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Post #1 post 6th February 2014 - 03:27 PM
So in August I will be living in the states for 5 months. I'll be needing a phone deal for when I am over there and looking to spend as least as possible. I want to say I won't be using data a lot, but i am pretty new to travelling on my lonesome so I really don't know..

I already have an unlocked phone. Just wanting to know if anyone knew of any good deals or what the common thing to do is ?


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get ready to bend over....

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3G/4G coverage in the USA is pretty crap, so you won't have much of an opportunity to use data anyway! smile.gif

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Buy a pre-paid over there...

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Yeah just buy prepaid AT&T sim and use your unlocked phone. My wife's sister recently did a US trip and that worked out the best.

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