2005 Toyota Hilux Hilux 4X4  

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Post #1 post 7th February 2011 - 02:17 AM
V6 4.0L

2 1/2 inch all the way

Standed right now ( 4" lift in 2 weeks )

17" american racing rims with 31" tyres ( 34" Bighons in 2 weeks )

Full shaven tub, custom roll pan with LED lights, Grill, Bullbar, Ally side steps, dark tint windows, custom rear recovery points

MP3 CD player with 6 1/2" spilts with tweaters up the front and 6" speakers in the rear

still alot more to build on it going to shave the door handles out in the next weeks and put AVS door poper kit in then
paint it and the wheels PPG Lambo Matte Black.

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2005 Toyota Hilux Hilux 4x4
2005 Toyota Hilux Hilux 4x4
2005 Toyota Hilux Hilux 4x4
2005 Toyota Hilux Hilux 4x4
2005 Toyota Hilux Hilux 4x4


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    Post #3

    yeh i havent seen anyone with this shape Hilux do this so thought it be something diff to do

    I done all the work myself took only 3days

    Post #4

    Looks good but it needs a whole for the rego plate to sit somewhere.

    It just doesn't look right to me.

    Post #5

    yeh i am gonna French one in aka box it in. if you look i dont even have a number plate light hahaha....

    Post #6

    maybe more pics :/
    so far so good though?

    Post #7

    i put a shit load of pix up but only 2 loaded up..

    Post #8

    how can i load more pix

    Post #9

    Click edit and there should be an upload attach thing down the bottomm.

    Where are you going to french in the numper plate?

    I think it's too close to the lights there. You shouldn't put it sideways though because that's getting old.

    Post #10

    Looks rough as. Needs a lot more work before paint..

    Post #11

    nah i am going to leave it in the centre, i ant into that hole side on plate thing, looks stupid.

    yeh i tried doing that but it wont work... arrhhhh

    Post #12

    and yeh i know it needs more work on the body lines ect, i done all this in 3days all buy myself. i am gonna wait till i shave the handles out before i shape the tub more then ill paint it ( i am a Spray painter by trade )

    Post #13

    Why would you shave the doors if you are going to take it off? road assuming you are because of the mods, it would look alright but wouldnt it just be inpracticle?

    Post #14

    I wanna shave them off co 1 I can 2 I haven't seen anyone shave up this shape Hilux before 3 I want it look more custom coz I get board of it looking stock
    Ita no inapropratie to shave them for off road makes no diff having door handles or not having them. You only use them to get in and outta the truck. With pop kit it opens it pretty much for you.

    Post #15

    post pics of full car

    Post #16

    full car pix

    Post #17

    All I need now is ally sports bar for the tub

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