Scam Or Not? - Scammer mabe?  

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Post #1 post 13th November 2014 - 08:00 PM
I contacted this person about this car he is selling "allegedly" lol. Sorry for being a skeptic is located in Sydney ...when you hit contact seller his info says brookside centre qld 4053.
Plus the price is way to cheap for this car I think ...and the k's on it not likely..
Anyway I got this reply in an email and when someone emails me back saying this I get a bit sus .
I'm writing about the red Nissan Skyline 350GT V35 Coupe (year 2003) that I have for sale on Boost Classifieds. The car is in great mechanical, electrical and cosmetic condition, has never been involved in accidents and always garage kept. It comes with rego valid until the end of August 2015, a current RWC (pink slip) and log book showing complete service records (services are up to date and are all recorded in the book). The price that I'm selling it for is $6,300 and this includes all charges.
I'm selling it because I'm currently working in England and I'm going to move here permanently within the next few months, so the car needs a new home. Being overseas I will not be able to deal in person, but I've already arranged the shipping and the ownership transfer service to any potential buyer. I left the car in the custody of a carrier company, all original documents are along with the car in their possession with written Power of Attorney, so they can sell it on my behalf. Also you will be able to inspect the car before taking a final decision, so if you're interested please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Plus when you call the number it says not connected or can't be contacted ...what do you guys reckon?

PS: I attached some photos so you can take a closer look...

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I've used the report function to bring the matter to McLeod's attention. Thank you for bring the matter to our collective attention.

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You are right to be sceptical,it is indeed a fake,just hit the Report Ad button,or else PM Mcleod directly

Is this price a little closer to the mark?

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Yeah pitty it wasn't 6.3k lol......still the k's are sus I reckon.

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Should be a report button on the advert..unless I'm not looking hard enough .I don't see one

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QUOTE (Sidvzr @ Nov 14 2014, 03:12 PM) *
Yeah pitty

it wasn't 6.3k lol......still the k's are sus I reckon.

I did a registration check,and it's definitely registered until August next year,but I think the ad on Gumtree could be the genuine one,as the price is much more realistic

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It's at the top,Alpha's pushed it,and so have I,with the other link,maybe it doesn't show on a phone unless you download the App

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I sms the chick who owns it.... Still waiting

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Further to the ad,if you go to his profile,he also had a Hilux for sale,guess where he got the spiel,and photos from

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Thank you all, the ad has been removed and user has been suspended.

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When you see something that might be sus google a few paragraphs or photos to see if they been used elsewhere.

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