The girls of Lexmark Indy 300 - QLD: Brisbane  

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Post #1 post 25th October 2005 - 09:31 AM
The Girls of Lexmark Indy 300
The girls of Lexmark Indy 300
The girls of Lexmark Indy 300
The girls of Lexmark Indy 300
The girls of Lexmark Indy 300
The girls of Lexmark Indy 300
The girls of Lexmark Indy 300
The girls of Lexmark Indy 300


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    Post #2

    went tp primary with girl #5... she is also the chick from the hungry jacks commercials...

    Post #3

    Argh thats better..........

    Post #4

    Is it me or are they getting worse every year?

    I'd be happy to have a look and compliment if they were any good...

    Pics 1 & 4 are not bad.... but the rest are downright blah!

    Post #5

    Miss indy was hot tho... wheres her pic!!!!!!!!!

    Post #6

    shit if thats all the competition they got i think i might enter next year hahaha biggrin.gif

    Post #7

    Number 1 is Dayna i went to skool wit her...
    Some have hot bodies but the gritest heads..
    Only 50% of the promo girls are hot..
    hrmm indy was great smile.gif

    Post #8

    seen better,

    if this trend continues i'll put myself up for miss indy next year

    Post #9

    Pic #2 on the right drool.gif ....The others unsure.gif ..

    Post #10

    Hmmm people aren't too nice are they... Can't wait to hear what I'm gonna cop...
    Me in the 2nd pic (brunette) - YUCK.

    Post #11

    if thats you in the second pic on the right i'd say ur pretty good looking

    id go out with you dunno.gif

    Post #12

    Theres some rough ones there run.gif

    Post #13 thanks? Haha

    Post #14

    I rekon number one and the brown haired chick in number 2 are the best

    Post #15

    QUOTE(rycegirl @ Oct 25 2005, 02:37 PM)
    Miss indy was hot tho... wheres her pic!!!!!!!!!


    trenty man
    Post #16

    da chick in pic #4 is hot as!! miss indy was mighty fine! thumbsup.gif

    Post #17

    hahaha the replies to this thread are funny... some of these girls need to learn to not put on soo much make up and shit but i arn't complaining cause no one is perfect to bad a lot of people think they are hahaha

    Post #18

    You realise that wearing a lot of make up is not a matter of choice, and that you are REQUIRED to be wearing full make up for work? Right? ...

    Post #19

    I bet no one here would say no to any of those chicks. I bet they are heaps hot when not dressed in promo clothes!

    Post #20

    QUOTE(CSX 16 @ Oct 25 2005, 02:42 PM)
    Word. They must have a hard time getting attractive girls for it. The girl in picture number 5 has one mother of an oversized forehead.

    If you had to spend one day in the life of an indy girl... you'd understand why the quality is so shit.

    Its like being a can of tuna opened and left on the ground in a cage full of unfed wild cats.

    *shudders* I don't think they get paid enough to put up with that.


    Anouchka ain't bad either.. didn't see her behind those glasses smile.gif Cute smile

    4X4 Monkey
    Post #21

    not bad

    Post #22

    theres 2 minutes i will never get back........

    SITH 1
    Post #23

    hot girls

    Post #24

    damn hungry jacks and maccas making all our chicks ugly.. must be putting ugly mofo pills in it :S shore happened to me

    Post #25

    you guys have no taste. the brunette chick in pic 2 is gorgrous

    Mr Rotary
    Post #26

    Biased opinion middy smile.gif

    Nah, just joking

    Definately the best out of the lot. smile.gif

    Post #27

    I was one of the Bartercard V8 Supercar Grid Girl....wearing the orange grid i know that chick in #5

    Post #28

    hey cmon lads i wouldn't hear any of you complaining if they approched u out on the town..... well at least i wouldn't be complaining...... except if chick number 3 wore those glasses.....thats where i draw the line

    Post #29

    omg i went to school with the chick in the 6th photo!!


    Post #30

    all good but the third pik wiht that ugymo chik was fukgin gross

    Post #31

    1st 2nd and last pic are way! better than the others in my opinion! and yes bit mean but im hoping the 3rd pic was...... a bad angle?? hahaha or not

    Post #32

    What a fucking joke...those girls aren't even hot.

    I'd put up a pic of my girlfriend who danced in the Indy parade and at the miss indy finals she smokes any of those girls BUT i know that u would all go and have a wop over her...

    Point being the MAJORITY of promo chicks this year were nasty fat skanks who got paid shit all to walk around in limited clothing, but then again most guys had beer goggles on and probly didn't car.

    Post #33

    the girl in no.1 is hot as and the shorter brunnette hair girl in no.2 is hot as .... but shit have to agree on this one the girls of are getting shit like most of the girls at autosalon and street tourqur that they look like 12 yr old bodies with a 30 yr olds head eeewwwyyuk....

    Post #34

    Yeh tru that there were some nasty girls at autosalon gold coast...most of the hot chicks don't do it cause they are sick of old frunk guys grabbing them and yelling out to them...its funny for a little while but when every guy is trying to grab ur girlfriend and are all over them u start to get really pissed off and defensive.

    I wouldn't want to be a chick at indy, especially promo girls walking through the crowds getting photos

    Post #35

    need more brunettes

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