Evos Unveils Sb7: The Ultimate Solution For Australian Ev Owners  

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EVOS Unveils SB7: The Ultimate Solution for Australian EV Owners

Looking for a game-changing EV charger that offers convenience, energy optimization, and data security? Look no further than the EVOS SB7!

EVOS, a Brisbane-based company, has just launched its new SB7 7kW AC home and office EV charger. Designed and made in Australia, this innovative unit offers up to 35km of driving range per hour for electric vehicles. With an intuitive energy management system, easy installation, and remote monitoring capabilities, the SB7 is set to revolutionize the charging experience for EV owners.

EVOS has made waves in the EV charging industry with the introduction of their latest product, the SB7 7kW AC home and office EV charger. This Australian-designed and manufactured unit is a game-changer for EV owners, offering an impressive driving range of up to 35km per hour of charging.

What sets the SB7 apart is its intuitive energy management system. This system allows the charger to intelligently select the ideal time to charge the vehicle, optimizing energy usage and reducing costs for EV owners. Whether its an office or a home setting, the SB7 can be installed both indoors and outdoors with ease. There are no restrictions on where it can be placed, giving users the flexibility they need.

One of the standout features of the SB7 is its remote monitoring capability. Thanks to a built-in smartphone app, EVOS and the homeowner can monitor and control the charger from anywhere. This level of convenience and accessibility ensures that EV owners can easily manage their charging costs and monitor their usage.

EVOS understands that Australian EV owners face unique challenges when it comes to managing energy. This is why the company has focused on addressing these challenges with every product iteration. The SB7 is no exception. By prioritizing energy optimization and cost reduction, EVOS aims to alleviate the concerns of EV owners, fleet operators, and strata companies.

In terms of durability, the SB7 is constructed with UV-stabilised ABS plastic, making it resilient against the harsh Australian sun and weather. It is IP65 rated and equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing for seamless connectivity. EVOS ensures that their charger is always up to date by offering software updates over-the-air, keeping it at the forefront of charging technology.

To enhance the charging experience further, EVOS provides a driver app that enables users to monitor the SB7 and track the cost of EV charging. This free app also allows for personalized charge schedules, giving users full control over their charging preferences. Additionally, the SB7 is compatible with the EVOS Grid Integration Device (GID), which will be available in early 2024. Integration with the GID enables users to optimize their energy usage by choosing between solar or battery charging and selecting the most cost-effective tariff.

Data security and privacy are paramount for EVOS. The SB7 charger employs an end-to-end VPN, ensuring a private and encrypted network that safeguards user privacy. EVOS takes the protection of user data seriously, providing peace of mind for EV owners.

EVOS has not only focused on product development but also on expanding into new markets. With a recent capital raise of $5 million, the company is poised to bring its innovative charging solutions to a wider audience. EVOS will continue to invest in advanced EV technologies and expand its team of engineers and designers to further revolutionize the EV charging landscape.

In conclusion, EVOS has not only addressed the challenges faced by EV drivers but has also set the bar higher with the SB7 EV charger. This innovative product offers convenience, energy optimization, and data security, making it the ultimate solution for Australian EV owners. With plans for expansion and further advancements on the horizon, EVOS is undeniably a driving force in the future of EV charging.

EVOS introduces the SB7 7kW AC home and office EV charger
The charger provides up to 35km of driving range per hour for electric vehicles
Easy installation with no restrictions on placement
Remote monitoring and control through a smartphone app
Built to withstand Australian weather conditions
Data security and privacy are prioritized
EVOS plans to expand into new markets and develop advanced EV technologies

EVOS has launched the SB7 7kW AC home and office EV charger, revolutionizing the charging experience for Australian EV owners. With its intuitive energy management system, easy installation, remote monitoring capabilities, and focus on energy optimization, the SB7 offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by EV owners. EVOS aims to continue innovating in the EV charging industry, expanding into new markets, and developing advanced technologies to meet the evolving needs of EV drivers.

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