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Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW.

Thorough familiarity with your vehicle will provide you with enhanced control and security when you drive it. Therefore we have one request: Please take the time to read this Owner's Manual and familiarize yourself with the information that we have compiled for you before starting off in your new BMW. The manual contains important data and instructions intended to assist you in obtaining maximum satisfaction from your BMW's unique array of advanced technical fea- tures. It also contains information on vehicle maintenance designed to enhance operating safety while simultaneously helping you to maintain your BMW's value throughout an extended service life. For additional information refer to the supple- mental manuals. This Owner's Manual should be considered a permanent part of this vehicle. It should stay with the vehicle when sold to provide the next owner with important operating, safety and maintenance information. We wish you an enjoyable driving experience. BMW AG



About this Owner's Manual We have made every effort to ensure that you are able to find what you need in this Owner's Manual as quickly as possible. The fastest way to find spe- cific topics is by using the detailed index at the end. If you wish to gain an initial overview of your vehicle, you will find this in the first chapter. Should you wish to sell your BMW at some time in the future, please remem- ber to hand over this Owner's Manual to the new owner; it is an important part of the vehicle.

Additional sources of information If you have any additional questions, your BMW center will be glad to advise you. You can find more information about BMW, for example on its technology, on the Internet at

© 2003 Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft Munich, Germany Reprinting, including excerpts, only with the written consent of BMW AG, Munich. Order No. 01 41 0 157 602 US English VIII/03 Printed in Germany Printed on environmentally friendly paper, bleached without chlorine, suitable for recycling.

Symbols used

Indicates precautions that must be followed precisely in order to avoid the possibility of personal injury and serious damage to the vehicle. Contains information that will assist you in gaining the optimum

benefit from your vehicle and enable you to care more effectively for your vehicle.

Refers to measures that can be taken to help protect the environ-


Marks the end of a specific item of


Indicates special equipment, coun-

try-specific equipment and optional extras when available.

Vehicle Memory, Key Memory, refer to page 64. Identifies func- tions that can be specifically adapted for a particular key or vehicle. These adjustments can be performed either by yourself or by your BMW center.


Your individual vehicle On purchasing your BMW, you have decided in favor of a model with individ- ualized equipment and features. This Owner's Manual describes all models and equipment that BMW offers within the same group. We hope you will understand that equipment and features are included that you might not have chosen for your vehicle. You can easily identify any dif- ferences with the aid of the asterisk used to identify all optional equipment and accessories. If your BMW features equipment which is not described in this Owner's Manual such as a car radio or telephone, Sup- plementary Owner's Manuals are enclosed. We ask you to read these manuals as well.

Status at time of printing BMW pursues a policy of continuous, ongoing development conceived to ensure that our vehicles continue to embody the highest quality and safety standards combined with advanced, state-of-the-art technology. For this reason, the features described in this Owner's Manual could differ from those on your vehicle. Nor can errors and omissions be entirely ruled out. You are therefore asked to appreciate that no claims can be recognized on the basis of the data, illustrations or descriptions in this Owner's Manual.


For your own safety


Use unleaded gasoline only. Fuels containing up to and including

10% ethanol or other oxygenates with up to 2.8% oxygen by weight – that is, 15% MTBE or 3% methanol plus an equivalent amount of co-solvent – will not void the applicable warranties respecting defects in materials or work- manship. Field experience has indi- cated significant differences in fuel quality – volatility, composition, addi- tives, etc. among gasolines offered for sale in the United States and Canada. The use of poor-quality fuels may result in driveability, starting and stalling problems, especially under certain environmental conditions, such as high ambient temperature and high altitude. Should you encounter driveability prob- lems which you suspect could be related to the fuel you are using, we recommend that you respond by switching to a recognized high-quality brand. Failure to comply with these recom- mendations may result in unscheduled maintenance. Obey all applicable safety rules when handling gasoline.




Maintenance and repair

Parts and accessories

Advanced technology, e.g. the use of modern materials and high- performance electronics, requires spe- cially adapted maintenance and repair methods. Therefore, only have corre- sponding work on your BMW carried out by a BMW center or a workshop that works according to BMW repair procedures with correspondingly trained personnel. If work is carried out improperly there is a danger of conse- quential damage and the related safety risks.


Important safety information! For your own safety, use genuine

parts and accessories approved by BMW. When you purchase accessories tested and approved by BMW and Original BMW Parts, you simultaneously acquire the assurance that they have been thor- oughly tested by BMW to ensure opti- mum performance when installed on your vehicle. BMW warrants these parts to be free from defects in material and workman- ship. BMW will not accept any liability for damage resulting from installation of parts and accessories not approved by BMW. BMW cannot test every product on the market to determine whether it can be used on a BMW safely and without risk to either the vehicle, its operation, or its occupants. Original BMW Parts, BMW Accessories and other products approved by BMW, together with professional advice on using these items, are available from all BMW centers. Installation and operation of non-BMW approved accessories such as alarms, radios, amplifiers, radar detectors,

wheels, suspension components, brake dust shields, telephones – including operation of any portable cellular phone from within the vehicle without using an externally mounted antenna – or trans- ceiver equipment such as a CB, walkie- talkie, ham radio or similar, may cause extensive damage to the vehicle, com- promise its safety, interfere with the vehicle's electrical system or affect the validity of the BMW Limited Warranty. See your BMW center for additional information. Do not use key or remote control to lock doors or luggage compartment with anyone inside the vehicle. Refer to < the Owner's Manual for more details.

Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control

devices and systems may be performed by any automotive repair establishment or individual using any certified auto- motive part.


Symbol on vehicle parts

Indicates that you should consult the relevant section of this

Owner's Manual for information on a particular part or assembly.



Service and warranty This manual is supplemented by a Ser- vice and Warranty Information Booklet for US models or a Warranty and Ser- vice Guide Booklet for Canadian mod- els. We recommend that you read this pub- lication thoroughly. Your BMW is covered by the following warranties: > > >

New Vehicle Limited Warranty Rust Perforation Limited Warranty Federal Emissions System Defect Warranty Federal Emissions Performance War- ranty California Emission Control System Limited Warranty.



Detailed information about these war- ranties is listed in the Service and War- ranty Information Booklet for US mod- els or in the Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models.

Reporting safety defects The following only applies to vehicles owned and operated in the US. If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National High- way Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA in addition to notifying BMW of North America, LLC, P.O. Box 1227, Westwood, New Jersey 07675-1227, telephone toll-free 1-800-831-1117. If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a safety defect exists in a group of vehicles, it may order a recall and remedy campaign. However, NHTSA cannot become involved in indi- vidual problems between you, your dealer, or BMW of North America, LLC. To contact NHTSA, you may either call the Auto Safety Hotline toll-free at 1-800-424-9393 or 366-0123 in the Washington, D.C. area, or write to: NHTSA, U.S. Department of Transpor- tation, Washington, D.C. 20590. You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from the Hotline.


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information 4 Symbols used 4 Your individual vehicle 5 Status at time of printing 5 For your own safety 5 Symbol on vehicle parts 6 Service and warranty 7 Reporting safety defects 7

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