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Post #1 post 29th December 2014 - 04:49 AM

1. On Christmas in Australia:

2. And dreaming of a ?White Christmas?:

3. On the Westerosi words of Australia:

4. And other Game of Thrones quotes that apply:

5. On the anti-smoking campaign:

6. On what really scares Australians:

8. And Pumpkin Spice Lattes:

9. On culture clashes:

13. And Australian greetings:

15. On being home to People?s Sexiest Man Alive:

18. On the Australian version of The Fault in Our Stars:

19. On the Wicked Witch of Oz:

20. On Tony Abbott?s mates:

21. On this past prime minister:

22. On the sad life of Patrick:

23. On the 2014 Federal Budget:

24. And how it made everyone feel:

25. On the face that haunts your nightmares:

26. And Australian birdlife:

28. And how Australians cope:

33. On chidren?s TV:

34. On the official currency:

36. And drinking animals:

38. On Australian delicacies:


39. And what the world is missing:

46. On Australia?s #winning attitude:

47. And on being ?STRAYAN.

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slow bro
Post #2

Oh man the rampaging pig got me haha

Post #3

fcuken awesome thanks for that haha.

Post #4

f'king piss funny.

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