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Post #1 post 21st January 2014 - 08:35 PM
So, I've come across a few people being ticked off with being limited to viewing a couple articles per day on the News Ltd websites like The Courier Mail and thought I'd post how to get around it.

The way to do it is basically to take advantage of the "Privacy" and "Incognito" functions that exist within Safari on iPhones, Chrome on Android/iPhone and Firefox and Chrome in Windows / MacOSX.

Instructions for each mobile / desktop browser below:

Windows or MacOSX with Chrome

Simple as, same as mobile, hit the menu button at the top right, and select incognito.

Navigate to the website, view articles, and once you hit the article limit again, just close the tab and start over.

Windows or MacOSX with Firefox

Firefox is very similar to Chrome, but the menu is usually at the top left, or to Alt+F and choose New Private Window.

Same ol' story, navigate to website, view and read articles, and if you hit the article limit again, just close the tab and navigate back to the website. You shouldn't need to go back and forth in and out of privacy mode.

iPhone with iOS7

Step 1 - with Safari open, click the right bottom corner option.

Step 2 - Tap Private on the bottom left, this takes you into private mode. You can keep existing windows or close them, the choice is yours.

Now browse to the website again, and read whatever articles you like. Once you hit the limit just close that tab and start again.

iPhone or Android with Chrome

Simple as, just tap the right menu option and select Incognito, then navigate to the website.

If you hit the article view limit, just close the tab and start a new one, simple as.

My rant...

But... f*ck News Ltd anyway, if you're in Brisbane, I can't go past recommending Brisbane Times because it's a Fairfax (not News Ltd) publication and is completely free, it has a different feel and totally different level of bias. News Ltd has become rather trashy in recent years!
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genius! thanks

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