Paolo's Fiat - 124 CC Coupe 1973  

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Post #1 post 26th April 2010 - 05:53 PM
Engine: 2.0L twin cam

Exhaust: 2"

Suspension: King springs with Pedders gas shocks.

Wheels: 17x7" Simmons FR17's on front. 17x8" Simmons FR17's on Rear

Modifications: Ground up restoration about 8 years ago, Interior retrim.

Stereo Audio / Visual: Sony Head deck, pioneer speakers

Estimated Power: Nothing yet.

I uploaded some photos of my coupe when I first purchased it. All I have done to it is found a set of Simmons to suit it which took me a long time to do! And I threw a set of Super Lows in the rear. Next on the list to do is replace all suspension, brakes, bushes, ball joints etc, and I need to raise the front around 15mm, and get some 245 tyres on the rear.
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat
Paolo's Fiat



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    Post #2

    Very nice man thumbsup.gif

    Post #3

    124 coupes are hot...
    Yours looks good, I like it how it has simmons and not some el cheapo wheels from bob jane's.

    Post #4

    You didn't happen to get those wheels off eBay by any chance, did you? (some guy on the Sunny Coast from memory).

    If so... squint.gif

    Car looks great though! Can't say I've ever seen one getting around.

    Post #5

    Clean interior for such a car.

    Post #6

    wow, that looks awesome!

    very diffrent

    Post #7

    haha this is a pretty random car to do up. its actually pretty sexy. front looks a bit naked though

    Post #8

    i remember when you first posted this, very cool man

    Post #9

    you should of gone shakotan on it's ass
    it wuld of looked like sex on camber

    Post #10

    interrior is hot! the whole car is! well done

    Post #11

    excellent wheel choice. Very nice.

    Post #12

    very clean

    Post #13

    Bloody hot

    Post #14

    my favorite Fiat. pristine example. love it (especially the interior)

    Post #15

    Thanks guys, I'm glad the car gets abit of respect.

    No the wheels weren't from eBay.

    Post #16

    Not bad there mate.. I remember Ya from when u had the Black Rexy .. anyways. Its abit diff car. All the best with it ! smile.gif


    Post #17

    nice nice looks mad

    Post #18

    that looks neat.

    Post #19

    wow i always though fiats looked shit but this is so good, nice car man

    Post #20

    nice restore, i never have liked fiats until now

    Post #21

    looks mint mate,
    well done

    Post #22

    Looks good mate! I like it smile.gif

    Post #23

    That's fucking sick man, love it!

    Would love to see some camber on this beauty, but also love the simmons!

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