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Post #1 post 15th March 2014 - 09:30 PM
i hope dan tells seb to get stuffed if it comes to the crunch.no matter what team bosses say a winning driver should be able to do exactly that WIN.Not back off to let a wanker take team glory.Go RICCIARDO you deserve it AUSTRALIA deserves it.I feel for webber he could have been so much more if not for a whining lil bitch who if losing takes his bat and ball and goes home,(radios to boss that he should be winning.Just watched Vettell interview about this subject and he didnt even acknowledge ricciardo typical WANKER
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hahaha vettel no power ........
Thats KARMA whos whos bitch now

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just need cowboys to stick it out then this years a win ahhhhhh i love shit odds over a year

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Go Ricciardo!

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yessir # 1 i hope he kills em
dumb arse vettel RETIRED
hahaha at australia too KARMA

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lifes about chance and arseholes hahaha by chance we got rid of an arsehole haha

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Is Vettel's poor performance a result of his lack of testing? Daniel's been doing all the hard yards with lots of laps in each practice session and the practice days a few weeks ago...

Post #8

cmon mate who cares dans an aussie........
i thought this was a rev head site where are all the true blue race fanatics cheering on one of our own very dissapointed in the response for dan our only hope in the pinnacle of race engineering and true driver performance

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Dude, I was trying to say how much of a cocky prick Vettel is, so much so that he didn't do any hard work.

Whereas Daniel did!

I absolutely loath Vettel, I've got no idea why you think I wasn't supporting Daniel.

Anyway, thank fuck he has held on and taken it home, second place is fkn awesome!

Post #10

sorry cob been on it for days
king oath dan our man 2 nd is awesome and he took his second on the podium luke a true aussie
thanks and hand shakes all round true champion and no bullshit

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aaaaand he's disqualified for excess fuel.

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Lamest of the lame.

Post #13

and they still find a way to take a fair second place away from him ripped F1 needs an aussie up there
but they find a way to cheat
dodgiest ruling ever

Post #14

Let's hope the Red Bull appeal is successful in retaining his #2 finish!

After reading about it some more, there's a lot of talk about the flow sensors managed by the FIA being calibrated incorrectly so RBR is disputing their handling of the situation.

Eugene Dickins
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Post #16

have just heard appeal should be won due to rthe reasons outlined above hope he gets it.
as if its not hard enough for D.R. to make a name for himself

Post #17

australians should stop watching F1 as a protest against this DODGY decision.I wont be watching until D.R. gets his points.CMON UNCLE BERNIE DO THE RIGHT THING

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Apparently the Australian GP Federation (or whatever it's called) is supposedly looking at sueing the FIA...

Who knows... it's a pretty messed up situation to penalize the driver when the car had no clear advantage...


Post #19

WHEN you get past all the jargon, Daniel Ricciardo’s disqualification from the Melbourne Grand Prix was down to insubordination more than anything else.

Ricciardo himself is blameless. Even the stewards who decided to disqualify him admit that. Their quarrel is with Ricciardo’s team, Red Bull, which apparently decided to ignore warnings from a representative of FIA, the sport’s governing body, both before and during the race.


Red Bull is appealing the stewards’ decision. Former Minardi team owner Paul Stoddart reckons there’s a good chance it will be overturned.

“Daniel did not gain any advantage and that will be proven by Red Bull in their appeal,’’ Mr Stoddart told 3AW radio in Melbourne.


“They’ll be able to prove that he didn’t gain an advantage, that the team felt what they did was right, that they were following their own sensor from the actual fuel injection system on the engine.

“We’re talking teams with budgets of $400-$500 million here - they have far better equipment than the FIA.’’

Will be interesting to see how it all pans out...


Post #20

shuffs i agree but surely common sense would be to say right boys new system had an error lets fix it and not let it happen again.and as for neil cromptons comments on they (rbr)knew during the race there was a problem and never attempted to fix said problem isnt correct the way i read it they did confirm their data was what they were going off was saying its all good.so if they did stuff up(red bull racing) punish them by all means but D.R.should not be punished for following bosses orders.F1 should have left it the way it was.and the suing part i think is to do withnot enough sound or rumble coming from the new hybrid engines( thank you hippies) oh well will davidson is in indy might just concentrate on that!!good day

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yeh I'm over it!

