Scissor Lift Fail, Wait For It... It's Superman! - the 30 seconds is worth it :P  

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Post #1 post 31st May 2014 - 03:30 PM
Fail... epic fail...

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the big finger
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QUOTE (McLeod @ Jun 1 2014, 09:30 AM) *
Fail... epic fail...

mummy.....i can see my house from hereeeeee!!!

Post #3

You think that's funny? Check out this seven person speed boat crash with slow-motion mamoru.gif

Post #4

That video Doc never seems to get old.

Post #5

I cannot see any videos thanks to my add block. But that's only on boost. Any other page I don't have an issue with.

Post #6

not a scissor lift
but i have seen this come close to happening in real life except dude has a harness on

Post #7

boom lift* and this shit has happened to me before (not as bad. but then again i dont drive them off drop offs.)... thats why you have to wear a harness.

Post #8

I realised my mistake about it being a boom lift after posting but oh well !

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