8pm mt gravatt lookout tonight 26th  

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Post #1 post 25th October 2002 - 11:49 PM
alright any one that wants to come out tonight im meeting up with people at mt gravatt lookout .

any one that wants to come along feel free. just look for the white 180,


btw im leaving soon so no use replying. tho you can call me on 0404088098 or sms
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hi cawps

/me waves

Post #3

nah wasnt any coppers. not a bad spot if it wasnt windy n s*** ,


the red krawler
Post #4

Mt gravatt lookout is a kickass meeting place.

Cops are non existant as of late, although they used to make frequent visits "back in the day" when burnout comps where on every night smile.gif

I think its a great place to stop at on the way back from the coast too, let the 8-10 cars still in a group have a chat and a quiet chill before going home.

Post #5

yah it is good but when goin up be carefull i almost got taken out by a front wheel drifter comin around a blind corner (fuckin idiot)

Post #6

Yeah i gotta remember to slow down going up that place!

Nice drive aswell, plus the gf loves it!

Post #7

I love drivin up and down there....The only corner i hate is the one near the top where there is the guardrail on one side and a big tree that sticks out on the other. Other than that corner it is all sweet

Post #8

Thank god i didn't loose it going up, but almost, oh well at least i know i am not gonna go that fast up there again...

Post #9

Try being taken up there at 180km/h all the way now that is fuckin scary. The guy that was driving is the best driver i know. He is an awesome driver.

Post #10

180... umm phicsics doesnt alow that, maybe on the straight beofre the second last corner but not the whole way

the red krawler
Post #11

Try being taken up there at 180km/h all the way now that is fuckin scary. The guy that was driving is the best driver i know. He is an awesome driver.


Bullshit alert.

If you are going to make up stuff, at least make it plausible.

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Post #13

180???? maybe it was then u woke up and changed hands... no offence but the whole way? i dont think so... even a little bit is that possible im not sure? but yer not the whole way that last armco corner is a tight one

Post #14

Yeah well 180kmh is posible, V8 sigma did it. Anyway that is a dangerous road to nail it up, great at night you say its ok you can see the head lights from other cars, but going at excessive speed your not going to be able to get out of the way.

And thats my bitch for tonight, I just got a thing with going fast up hills like that.

Post #15

Yes, and thank god there was no other cars coming down at the time. Oh well, a valuable lesson learnt.

Post #16

yah well it was night and i saw headlights and i had mine on at that time anyway. but he still wanted to be stupid and come around that guide rail corner at about 80 or some bullshit speed in my lane and then almost loose it (wannabe drifter) anyway thats just my winge take it easy around blind corners. CAUSE I SAID SO

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