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Post #1 post 10th November 2014 - 07:09 PM
Hey guys I just bought a car from qld land I want to put it in my name in NSW . I need too get a blue slip for it . Am I abel too go get the blue slip then change it over in too my name in NSW probs sounds like a stupid question but I am new too this blue slip stuff ? Like what's the go how do you do this ?
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yes you need to get a blue slip then you can register it in Nsw in your name.

or maybe you should have just swapped with the backpacker from the other thread

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Cheers mate allways had a work car never had too do anythink like this!

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Is the vehicle currently in NSW,or still in QLD?If it is still in QLD,and currently registered,you will need to get the previous owners approval to drive it into NSW,or else purchase an 'Unregistered Permit'.If it is in NSW,you need to take it to a licensed inspection station,with the relevant paperwork to show proof of ownership.
Here is a link,to find your nearest inspection station (type in your post code or suburb)

and here is some info,if you need to apply for a permit

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