Where Are All The Old Forum Threads?  

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Post #1 post 7th June 2014 - 04:25 AM
Whats up with all the old threads? I am trying to dig up a particular thread from 2010 but there doesn't seem to be anything older then about 2012. Also, can you only search the classified and not the actual forums now?

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Where are you looking,Off Topic goes back to 2004 (you need to go to page 241),and Forums go back to 2008,most have been archived,but you can still read them.I just went to the bottom of the page,and clicked the 'last page' button

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I was looking for a thread that was in the old Tasmania local section

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The old Tas threads will be in general, if using desktop there's a search forum box under the category title.

Or you could just try google and search 'site:www.boostcruising.com.au keywords'

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Am I doing something wrong... when I use the search button at the bottom of general, it only seems to populate results from >2012

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As Mcleod said,I'm using a desk top,and the pages go back to 2002,but you can left click on the page number box,and punch in any page number you want.Maybe,if you're using a phone,it may not do it

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Looks like if you use the Search Forum box,the maximum time it will let you go back,is one year

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I'll try and check it out / fix tonight.

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Alright, the search forum option will search the entire history now.

You can also try this:


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