2006 Chrysler 300c  

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Post #1 post 13th December 2012 - 04:27 AM
5.7 Hemi

Exhaust...Geenie headers ,High flow cats , X force x pipe , Custom exhaust

Suspension...Pedders extreme coilovers with custom made spring rates. Imported racing body stiffeners and strut braces

Wheels...American Racing 22x9 F and 22x11 R

Modifications...Supercharged running 11psi,meth injected,1000hp fuel system, Brembo brake conversion,Custom made bonnet to acomodate a custom intake to allow for better quality air flow to the supercharger,Beefed up driveline.Computer data aquisition screen and tuning custom mounted. Alot more custom work

stereo... Not much here.. Just an amp and sub in the boot and tv's in the back for the kids

Estimated Power: Just over 500hp

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2006 Chrysler 300C
2006 Chrysler 300C
2006 Chrysler 300C
2006 Chrysler 300C
2006 Chrysler 300C


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    nice ride mate thumbsup.gif

    Post #3

    The bonnet does get noticed but it serves its purpose.

    Post #4

    Very nicely done mate, bonnet certainly adds aggression to the stance if the car! And don't worry bout all the haters, they just wished they had that sort of power in a luxury car! Nuthing like a blown hemi!

    Post #5

    looks f'king great!

    Post #6

    The clearance between the custom made intake and the custom made bonnet is so little I had to get k&n to make me a 1 off air filter to my measurements. It works very well and has netted me +18rwhp over the standard placement. The car runs 11psi with meth injection and runs 3.73 diff gears. It's no slouch. The " graphics " up the side are actually proper chrome mouldings from the states that were made as a limited run and are very rare and very sought after. I make no appologise the car is an attention slut!! Probably why it wins the major trophy of its catagory of every show I have bothered to put it into. It's not a show car but my family car. I have had it mini tubbed and a swag of other things since that pic.

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    fk me that is boss!! and i actually like the bonnet. gives it a tuffer look. i personally would have gone black wheels and would have blacked out the mold on the sides.

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    Gotta have dish hahaha looks good mate thumbsup.gif

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    Put some updated pics up.. I have had the rear mini tubbed to accomodate the 22x11" rears and have fitted a rear diffuser..

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