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QUOTE (Eugene Dickins @ Mar 17 2014, 12:11 PM) *

And again!!!!

Daniel Ricciardo has been given a 10-place grid penalty for the Bahrain Grand Prix as a punishment for an 'unsafe pit release' by Red Bull in Malaysia.

Although he also received a 10-second stop/go penalty during the race, under the 2014 Formula 1 rules a grid demotion at the subsequent race is also applied.

The Australian was running fourth when he exited his pit before the left front wheel was properly attached at his final stop.

Ricciardo parked in the pitlane as soon as he spotted the problem and was then brought back by his mechanics.

He rejoined a lap down, but subsequently had a front wing breakage and a puncture, and was retired before the finish.

The Malaysian GP stewards ruled that Red Bull had breached article 23.12c of Formula 1's rules by "releasing a car in an unsafe condition during the race."

Ricciardo said he had known there was a problem as soon as he pulled away.

"I guess everyone thought the tyres were on," he said. "As soon as I left I could feel something wasn't right and the left front was loose."

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I watched the race yesterday, Dan was going good (4th) until the mechanics released him without having done the wheel up.

to be fair, it was the guy on the jack who dropped the car before the mechanics gave any signal that they'd attached the wheel, who caused the issue. Dan did what drivers would normally do, he drove off thinking everything was alright, then notices his wheel is loose as he drives of down the pit lane.

then the guy on the jack damages his front wing getting the car back up, causing it to break on the next lap, which cuts the tyre / needs to change the front wing on the next stop etc.

that one little f-up..........has caused a whole lot of headache.

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Just like Melbourne,it was the team at fault,but he's the one being penalised,as you said,he was in fourth place,when he came in,and the resulting damage caused to his vehicle,because one of the pit crew fcuked up,put him out of the race,and to add insult to injury it now carries over to the next race.One day,luck will go his way,I hope.

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I wonder if RBR can get both of their cars over the finish line next race!

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to many regulations lost my support going to start watching indy go power

Post #27

QUOTE (pjc @ Apr 1 2014, 09:13 PM) *
to many regulations lost my support going to start watching indy go power

Here's another reason why people wont like it

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how could you go past this classic Shuffs? mamoru.gif

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In other F1 news....... thumbsup.gif


Ricciardo puts Vettel in shade

Manama (AFP) - Daniel Ricciardo's roller-coaster season saw him qualify third fastest for the Bahrain Grand Prix with a performance of raw speed which again put struggling world champion and Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel in the shade.

The 24-year-old Australian was just 0.866sec off the pole position time of Mercedes' Nico Rosberg in a barnstorming drive given extra impetus by the knowledge that he was facing a 10-place penalty on the grid for a pit-lane infringement in Malaysia last week.

It was the latest dramatic episode for Ricciardo who had his second place in Australia stripped from him through disqualification.

Then, in Malaysia, he drove off with a loose wheel after a pit stop, and had to return to the garage to have it refitted.

As he returned to the track, dropping from fourth to last, Ricciardo's front wing came loose and damaged a front tyre, meaning he had to go back to the pits.

And he then had to serve a 10-second stop-go penalty before retiring.

Despite his travails, Ricciardo was still optimistic that he can charge back through the field under the Sakhir floodlights on Sunday and open his points account for the season.

"We?ve got some good guys in the office back there and I?m sure they?ll do what they can to get me as far up the front as possible," he said.

"I would love to charge through and have a podium after the 57 or so laps. I think realistically we just have to get some points to start with. My season has been going well but I don?t have any points to show for it so far, so I think that?s the first target."

Ricciardo's penalty meant that four-time world champion Vettel, who missed out on the third and final qualifying session, will start in 10th spot.

But it has been a miserable week so far for Vettel who also suffered the indignity of crashing into the gravel in Saturday's third and final practice session which left him with the second slowest time.

?We weren?t quick enough today. I was pretty happy yesterday, but I think this morning didn?t help us when I spun off and did some damage to the car," admitted Vettel.

"It?s hard to say how big the impact of that was, as once you start qualifying you just get your head down and try to do the best you can.

