Registering my vehicle, with a twist!  

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Post #1 post 24th February 2012 - 10:35 AM
Hi guys, not sure if this is the correct spot to post but i'll fire away.

Around August Last year i brought a 1999 Nissan Patrol, The owner never supplied a Roadworthy so i had to try and chase one up. I had a receipt and the transfer papers. I tried for a roadworthy but was knocked back due to alot of small things. At this stage it was the only car i could use due to my other two cars either being in a workshop or the misses. I didn't like driving around on someone else's rego, but in my situation i had too.

A week goes by and a radiator hose split without me knowing and the engine got hot really quick then the throwout bearing started makes noise, so i then had to put it into a workshop. Some $2300 later the clutch was fixed but the head on the engine needed to be replaced ( The workshop said my cooling system was fine, this is the same guy that told me i have a RB30 in my patrol not a 4.2L TB42... Need i say anymore)

So then i placed the car into another workshop to be fixed, i had to let the car sit for a few months before i had enough cash to fix the head. I was then sent away for 3 months up North, i put the car in to a workshop before i left and said he has a few months to fix it. I come back wait another month it's Jan by this time and i finally get the car back ( another $4000 later )...

At this stage im out of pocket and i've only had enough cash to get the car fixed and running, not to pass a roadworthy. The car is still registered at this stage ( Till May 2012 ).

The only problem is now, between each workshop the transfer papers have been lost. Now i don't know the guys details i brought it off, nothing. So i was told to wait till it runs out of rego then register it as a new vehicle registration. When i think about it i can pick so many flaws with that plan.

I'm stuck i have no idea what to do, i don't have a receipt nor the transfer papers. I'm so lost as what to do? Can i hand in the plates, cancel the rego even though it's not in my name?

What makes the matter worse is i think i may have accumulated a speeding fine yesterday ( Exiting the Gateway onto Old Cleveland Rd where it goes from 100 to 60, i was coasting to slow down but still doing approx 75 ) I'm really pissed about that it was completely my fault and now i think it's going to be alot harder to work out what to do. I don't want the guy who i brought the car off getting the infringement notice and then he hasn't got my details to forward it onto. I Don't want him to worry or face any trouble.

Any help would really pull me out of the shit, i don't condone driving on someone elses registration nor speeding. This has been a massive lesson.

Thanks guys.


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im not too sure, but i assume that you could check the police station and see if you have any issued infringments notices to that vehicles rego.

unsure about everything else. sorry

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best bet is to trace previous owner .

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Thanks INVU, i ended up going to the Police Station. They where not much help and just pointed me in the direction of DOT.

So i found myself at the Department of Transport, the lady was very helpful. She said there isn't much i can do. I just have to wait out the period until the rego runs out and then i can change it into my name. Hopefully the guy i brought it off still has my details so if i did get fined he can forward the fine onto me.

QUOTE (MotoXXX @ Feb 24 2012, 11:22 AM) *

Thanks for the correction, i didn't think i did to bad for someone with a learning disability.

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thats abit fuckd

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