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Post #1 post 17th January 2014 - 04:23 AM
Hey guys,

I'm needing help from anyone a bit tech savvy in relation to mobile phone networks

I live in Cashmere (semi-bushland) and have no mobile signal inside the house, and low signal outside and I'm looking at buying a signal booster to give me mobile reception within the house,

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 4G on Telstra network. Im not worried too worried about 3g or 4g capability on the phone as it is connected to the wi-fi network. I'm mainly just wanting to get mobile signal.

I've spotted this on fleabay:

Would this fix the problem? Or is it likely to be cash urinated against a wall?

Educated input would be appreciated, thanks
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No for the love of god no, just pop street in and rough section, I can tell you tmrow

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Hmm, doesn't Optus have a product where you plug in a device that acts as a mobile base station and uses your home internet connection?

I know you are with Telstra... but if changing providers is an option and you have decent internet... maybe!

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Unfortunately network change isnt an option.

Springbrook Ct VK, thanks smile.gif

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OK, for a start those booster/repeaters are illegal, most get caught at customs or worse ACMA pays you a visit, they are the number 1 cause of fkd networks for others around you.

Cashmere is a bit of a bastard for coverage as the terrain is undulating and the local residents don't want any towers build there. The closest one for you is Cashmere water tower, PSC 131, the next will be Strathpine West PSC 427, there are at least 2, 12m rises in elevation towards both cells.

The optus solution is called a Femto cell and is not without it's own issues, ask the users what their internet usage went to, lol, great solution though all the same.

Telstra sell a device they call a Smart Antenna, it is a Nextivity Cel Fi repeater, Window unit to collect signal tied vis wifi to a Coverage Unit, expensive ($800 ) as it actively talks with the network.

My self I would install a 14db Yagi on the highest point you can and point it approx 60 to 70 degrees, then feed the cable and connect to a flat panel antenna inside, a very basic passive repeater, but it works and is cheap as well as simple, all the gear easy to find on Ebay etc.

if you have a Iphone , field test mode *3001#12345#* send will turn the useless bars into real signal level as well as the menu will show neighbour cells and strengths, as well as the scrambling code, PSC, so you can I.D. bases.

I hope this helps, also if internet access is what you are after , disable 4G unless you truly have a good 4G signal, it will be a clusterfk otherwise

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vk134: awesome response!

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QUOTE (Mcleod @ Jan 18 2014, 01:52 PM) *
vk134: awesome response!

Yep,as always,except when he starts talking about Harry Firth and Alan Bond


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Doh yadda yadda, nothing to see here, lol

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Thanks for that VK... and agreed Mc,

I'll look around for the bits suggested.

In response the the last two lines - not worried about 4g (wifi connected), and its a Samsung so i'm guessing that code isnt much help. Guess it would be for others though smile.gif

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you can try to access the ServiceMode , try to type *#0011# , *#0*# , Samsung used to provide field test display by entering codes in keypad. However, from Galaxy S3 onward, the service mode *#*#197328640#*#* was disabled. Only *#0011# is still available. The worst is that even the android default testing info *#*#4636#*#* was disabled as well. Who knows what the sales/marketing gimps in Telstra have implemented for the GUI

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Yeah, the first two codes work. no idea what I am looking at though haha

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key thing to search for are RSCP, that is the true decoded signal after noise, with Voice, 3g has a -106 dbm cutoff, 4g about -130 dbm, 3g data craps out below -95 dbm from what I have tested, 4g -110 dbm,

do a walk around your house pausing ever few meters and watch the signal update, there is also EcIo which is an indicator of noise around, the lower the better.

Watch the PSC to see if that changes, Primary Scrambling Code lets you know what base and sector you are on, there is also Cell ID but that is often displayed in hex and I can never be fkd to do the calculations to work out what base.

Sometimes pointing the Yagi to a base that is further away but less noisy will yield better results, also you have to keep in mind that cells expand and contract depending on loading as there is a finite amount of Tx power.

You may have noticed that you can use the phone in the morning, but after school, the spotty crew are maxxing out their Jizzabytes of data and banal texts, so your signal level is borked

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