Need Some Advice On Daihatsu Motors  

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Post #1 post 12th March 2015 - 07:23 AM
Hey guys.
Just looking around for some info/advice regarding the Daihatsu Charade G200rs motors.

I've owned the car for a while now and I'm craving a little more power.
Just wondering if anyone has any kind of advice on the matter of trying to do engine work to the stock HC motor or if I should just do the 1.6ltr applause swap that everyone seems to do. (The 1ltr GTti motor is out of the question because student life.)
I do plan on boosting it as well at some stage in the close future.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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There's a bloke doing hillclimb and sprints in a charade with an applause motor and it goes like a raped ape.

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There's also a bloke in an Excel that does hillclimbs that needs to go faster. wavey.gif

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Yeah good on ya. 😀
We've go a new head being ported and a reground cam getting done. So we're getting there. Problem is the little shitter is also a daily driver as well and the bride has gotten attached to it, so she won't strip out the interior.
Looks like I'm in the market for another little buzz box...

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I'm hoping to further upgrade my brakes. They are VT fronts so I now want to change to a VS V6 booster with VT master cylinder and Falcon AU reservoir.

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Why the falcon reservoir?

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The VS reservoir sits at the correct angle but the little screw that secures the reservoir to the master cylinder doesn't line up so it would require drilling and tapping. The Falcon reservoir lines up perfectly with the mounting hole and sits at the correct angle. The VT reservoir doesn't sit at the correct angle so can't hold the full amount of fluid. By using the VT master cylinder the front rotors are fed by a 1.25" bore which is better for the twin piston calipers when compared to the original single piston units which required a 1" bore. All I hope is that I see some improvement. Should all be sorted well before round 2 at Mt. Cotton.

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That's a lot of preparation going into round 2. In contrast, we may top up the tank with fresh 98.

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