Mopar Sunday And Sat Tnt | Mon 26 Jul 2010 | Kennyboy - QLD: Brisbane  

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Post #36

Fucken wheel stand!

Post #37

good to c the val sorted been a long time coming

Post #38

Promo girls are super hot.

Post #39

Haha, anyone got any videos of the wheel stands?

Post #40

QUOTE (JuStDaVe @ Jul 27 2010, 05:28 PM) *
nice effort GTS 454

these are kkk AKA Kennyboy shots from the weekend the other half of

i had an engagement party to go to with my better looking other half so he covered the night.

All the photos we take go on so if its not there we didn't get a pic of it usually.

thanks mate but not my car... is a good mate of mine.

mine had issues so didn't make it, is a GTS HQ coupe with a big block, should run a high 11 but we will see in a few weeks......

Post #41

QUOTE (wbtonner @ Jul 26 2010, 06:56 PM) *
How'd the purple torrie go with the 202, if it really has one?

its a mate of mines car. 383 chev in it. ran 1040s all night.

Post #42

1st pic = LAUNCH!!!!

"A8IRON" - very nice...

Post #43

mad wheelies. nice pics

Post #44

QUOTE (Reece_911 @ Jul 26 2010, 07:18 PM) *
all i can say to the 1st pic is WOW. also hot chicks. get naked

the blond on the right looks like she has sucked too many 'lolli-pops'

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