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Post #1 post 14th June 2014 - 08:36 PM
So I watched the Aus V Chile match this morning. I think I worked out what Aus needs to do, to win. They need better actors, maybe we should put Hugh Jackman or the like in the team so we can pull penalties like the big teams. I think Soccer and American wrestling have a lot in common. So many fake falls it is almost sickening, the replays prove no foul or even contact in some cases. We should introduce the game to the 21 century and the video ref.
And then I realised why soccer fans get so worked up, the poor beggers have been watching for hours just to see one point struck on the board. mamoru.gif

PS: very proud of our boys did a great job sticking it too em!!!!

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Post #2

soccer sucks.
i hate the acting.

i seen some boys in nrl starting to milk for penalties also which is sad.

Post #3

dislike, but i understand the argument they have with the video ref slowing down the game,
simple fix, every penalty gets reviewed after the game and anyone caught milking cops a big fine and a few game ban

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