Hilux/mr2 Chop Top Ute  

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Post #1 post 29th March 2009 - 01:34 AM
looking through carsales.com.au in the hilux for sales section
and came across this for sale for $2500 tonight
Hilux/mr2 Chop Top Ute


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  • nunit
    Post #2

    when i was out on thursday night, ppl were talking about this haha

    Post #3

    that has got to be the gayest thing I have ever seen.

    Post #4

    What the fuck?
    That's disgusting..

    Post #5

    if you go into carsales.com and click on toyota than hilux upto 2500 in qld they have other shots of it lol

    Post #6

    hmmmm prob realised how gay it looks so now doesn't want it tongue.gif

    Acting On Impulse
    Post #7

    Well, it's certainly.... Different.

    With a dash of ugly.

    Post #8

    that made vomit just a little bit

    Post #9

    lol he also calls it a MINI TRUCK

    more like a piece of shit. if i had 2500 to waste id buy it and melt it dwn and sell the metal to a scrap yard. after showing him pictures of course

    Post #10


    Post #11

    looks like a shitty el camino

    Post #12

    i saw it for sale here like last week

    chris gem tx
    Post #13

    lol the wheels aren't included cuase the're worth more then the car lol. thats pretty bad.

    Post #14

    thats shit!!

    Post #15

    thats shit!!

    Post #16

    Wat an idiot. that was a really stupid idea.

    Post #17

    probably the worst thing i have ever seen.. even worse than them volvos

    Post #18

    that thing is fuked up. the piece of shit probaby wouldnt even melt. its probably 98% bog. hahaha. it says there is a spot cut out in the front bar to put an intercooler or spotlights. WAT THE FUK!!! wat a waste of a lux. not to mention time. haha super mega epic super fail!!!

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