1991 Toyota Soarer JZZ30  

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Post #1 post 15th October 2011 - 01:27 AM
Hey all,

Figured now that mine is getting ever so closer to completion, I'd create a fresh topic with current pics.

Now that I'm happier with its appearance I'm trying to get it out to events more... just need to work on the power figure now (currently 316rwhp @ 16psi on a shit tune). All those who know these vehicles and know what the mods below are capable of on them tell me I should be around 380hp at similar boost, so we will wait and see smile.gif

To see where its come from - Here's the old topic:



Anyways, here's what I have put into it:

Performance & Engine Bay:

Garrett GT35-82R Ball Bearing Turbo
Garrett Turbo Beanie
Braided Stell Oil Lines
Stainless Manifold (non-eBay) with heat wrapped dump pipe
Single 3 splitting to twin 2.5 with Cannons on rear
Greddy FMIC
T-Bolt Clamps on all cooler piping
Painted Cam Covers (Satin Black)
TRD Coil-Pack cover
Clear Timing Belt cover
Greddy Alloy Radiator Pipe
Greddy Oil Catch Can (yet to be installed)
Turbosmart 50mm Progate
Turbosmart Vee-Port BOV
K&N Pod Filter
Fidanza Cam Gears
Walbro GSS341 Fuel Pump
650cc Sard Injectors
EL Falcon twin thermo fans w/ individual thermostats
Perma-Cool Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Adaptronic E420C ECU

Driveline & Handling:

TEIN Coilovers
Torsen LSD
Stage 1.5 Shift Kitted Automatic
Aftermarket Transmission cooler
QFM HPX Brake pads
DBA 4000 T3 Slotted Front Rotors
Mines Strut Brace
Front 198.5 Lenso Konvex.
Rear 199.5 Lenso Konvex.

Cabin & Cosmetic:

Leather Supra Seats
Custom Soarer scuff plates
Greddy Full Auto Timer
Greddy Profec-B SpecII Boost Controller
GlowShift Boost Guage
Clarion Double DIN touchscreen DVD Player
Polk Audio 6.5 Component Speakers
Polk Audio 6.5 Coaxials
Polk Audio 8 DVC Sub
Cadence 5ch Amp
Works Steering wheel (complete with engrish horn button)
176OES Personalised Plates
94-96 Model Tail lights
Ford Phantom Purple w/ black pearl
Carmate VT2 Front Lip & Sideskirts, Unknown rear skirt
Blits Custom Vented Fibreglass Bonnet (yet to be painted and fitted)
Modified GS300 clear indicators
55w 6000k HID's (yet to be fitted)

Future Mods:

Darker Tint
3000rpm Stally
Matching DBA slotted brake rotors for the rear
Currently getting full carbon dash trims custom made, with centre trim to house 3x 52mm gauges
1991 Toyota Soarer Jzz30


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  • synster
    Post #2

    nice car there mate!

    Post #3

    looks fresh man ohmy.gif fucking love the way it sits.

    Post #4

    more pics of car wash? lol, other then that looks awesome well done.

    Post #5

    LOVE IT!

    Post #6

    Does it go?? tongue.gif happy.gif

    Post #7

    Fuck yeah tim looks mint

    Post #8

    Love it! Wouldnt mind mine looking like that if i end up getting it. Those Boot and roof spoilers look mint.

    Post #9

    I like this.

    Bug Boy
    Post #10

    Nice car man. Always liked those Soarers. Wheels look awesome!

    Post #11

    This thing really needs to be seen to be appreciated...so clean n tidy! Love the way it sits too tim smile.gif

    Post #12

    Looking good Timmy boy!
    I am a big fan of the Origin rear window wing thingo... I was chasing one of those for a while when I had my white Soarer - obviously I would have painted it the same colour.

    I'll catch you around soon no doubt buddy. *dont wanna buy some Sparco's by any chance haah?

    Post #13

    Simply clean

    Post #14

    Wow I really like this

    Post #15

    not a fan of soarers but this sits perfect. perfect wheels. nice paint. clean interior. go fast bits.
    looks like your spent alot of money cleaning it up mate. looks brilliant thumbsup.gif

    Post #16

    seen it around, looks good

    Post #17

    neat as mate. just a thought but because your's is an auto you do have to take that into account when looking at dyno readouts. an auto will always show a lower output and will be even worse when you get a stally in there.

    Post #18

    Cheers for all the positive feedback guys.

    butler88 - carwash topic here: http://www.boostcruising.com.au/forums/ind...howtopic=764688

    vtr - not nearly as well as I'd like it to sad.gif

    Haro - Roof spoiler was just a cheapy from ebay america, about $150 delivered it was. And thanks for the offer on the seats, happy with the Supra ones though haha biggrin.gif

    002plz - yeah, its taken a bit over the past 2.5yrs

    its2ez - majority of these cars are auto mate, and thats definitely been taken into account already smile.gif

    B Unit
    Post #19

    Looks good, and I've also seen this around. You know I'm always going to be a fan of a nice Soarer laugh.gif I would love to see your HP figure with a good tune, should be able to get 400rwhp with that setup. I like the subtle body-kit too, some people go way overboard on Soarers and it ruins their look.

    Mine is manual but unregistered at the moment, and may be selling soon. sad.gif

    Post #20

    how come babes wash your car and not mine? i only get people walking out infront of me because they figure oh its just grandpa on his way to lawn bowls.

    Post #21

    mint Soarer. love the colour. love the wheels

    Post #22

    mint soarer dude!

    Post #23

    ah cool. i actually own an aristo (i think i may have met you before. m the curry dude with the aristo LOL ) so know about the soarer auto's lol. if thats the case then tune really must be shyt hey.

    Post #24

    Hey mate, your rear skirt is a factory TOYOTA one from the later model soarers. 97+98 models had different front and rear bars with side skirts. Yours is the rear lip that is normally on those.

    Love it!!!!

    Post #25

    B-Unit - How much you got in mind for yours?

    Tas - Charity carwash thing man... outside of that, I got no hope of getting bikin girls to wash it just for the fun of it haha

    ITS2EZ - Yeah man, I remember you, met you at Northlakes Maccas that time smile.gif

    Smiley - Its similar, but this one is FRP... all the OE Kits would have been made from plastic the same as the bumpers, and they would have mounting points made into them... this one doesnt, had to be put on with sikaflex

    Thanks everyone for the kind words smile.gif

    Post #26

    Oh really?! It looks identical otherwise.

    Post #27

    BTW - It looks unreal! Everything about it is just subtle. Just enough work done to make it look GREAT. Not one part of it is over the top.

    From one soarer modifier to another, Well Done sir!

    Post #28

    Its good to see not all soarer owners are missing the creative part of their brain thumbsup.gif

    Post #29

    nice man i do love this thing and does look goood
    wish mine could look like this.....

    if any1 is looking for a soarer though iam selling mine its manual also

    Post #30

    How much are you looking for Toby?

    Thanks Smiley @ 180 thumbsup.gif

    Duff A
    Post #31

    Not a fan of Soarer's but this one looks good, I like the colour and how you have mod'ed it

    Post #32

    dude did you mean 316hp? because 316kw converts to 423hp....

    Post #33

    yeah, it is only HP much to my disgust smile.gif

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