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Available brisbane, gold and maybe sunny coast if $ is right.. wink.gif

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VX Clubsport.
Red, well presented.
Sounds good, 4000 stall, cammed, etc
Not really chasing a great deal of money.
Message me 0403 956 223 to discuss what you need

Post #354

Heres my Accord Euro Luxury:

top of the line decked out with leather, sunroof etc..

Post #355

Just looking for hot looking toranas or monaro's (needing 3 possibly 4 cars in total), obviously would pay for petrol and your time, need to be realiable, from wynnum to Loganholme (2cars) and from spring wood to Loganholme (2cars) on Australia Day 26.1.13, need to be at Loganholme at 5pm

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hey mate i have a tidy LJ Torana u might wanna put a post on the qld torana car club website or try

Post #357

Gtr v spec mint condition r33

Post #358

Have tried that, nobody interested so far, apparently most club cars are only reg for club outings and then someone said not good enough for weddings due to cars being small, I love Tories and really want one as my bridal car, urs is very nice, would you be interested?

QUOTE (BlownLJ202 @ Nov 9 2012, 07:03 PM) *
hey mate i have a tidy LJ Torana u might wanna put a post on the qld torana car club website or try

Post #359

Supercharged V8 corty Brisbane and Ipswich area phone for a price also have supercharged BA XR6 and very tuff patrol avalible
Andrew 0409027853

Post #360

hi everyone this hk Monaro is available for school formals $80 is the fee it runs a 540 big block chev if interested call clayton on 0406187761

Post #361

Available Toowoomba area (toowoomba,highfields,oakey) various prices per distance to travel. Ring or txt 0424419512

Post #362

2013 Chrysler SRT8
Black with black mags and black grille.
Brisbane to Gold Coast

Post #363

550awhp R34 GTR vspec 2.
Will do brisbane for a small fee and only goldcoast/sunshine coast if the coin/beverage reimbursement is sufficient. can probably fit 2 people. but not comfortably.
need a couple days notice! call or text 0431 679 074

Luv Pumpkin
Post #364

74 Kombi - Formals or other events; can fit 4 more, $150/hr, based in West End so can do most areas around Brisbane and can consider others. Email for more photos or if interested, [email protected] and try to put kombi enquiry in subject.

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QUOTE (XYO70 @ Sep 21 2012, 01:19 PM) *
1970 XY Falcon GT Replica.
I will go anywhere from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast.
Please ring or txt 0411755900 or PM me for more info.

just thought I would let you all know that this car is awesome! had it for a wedding a couple of weeks ago ( will get the pics to you asap!)

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Both available... Gold Coast Only!

Depending on location... price is from $100-$200

PM me if your keen!

Post #367

Im located in nerang can do any local area for small fee

Post #368

BMW e46 in dakar yellow
featured on streetkarnage
wedding/formals on gold coast
price depending on location

Adele O'H
Post #369

QUOTE (impulsesv6 @ Jun 18 2012, 07:41 PM) *
anyone know of a 1967 Eleanor GT500 Mustang for a wedding in late October? Brisbane area

hey i am looking for the same car for next year - did you ahve any luck in finding one ? cheers adele

Adele O'H
Post #370

QUOTE (Millzey @ Oct 11 2011, 08:26 PM) *
did u end up finding anyoone with the shelby ? cause iwould love one too

Did you have any luck finding one? let us know cheers

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Hi All,

I am looking for 2 maybe 3 cars to be used in our wedding on Bribie Island in may 2013.

If you have yourself or you and your mates have cars that look good together then please let me know.
I have seen some nice Holdens and 300Cs on the site.
I would love to have something that stands out and looks great.
Please no Import Turbos.
The wife to be is not a Commodore fan so if you have these they will have to win her over. I couldn't even win her over with my HSV Clubsport, so fingers crossed

2 or 4 door cars are welcome aslong as access is easy for the girls to get in and out of the car.

We have 6 people in the bridal party.

The cars will do approx 45 mins driving max and be needed for approx 2 - 3 hrs all day.

Will need to do the trip to the Ceremony, then off for photos ( cars can and will be used in pics if owner allows) then back to the reception. Everything will be done in close proximaty to the same area on Bribie Island.

Please let me know if you have anything that is suitable and photos would be great too.
I have no problem covering cost of fuel and hire fee etc just let me know what you would like.

Thanks for all your help


[email protected]
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QUOTE (81NGR @ May 26 2011, 03:18 PM) *
Tried editing but kept getting an error.

