Round Up - Sunday cruise to Mt Glorious/Kilcoy  

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Post #1 post 20th October 2002 - 05:07 PM
Today's (Sunday 20th Oct) cruise up Mt Glorious/Kilcoy was a good one. The winding roads up and down the mountain ranges were quite fun, and the pace was very good, good enough to keep us all happy I think, there wasn't anyone that enjoyed crawling. (pics will be in the events section shortly).

Unfortunately it did go longer than expected, with a few hic-ups (and directions - good on ya grim tongue.gif) as a couple cars had problems, and a few people called it quits early and mid way through. Quite a few left after the drive up mt glorious, and missed the most fun of the day later, oh well! At the end of the day there was 17 car's left out of about 25-30 that started.

Indy next weekend! Then the Sunny Coast cruise in a couple weeks after, should be a good couple weeks ahead.

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should I say "ph33r my d|r3c710ns" biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Heheh, was a great day out

^^^ Photos ^^^

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Good work guys, Too bad I couldn't make it, I would have been in the shit as it was my mother in laws b/day...

hahaha.. See yas all at INDY..

then the Noosa cruise on the 10th... biggrin.gif


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Ha a really good time cant wait to see some more pics ! wink.gif

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more piccies : thanks to Sbyder

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