Boostn_creations's Datsun - 1600 P510 Sedan  

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Post #1 post 10th November 2009 - 01:45 PM
Engine: z18et

Exhaust: 3" stainless from turbo back to dumper tip

Suspension: koni adjustables

Wheels: 17"x7" unsure of the brand havnt looked close enough

Modifications: Stinger EMS 4424 ecu, mandrel 3 " stainless steel exhaust, high mount exhaust manifold, stainless high flow cat, HKS 35mm external wastegate (screamer pipe), head work, copper head gasket, electric boost controller, custom alloy radiator, big fuel rail, Malpassi rising rate fuel regulator, FJ20ET throttle body, Mazda RX7 550cc injectors, VL fuel pump, custom surge tank, Davies Craig electric water pump, twin thermo fans. twin Bosch coils, K &N pod filter, T3/T4 turbo, custom FMIC, Turbosmart BOV, Nissan Z18ET gear box, custom tail shaft, R180 3.9 locked diff, 280zx brass button Exedy clutch, Nissan 240K discs, twin pot calipers, braided brake lines, daytona fixed back racing seats, water, oils, boost & tacho gauges, Davies Craig electric water pump controller, aftermarket steering wheel, Blitz ssbc electric boost controller, HKS turbo timer, thats what i can remember for now.

Stereo Audio / Visual: will be taking care of this soon

Estimated Power: 250rwhp on 14psi badly needs a tune so im getting a new computer soon and a few bits aiming for 300rwhp

this is my new rig picked her up sunday, its great fun and my first turbo car so im learning heaps with it, have plans to get it a little more legal before i put her back on the road e.g. remove screamer pipe, get seats mod plated ect... then try and get 300 ponies out of her which is more than enough for me, tell me what you think ?

p.s. yet to get some new photos after i clean her and polish her these photos are from a previous owner...
Boostn_creations's Datsun
Boostn_creations's Datsun
Boostn_creations's Datsun
Boostn_creations's Datsun

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  • dwn4wateva
    Post #2

    that is so cool

    Post #3

    Always wanted one of these

    Post #4

    thats tight as dude. Very nice!

    Post #5

    thanks guys, only problem is im still on my p's for a couple months so all my open licensed mates are lining up to drive it lol but until im on my opens it gives me time to clean it up and make it my car. for the time being im driving a vn commo i got for free from the couple i sold my subi to so i cant wait to legally drive the datto everyday !!! but its not worth losing my license over....

    Post #6

    win!!!!!! love it bro

    Post #7

    In love. Nice as mate

    Post #8

    Very clean mate, Love it!

    Post #9

    nice colour

    Post #10

    Some smaller wider/better light weight wheels would look good on it. Good to see the z18 turbo not many still getting around with those.

    QIK TX5
    Post #11

    nice datto

    Post #12

    They are so cute !

    Post #13

    Sweet as smile.gif

    Post #14

    That is fucking lushy bud I want one but nooo qld p plate laws say no

    Post #15

    Nice another z18 1600 thumbsup.gif

    Post #16

    Nice datto.. Love these things !!

    Post #17

    thats sick man

    Post #18

    nice mate, how much did you pick this up for ?

    Post #19

    Very nice, but i'd be more impressed if you built it.

    Post #20

    tight car bro.. thanx for the drive b4 smile.gif

    turbo x-trail
    Post #21

    EMS STINGER REPRESENT!!!!!!! yewww lol

    Post #22

    QUOTE (dreeft @ Nov 11 2009, 11:46 AM) *
    Very nice, but i'd be more impressed if you built it.

    indeed i take no credit for anything on the car at present but stay tuned as i am taking it off the road for 12 months to get a respray, new interior (as original as possible) and a rebuild with new computer system and forged bottom end maby stroke to 2.0ltr ..... depends on my cashflow

    QUOTE (niz32 @ Nov 11 2009, 12:48 PM) *
    tight car bro.. thanx for the drive b4 smile.gif

    haha no worries brother anytime !

    QUOTE (turbo x-trail @ Nov 11 2009, 01:05 PM) *
    EMS STINGER REPRESENT!!!!!!! yewww lol


    Post #23

    wow thats nice! I love what you done with the front light xD.

    Post #24

    not my kind of rims though

    Post #25

    very impressed...z18et school!!! love the color but the rims dont suit it imo...maybe some simmons FR's but everyones got them!!! best of luck bud!!!

    Post #26

    love it!!! but rims lettin it down, get some watanabes on there asap!

    GL with an awesome car

    Post #27

    go the old skool datto gotta love em

    Post #28

    that is nice the colour is so good smile.gif good job mate

    Post #29

    hell yeah!!! wicked datto there mate

    Post #30

    that looks mint

    Post #31

    Again - the wheels aren't perfect for that car but they could be a whole heap worse as well so ... dunno.gif

    Awesome car overall though - envious indeed!

    Post #32

    this car was originally built in Sydney, a close mate bought it and modified it further to what you see now...its been bought and sold a few times since

    cool car, lots of nice parts in it, good one mate!

    Post #33

    Havent seen this car in ages.

    Post #34

    QUOTE (gun16 @ Nov 11 2009, 04:51 PM) *
    Havent seen this car in ages.

    Werd, it's been around the block a few times!

    Post #35

    Capital W.O.W!!

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