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Post #1 post 15th July 2014 - 08:22 PM
As the title states, what STANDARD issue number plates have you seen that fit the car perfectly. Pics for extra points.

Numbers are made up as I don't remember them and weren't relevant

wrx = 123 RXY (rexy)
s14 = 123 SLD (slide)

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QUOTE (i only got a hk @ Mar 23 2011, 09:04 PM) *
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a mate of mine on his r34 has 134 kLR

Post #3

was sitting behind this vehicle a day or two ago, driving slow in the right hand lane.

the plate says it all really - in case you don't 'get' it BIG HOMO mamoru.gif

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Post #4

Saw 701LET on a Land Rover Discovery... very fitting

Post #5

Mate of mine had 972JZT on his S13 and was tempted to put a '97 2JZ-GTE in it to make the plates match

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Post #7

I saw some old qld plates on a vw, letters first OOF-967 and he had his P-plate wedged in front of the OOF!

Post #8

This bitch is telling me to eat kfc

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Post #9

Two tone pink and silver charade with the plates TUF

Post #10

my old 95 rxt 7 with plates 957 LOL

Post #11

i once had an excel letters on plate were SXL, we called it the sexcel.

Post #12

The other day I seen standard plates that were 001-SHH

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