Unexplained S-shaped "cloud" On Radar - Going around the news a bit..  

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Post #1 post 12th February 2014 - 05:35 PM
So this story has been going around a bit...

NOBODY knows what caused the S-shaped formation which appeared in the sky off the West Australian coast, only that it was there.

The weather bureau radar detected the unusual shape around 30km west of Rottnest Island on Wednesday afternoon.
Quote: News.com.au

BUT, we're the only ones that caught a timelapse of it, check it out on the link below:

S-Shaped Cloud Radar Timelapse
Attached File  745777_e27e7650_942c_11e3_831f_628faee552fc.jpg ( 37.02K ) Number of downloads: 1

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Samsung going a step further to better icloud mamoru.gif

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Apple will now take legal action...

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I think you'll find that apple had the whole cloud idea patented first doc. laugh.gif

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Maybe than is why the Perth 128 klm radar is called Serpentine, lol

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I am involved in a cloud project ATM HTH.

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as long as it isn't G20 related I won't loath you, lol

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