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Post #1 post 17th May 2016 - 04:06 PM
I've bought from Just Jap 3 times and I'm not happy with them mostly due to my most recent purchase.

1st purchase was a HKB boss kit for a MK IV Supra, first they sent the wrong model boss kit that was also scratched up and looked use. I complained that it doesn't fit and appeared to be used so I sent it back and they sent some Chinese crap probably worth $20 when I paid about $100 for it from memory.

2nd purchase was a wiring harness, no problem.

3rd purchase was some Blitz ZZ-R coilovers (about $1300), first I asked them for the torque specs for the strut tops because I couldn't find it. All good there, they asked someone at Blitz and they forward the reply to me. Fast forward 6 months to the 16th of April and I needed more info on the Blitz coilovers (factory settings) so I sent them a email and no reply, I sent another email on the 29th of April and again no reply. I also sent a email to Blitz directly and still no reply.

Now my $1300 purchase has no support from where I purchased it or the manufacturer, what's more is its too bad if I ever needed assistance for these "rebuildable" coil overs, there are no parts available for purchase online, the seller won't reply to emails and neither will the manufacturer.

Even replying "We don't know" is better than ignoring emails, but just putting in a little effort to find out something on a item for someone paid you $1300 for like any company that values their customers would do would have been the right thing to do.

I am/was looking at purchasing a pair of seats from Just Jap but without some explanation and an attempt at making amends I don't think I'd ever deal with them again.
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