"I think our speed is okay on a longer run ?- and actually on a shorter run too, as Dan has shown. It will be hard to overtake some cars tomorrow, but we will try our best.?

Ricciardo's blistering performance on Saturday even prompted cheeky suggestions that the Australian should now be considered as Red Bull's number one driver.

Pole-sitter Rosberg, however, wasn't going to fall into the trap.

"I don't really want to rate them. Sebastian is clearly a fantastic driver, one of the best out there and Daniel is doing a great job and definitely deserves the seat that he?s got at Red Bull," said Rosberg.
"It will be an interesting battle between the two."

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So best I can figure...the race is on at 1 am tonight, then broadcast at 11:30 PM tomorrow? There is no replay at a civilised time?

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QUOTE (wolfman101 @ Apr 6 2014, 03:43 PM) *
So best I can figure...the race is on at 1 am tonight, then broadcast at 11:30 PM tomorrow? There is no replay at a civilised time?

It starts at 12.30AM tonight on Channel 10,runs through until 3AM.Why don't you record it and watch it at your leisure?Just don't watch any Sports News beforehand.

Post #32

Ricciardo's appeal has been heard, just awaiting the decision now.......


Red Bull sweat on Ricciardo verdict

Red Bull's bid to have Daniel Ricciardo's Australian Grand Prix disqualification overturned is likely to be decided on Tuesday after the Formula One team's appeal was heard in Paris.

Rising Australian driver Ricciardo crossed the line second at his home grand prix on March 16 only to be stripped of his place after the team was found guilty of breaching fuel flow regulations.

Red Bull put its case to the FIA's International Court of Appeal on Monday and the team came under fire by rivals Mercedes, who said it flouted rules and should be shown a "yellow card" to stop it from becoming a repeat offender.

The hearing lasted more than six hours and the court said it expected to deliver its ruling by Tuesday morning (Tuesday night AEST).

Ricciardo wasn't present for the hearing but observers from McLaren, Lotus, Williams and Force India were.

In its appeal, Red Bull argued race officials should not have stripped Ricciardo of his second-place finish, and the 18 points that go with it.

The case represents the first major challenge to this season's sweeping rule changes, which have seen F1 ditch 2.4-litre V8 engines for smaller 1.6-litre V6 turbo hybrid engines.

The rules are forcing teams to be more fuel efficient, allowing them to burn no more than 100kg, about one third less than the V8s used.

The rules also limit the rate at which fuel is burned to no more than 100kg per hour at any time.

Red Bull was accused of consistently overstepping that mark with Ricciardo's car in Melbourne.

Governing body FIA told Red Bull during the race that Ricciardo's car was burning through fuel too quickly.

The team dialled back the flow for a few laps. But after that slowed Ricciardo, Red Bull then turned his engine back up again.

Red Bull argued on Monday that the FIA-approved sensor used to measure the delivery of fuel to Ricciardo's car was faulty and so the team relied instead on its own fuel-flow measurements.

Representing Red Bull, lawyer Ali Malek said Ricciardo's fuel sensor was "obviously unreliable", his disqualification based on a "flawed and incorrect" interpretation of F1 rules and that the team was perfectly entitled to use its own fuel-flow calculations.

Mercedes lawyer Paul Harris argued that Red Bull was in "flagrant breach" of F1 rules.

He said the court should impose an increased but suspended penalty on Red Bull to dissuade the team from any further rule violations.

"We are frankly, and with great respect, concerned that Red Bull have shown such a flagrant and deliberate disregard for these rules," Harris said.

"There is a real risk that they will do it again.

"We must have a level playing field."

A reinstatement would allow Ricciardo to collect 18 points from the race and rise to third place in the championship.

It also would also make the 24-year-old the first Australian to finish on the podium at a home grand prix since the event joined the F1 world championship in 1985.

Special k
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no good. That's a shame for Daniel.

Post #34

Sad, but kind of expected...

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QUOTE (wolfman101 @ Apr 6 2014, 04:43 PM) *
So best I can figure...the race is on at 1 am tonight, then broadcast at 11:30 PM tomorrow? There is no replay at a civilised time?

Well well well look what we have here

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