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Post #1 post 8th February 2016 - 11:19 AM
Guys - Help a fella out if you can.

I'm trying to find a good mechanic who will be able to help me out at a reasonable cost!

The float of my 06 Pathfinder fuel tank has fallen off and it might also have a hole in it. I'm looking for a mechanic that will be willing to pull the fuel tank out of my car and just repair the float - i'm not interesting in putting in a new fuel sender when the cost of that exceeds $600!!! Especially when i know all that is needed is the float. I've had the car less then a week - I've called around but can't find anyone to help me! everyone is just trying to get more money by asking me to replace the whole sender!

I am aware that just repairing the float means mechanics can't provide a warranty etc and I don't mind, basically i just want someone to do the dirty work!

Any suggestions? I'm over near north-lakes
blue fc
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how do you know that it is the actual bubble part of the float that has come off and that its not the rheostat (or whatevever style of sender guts)that is damaged? both will give the same problem and untill you remove the sender you wont know .maybee its a common fault ,thats why the mechanics have recomended replacement.and the labour charge to bodgy it or fix it properly will be the same. the cheapest way is to carry a can of petrol in the back !

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