2005 Toyota Hilux - VIC: Regional  

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Post #1 post 22nd April 2013 - 11:55 PM
This is my lux
2005 Toyota Hilux
2005 Toyota Hilux
2005 Toyota Hilux
2005 Toyota Hilux


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  • JHK91
    Post #2

    Could possibly be the worst description I've ever seen.

    Post #3

    would you like me to bang on about lame mods like air cleaner pod so on?

    Post #4

    mostly stock hilux, spicer lowered leaf springs, and thats about it. sr5 extra cab

    Post #5

    i really dont like the chrome guards.. or the wheels.

    Post #6

    It looks alrite. Its a nice ute. Not lowerd n bullshit

    Post #7

    Neat looking Lux, Nice job. Looking for one the same

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