Available Gold Coast and Brisbane

300c Hemi

hey mate just wondering if you are available on the 9th of march for a formal?

[email protected]
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how do you PM someone?

[email protected]
Post #374

looking for a nice muscle car that my partner and i arent going to be too cramped in:) Ill pay $200 for a few photos before and then the drive in:)

Post #375

QUOTE ([email protected] @ Jan 20 2013, 09:49 AM) *
how do you PM someone?

to pm you click on somebodys name in here, and hit send message

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QUOTE (AceHighClassicCarServices @ Sep 20 2012, 08:09 PM) *
Hi all,

If you are in need of a Great Classic Car, Muscle, Vintage car for Hire or even a Limousine for a Wedding, Formal or Tourist event. Check out, our facebook page or email us at [email protected]

We cover from Coolangatta to the Sunshine Coast. Rates are very affordable( we even offer package deals of 10-15% off for 2hr + bookings), Red Carpet Service available and we are accredited and licenced with the Dept of Transport.

We have expanded the cars we have available, but we are still keeping prices very affordable, and offering a wider, and very unique selection to suit anyone's tastes of Classic, Muscle and Vintage Cars.
Our Fleet consists of our Candy apple red 1966 Mustang Convertible, a 1958 Pearl White & Maroon Chevrolet Biscayne 4 Door Sedan, a trophy winning North Sea green 1957 Chevrolet Belair, also 2 'Bathurst Special' 1971 XY Phase 3 GTHO's one in Wild violet( with factory sunroof) and one in Vermillion Fire( with factory drag pack), a 1968 Red Cadillac Convertible , a 1954 Light Blue and White Mark I Ford Zephyr, a 1931 Vintage Model A400 Ford Convertible and Luxury Black on Black H2 Hummer.

We also have available a genuine XC Cobra 2 Door, matching BF Cobra 4 Door with matching build number, a White LX Torana 4 door with A9X body kit with matching Hatchback car in same configuration, XW GT 4 Door and matching XY GT, and choice of 2 Genuine HK Monaro's. We will be posting more photos very soon. All our cars have a fantastic mix of chrome and horsepower, and range from original or older restoration, Fully restored and Show quality cars.

These cars are available exclusively through AHCCS. We are contactable on 0407378177, or [email protected] and check out [email protected]
All the best.

Kind Regards,
James and Natasha

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QUOTE (mirage001 @ Oct 21 2012, 11:00 AM) *
Black custom 2010 hummer on 26" wheels. 0426 5O8 I78
Gold coast brisbane. Start at 150

hi just wondering is it 1hr for $150, i need a car for my wedding in september.

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QUOTE (brod-star @ Jan 25 2013, 04:41 PM) *
hi just wondering is it 1hr for $150, i need a car for my wedding in september.

Hey mate. Give us a call, We have a H2 Hummer Black on Black, Leather interior, Sunroof, 24" wheels, Dual climate control, Seats 5-6 passengers and Chrome pack. Looks brilliant. Photo above.This is a registered and insured Limousine. We can discuss price for where your special day is being held and how long you will need the car for. We offer discounted rates, package deals, and can include Red Carpet Service, Ribbon and Tulle. All the best

Kind Regards,

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Is the Chrysler is still available to hire for transporting groom party to wedding ceremony ? Please contact me 0433347066

Post #380

Could you please advise if the hummer is available for the 27 April 2013. Looking to escort groom party to ceremony from Sth side Brisbane to Kangaroo Point. Could you please advise possible cost.
Thank you
Contact number : 0433347066

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Hi guys, looking for any old cars for my wedding on 13th April. Prefer red, white or black. Txt 0439383036 or pm

Post #382

Hi Guys, happy to do formals or weddings. Cost will depend on location. Car is located on the Gold Coast. Car is a all option 2008 VE GTS 6.2ltr 6 speed manual. Pm for details

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QUOTE (81NGR @ Mar 20 2011, 06:09 PM) *
Available for any occasion, bagged 300c hemi

hi is this still available to hire for a wedding.

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QUOTE (dexi_ @ Apr 4 2012, 04:55 PM) *
Hi Tricia if you go back through these pages you will be able to see many of the fine cars available however heres my one smile.gif

hello just wondering how much to hire this car? thankyou

Post #385

Summer, that comment you're replying to is over a year old,

you are best to contact the person directly via private message

just click on their name and go from there

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