1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo  

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Post #1 post 22nd February 2011 - 06:16 PM
Engine: 1jz

Exhaust: 2n a half with twin tips

Suspension: stock would love coilovers

Wheels: 18 inch starcorps 8.5 front n 9.5 rear

Modifications: cooler, boost tap, exhaust, hid headlights, 98 front end,

Stereo Audio / Visual: touch screen dvd with built in gps, sub n amp n speakers

Estimated Power: fair stock

missus daily ride good power reliability and pretty lush inside would love to tuck it with some coilovers see what happens
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo


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  • Draven
    Post #2

    Interior looks nice

    Post #3

    Not sure about the strip between the tail lights, but looks great... a set of coilovers would finish it off nicely

    oh... and inb4retardboatjokes

    Post #4

    not too bad for a soarer. nice and clean

    Post #5

    Looks clean.

    Post #6

    Nice love the look of soarers.

    Post #7

    Was stuck behind one of these today, also white, but with big, BIG quad exhausts going on.
    Irritatingly noisy, and the guy was chock-a-block full of the angry pills.

    Good cars though.

    Sav K.
    Post #8

    take the strip of in between the lights looks silly, lower alot, take sticker of window and it will look really nice, good find bro

    btw, LOVE that steering wheel, suits that interior really well

    Post #9

    just saw it was for sale on ebay, gl with it looks like a tidy example of a soarer

    Post #10


    B Unit
    Post #11

    I'm already a huge fan, so I'm sold. Enjoy.......

    Post #12

    Very nice indeed!

    Post #13

    Tidy as man, Noice pick up.

    Post #14

    Looks good in white!

    Post #15


    Post #16

    Looks good, the steering wheels a bit fail though. Not that these things come with a good looking steering wheel factory. Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place steering wheel wise.

    Post #17

    Actually looks decent minus the thing between the tail lights.

    Post #18

    Love the soarers, accept there crappy standard ceramic turbos(blew mine after 3 months of ownership), interior is mint, dont really have a problem with the stripe between the tail lights, but would love to put a more aggressive front bar on it. What future plans do you have, if any?

    Post #19

    hey bro I drive the red soarer in town, how much U want for this one? Looks real good, bit of a shame your selling it now cause i'm on ma opens in may! Coulda looked at buying it

    Post #20

    I now own this Soarer, picked it up for $1000 last year but had been neglected quite a bit and is now nearly back to how clean it was in these pics

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