresh Air mode).